Attorney At Law Sign

Attorney At Law Sign

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The Attorney at Law Sign has the right level of professional character combined with just enough elegance to convey that you and your professional firm will be providing the finest representation possible.

Although this is specifically a Law Office Sign, you can have it created to suit your Medical Practice, Survey Business, Mining Enterprise, or any other profession that requires an identifying plaque with a sense of solid permanence.

14″W x 9″H
18″W x 12″H
22.5″W x 15″H
Select Material, Color, and Size below to see pricing. Please go to Custom Sign Quote for other sizes.

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    Click on a box below To SELECT your hardware option.

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Product Description

The Attorney at Law Sign has the right level of professional character combined with just enough elegance to convey that you and your professional firm will be providing the finest representation possible.

Although this is specifically a Law Office Sign, you can have it created to suit your Medical Practice, Survey Business, Mining Enterprise, or any other profession that requires an identifying plaque with a sense of solid permanence.

Sign Materials

We offer several different types of materials for our standard semi-custom signs in our product library: metal coated HDU board and cast metal.
Etched metal signs
are available as a custom quote only.


Metal Coated HDU Custom Sign Quote

Lightweight and economical. Coated with real metal and made out of a type of “plastic” (30 pound HDU) that doesn’t warp, rot and is unaffected by weather, so outside is just fine. The metal coating is REAL metal (NOT paint) and chemically bonded to the “ plastic” and won’t flake or peel. Use for interior or exterior.


Cast Metal Custom Sign Quote

Heavy and 2x the price of HDU. Created from a solid sheet of metal and routed or casted. This option won’t warp, rot and is unaffected by weather, so outside is just fine. Use for interior or exterior.

Metal Coated HDU vs. Precision/Cast Metal Signs

Metal Coated HDU Signs

  • Economical
  • Metal Coated
  • Lightweight
  • No Design Limitations
  • Indoor or Exterior
  • Eco Friendly
  • 7 Mounting Options
  • 7 Finish Options
  • Hand Made
  • Made in USA
  • Available on Standard Signs

Precision/Cast Solid Metal Signs

  • 1.5 – 2x Cost of HDU
  • Solid Metal
  • Heavy
  • Some Design Limitations
  • Indoor or Exterior
  • Recyclable
  • 5+ Mounting Options
  • 2 Finish Options
  • Foundry Made
  • Made in USA
  • Available on Standard Signs

Mounting using T-30 screws

If you choose to mount using the T-30 deck screw option, we will supply 3-inch deck screws (4-inches long for 2 inch thick signs) with a Star-Drive head, and we will pre-drill the holes in your plaque.  Let us know if your situation requires different length screws. You will need a T-30 size Star Driver, and a drill bit to make a pilot hole in your wall. Size of this hole is left to you. Dense wood requires a larger hole to just engage the screw threads, while foam insulation board (not recommended) would require a smaller hole, or no pilot hole at all. Although not always necessary, you could add a little silicone or polyurethane construction adhesive to the holes before final setting of the screws.

Using the screws in masonry or brick type materials presents some other issues. Mainly the size of the pilot hole. Too large and you may not get the grip you desire (Actually, very little is required, and you could put a sliver of wood in the too-large hole and be just fine). Too small and you risk damaging the screw’s metal coating by using brute strength to seat the screw, or worse, you twist the head off of the screw. You will notice the the screws have an very aggressive thread, but in very hard materials you only need to engage a small part of the thread for an iron grip. You could experiment in an inconspicuous area. The screws that we use are called SPAX screws, and we use the 1/4 inch size. They are available from most big box home improvement stores. You might consider picking up a couple to use while you get the hole size right.

The screw heads are metal coated to match your sign. Avoid letting the Star Drive bit slip. This is best accomplished by having a large enough pilot hole drilled into your wall material. The screw should turn easily with a hand screwdriver when you are mounting your sign. Remember, Just Barely Snug, and No More!

Some care is required. Your plaque is made of High Density Sign Board. It can be dented or even break if forced. The metal coating adds a thin layer of hard material, but the plaque can be dented through the metal. Your plaque is light-weight and does not require much mechanical strength to hold it. Screws should not be over-tightened. Just a light contact with the plaque is sufficient and will avoid bending and the possibility of cracking.

If desired, or if you don’t have solid material to hold the screws, just apply polyurethane construction adhesive between the plaque and the mounting surface and use the screws to hold the plaque in place while the adhesive cures. Just be certain that you use enough adhesive to make good contact, but not so much as to leave a mess. Also be certain that the adhesive is compatible with your surface material. For additional holding power, score the back of the sign to provide more surface area. Scoring means scratching the back of the sign. You can use anything from a knife to a screw driver, to a file. Just be careful out there. Be absolutely certain to lay the sign on a soft, clean padded surface while you are doing the scoring.

