Sign Materials

We offer two different types of materials for our signs: metal coated HDU board and cast metal .


HDU Colors

Lightweight and economical. Coated with real metal and made out of a type of “plastic” (30 pound HDU) that doesn’t warp, rot and is unaffected by weather, so outside is just fine. The metal coating is REAL metal (NOT paint) and chemically bonded to the “ plastic” and won’t flake or peel. Use for interior or exterior.


Cast Material

Heavy and 2x the price of HDU. Created from a solid sheet of metal and routed or casted. This option won’t warp, rot and is unaffected by weather, so outside is just fine. Use for interior or exterior.


Metal Coated HDU Signs

  • Economical
  • Metal Coated
  • Lightweight
  • No Design Limitations
  • Indoor or Exterior
  • Eco Friendly
  • 7 Mounting Options
  • 7 Finish Options
  • Hand Made
  • Made in USA

Cast/Tooled Solid Metal Signs

  • 2x Cost of HDU
  • Solid Metal
  • Heavy
  • Some Design Limitations
  • Indoor or Exterior
  • Recyclable
  • 2 Mounting Options
  • 2 Finish Options
  • Foundry Made
  • Made in USA

Handmade and Hand Crafted

Every sign or plaque created by Atlas Signs and Plaques is handcrafted, meaning made-by-hand. That means that your plaque is totally unique from every other, and has been “touched” by many different hands. Different hands mean that there are variations in the look and finish of your sign. Your plaque undergoes 8 different steps before it is shipped off to you. Each step imparts a level of uniqueness making every plaque a true one-of-a-kind customized purchase.

These normal variations, little bumps, waves, and other variations in the finish, that might be called defects by some, are part of the charm that only a handcrafted item can deliver. At Atlas, we celebrate these variances. They make our creation, and your plaque, incomparable.