The Master, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the Eaglerock project in the 1920s. Although the California house for Charles P. Lowe was never started, the lettering for the venture became the Eaglefeather font. Click on view more images to see the font.

Our Eaglefeather Plaque revolves around this terrific Arts and Crafts font. It really epitomizes Wright’s break from the California Colonial Style and his use of simple construction materials. This could be the perfect way to showcase your entrance. Of course, with our method, we can design your “Private Drive”, “No Soliciting” “No Trespassing” and “Deliveries” Signs to match, bringing architectural continuity to your property.

Size of individual numbers are approximate:
Size 7.5”W x 18”H
3 numbers: 4 inches tall
4 numbers: 3 inches tall
5 numbers: 2.5 inches tall

Size 10”W x 24”H
3 numbers: 6 inches tall
4 numbers: 4.25 inches tall
5 numbers: 3.25 inches tall
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