Mounting using Stand-offs

This method often used on irregular surfaces such as stone or decorative blocks.

We mount fittings on the back of your sign that will accept the included screw rods (3″ anchor screws).

You will require a drill bit suitable for the material the plaque will be mounted to, and silicone adhesive, polyurethane construction adhesive, epoxy, or appropriate concrete material to fill the holes. The holes should be made oversize so positioning the sign can be done without forcing the screws and stressing the sign. You will also require a method of cutting the screw rods (hacksaw or bolt cutter).

Mark the location of the holes and then drill the holes.  Attach the screw rods to the sign and do a trial fit. The rods should fit easily into the holes. This is the time to determine if the holes need to be deeper, or the screw rods cut shorter. This is also the time to determine the method you will use to hold the plaque in position while the concrete, epoxy, or adhesive sets.

Screw the rods into the pads using a little adhesive if you like. Careful on the depth! Go only as deep as the threads on the pads which is 3/8 inch. Put a suitable amount of silicone adhesive, epoxy, or concrete into the holes that you have drilled into the surface, and gently and evenly push the sign into place. Support while the adhesive or concrete sets.

Caution is required in two areas. One, you will have to turn the screw rods into the mounting pads and you must be aware that they only can go in about 3/8 inch. There is no stopper and further turning could result in the rod pushing though the front of the sign. Two, the sign base material is high density sign board. It can be dented, and could crack if forced. You will most likely be supporting the sign while the adhesive or concrete holding your anchor screws sets, so make a plan, and use care and padding.

Mounting using Ground Stake

For displaying your plaque on a stake driven into the ground or your stake embedded in concrete.

You will receive your plaque with all of the pieces necessary for a successful Ground Stake Mounting. The steel crossbars will already be attached to the back of the sign. In addition to the threaded inserts used by us to attach the crossbars to your sign, we install threaded screw inserts into the back of your plaque that match with holes on the stake that you purchase from us. Drive or push the stake into the ground, then attach the plaque to the stake using the supplied screws. The vertical post needs to be inserted into the ground at the desired location before proceeding. Do not mount the plaque before the stake is ready to accept it. Never pound or push on the plaque.

IMPORTANT NOTE: First, push the stake into the ground or in set in concrete. Then Attach your plaque to the stake with the supplied screws. Caution – Just snug only on the attaching screws. Do not over-tighten. Your installation is complete and you can take the rest of the day off! Well done!

Some care is required. Your plaque is made of High Density Sign Board. It can be dented. The metal coating adds a thin layer of hard material, but the plaque can be dented through the metal. Your plaque is light-weight and does not require much mechanical strength to hold it. Screws should not be over-tightened. Just a light contact with the plaque is sufficient and will avoid damage to the plaque or inserts.

Threaded Eyelet for hanging

We install two threaded lag bolt eyelets into the sign. This is standard on two sided hanging signs, and an option on single sided signs. When an L-Stake or Bracket is purchased from us, we will space the eyelets to match. If you have your own idea for mounting, you may specify the distance required between eyelets. When faced with no information, our shop guys will place the eyelets at what we feel are appropriate spots, so it is up to you to specify if you have restrictions.


Keyhole Hardware Installation Method

Consider for interior and exterior walls, doors, and stucco. Can be a good choice for smoother brick and stone surfaces as well.

When keyhole style hanger is requested. We include suitable screws that are appropriate to most situations. The keyhole method will work both interior and exterior and requires a flatter surface. For interior use, picture hanger hooks, or even nails, may be sufficient.

Measure the distance center to center of the keyholes installed on the back of the sign. Mark that distance on the wall. Measure again and verify accuracy.  Measure twice or three times make sure you are right before you drill.  Use a level to make sure that you have the holes even. Drive the screws into the wall but leave them out a little so they can engage the keyhole mounting brackets. For the best holding power, the screw heads should be adjusted to have some contact with the keyhole unit. If they are left loose, the sign can easily be lifted off the screws. This is fine for interior, but even moderate winds could lift your plaque and send it crashing. Using adhesive is highly recommended for exterior or exposed locations; use of a polyurethane construction adhesive is likely to be the most suitable. Be certain that whatever you use is compatible with your surface. After a trial fit, put some adhesive in the keyhole bracket holes, or stronger yet, put adhesive on the wall within the borders of the sign. The keyholes and screws will hold the sign while the glue sets, making a permanent installation.

