The Neutraface House Numbers Address Plaque is plain and easy on the eyes. No frills and graphics on this clean modern house number plaque–but don’t let that fool you. This plaque looks great and will make your house stand out from the rest of the homes near you. Delivery men will thank you for the nice bold numbers and ease of sight that this plaque provides.

Size of individual numbers are approximate:
Size 7”W x 18”H
3 numbers: 4.75 inches tall
4 numbers: 3.5 inches tall

Size 7”W x 23”H
3 numbers: 6 inches tall
4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall
5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall

Size 7”W x 28”H
4 numbers: 5 inches tall
5 numbers: 4 inches tall
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