Exterior Magnets

We install industrial magnets (strong stuff) into the back of your plaque. This is, of course, only suitable for placement on ferrous metals (meaning iron or steel). This method is great for plaques such as “out to lunch” or for iron or steel locations where you don’t want to make holes. Exterior magnets are coated so they won’t corrode and leave rust streaks on your surface. We install between 1 and 4 magnets per sign depending upon size. We do not guarantee holding power, but we do have them at our homes and around the shop and they seem to work fine on metal doors and other ferrous surfaces.

Exterior Magnet on Plaque

Exterior Magnet Detail

Decorative Chain

With this option your plaque will come with a decorative chain preinstalled at the top of your sign. Some of our smaller “mini” plaques will also have keyhole style hangers installed on the back in addition to the decorative chain. Keep in mind to hang the sign out of direct wind to ensure it won’t fall. This style of hanger is perfect if you will be changing signs regularly. Like… perhaps when guests arrive at your house you can use a “Please Remove Your Shoes” sign and when they leave you can hang the “No Solicitors” plaque back up. Or, if you have a business you can hang an “Out To Lunch” sign and then switch back to “Open” when you return. Have fun with it!

Decorative Chain

Fence Mount – U-bolts

Appropriate U-Bolts are installed to the back of your sign making it possible to install on your existing fence or similar structure. To do this, we need some accurate information from you. Using the photo below as an example of the most simple mount of a smaller size plaque to a single vertical on a fence/post/structure, all we require is the dimensions of that element both width and depth. The reason is, we need to select and install a suitably sized “U” bolt into the sign back. Note: What we refer to as “U” Bolts actually look like regular machine bolts sticking out of the back of the plaque. The curved part of the U-bolt is buried out of sight, below the surface.

So that is the simplest method. Now let’s talk about a larger sign that will span more than 1 vertical member. As above, we need to know the dimensions of the members (so we can install appropriately sized “U” bolts). But since we are going to mount to more than 1 member, we also need to know the spacing. Now this is critical, the spacing dimensions that you give us need to be “center to center” and not the space between the members. So, to summarize, give us the width and depth of the members that you plan on mounting to, and the “center to center” spacing of those members. Center to Center means the distance from the center of one vertical member that will be utilized to the center of the other vertical member that will be used.

So far, we have been discussing the fence mount in terms of using the vertical architectural elements of your fence or equivalent structure. Everything said holds true if we utilize your horizontal elements. Since everything we do is custom, we can even utilize both the vertical and horizontal elements to help you place your plaque where you want it. Probably more than any other mounting method, the fence mount requires the greatest degree of accuracy in both measurement and installation of the mounting hardware.

Things get in the way. Meaning that existing decorative elements, varying dimensions, assumptions, and unique situations could cause surprises when your sign arrives. So talk to us, take photos, take photos with a cardboard version of your future sign, and think about how it will work. We can’t be at your site, but we can work it out together with good information and planning.

If you have questions, take a photo of your fence or other structure and email it to us. Then we can call you to discuss ideas and options. We will complete your sign and make our installations based upon the dimensions you give us, so while we are happy to discuss dimensions with you, we need to have it in writing from you.

As with all mounting methods, only tighten the sign to the fence just enough to hold it securely. That means “snug” rather than “tight”.

Fence Mount
Fence Guide

Replace a Brick with a Plaque

The description on many of the custom plaques and signs made by Atlas Signs and Plaques state that they may be used as a brick replacement. What we mean is that an existing brick can be removed and a house number or other plaque can be inserted into the hole. Of course, the mason could insert your plaque during construction, but that sounds too easy.

Decide where you will want the plaque and get dimensions of the hole that you will fill with the plaque. Most of the time with a replacement, you will chip out the mortar and use a larger plaque than the brick it replaces as in our photo below. In this case order the plaque just a little smaller than the hole to allow some room for hole irregularities and a little adhesive. As a rough guess, order the plaque about 1/8 inch smaller in both height and width (your call). You can, however, measure the brick you are removing get a plaque the same size. This gives a different look and requires that you find a mortar that is a good match to the existing mortar.

Replace a Brick

Blind Stud Mount for Interior Drywall (Metal Plaques)

This method is recommended for concealed mounting on interior drywall. The plaque is drilled and tapped to accept a threaded stud. Do not attempt to install heavier plaques into drywall without additional reinforcements.

Tools/Supplies Recommended: mounting pattern, level, drill, drill bits, tape measure, tape, adhesive, compressed air, optional drywall anchors.

Download Full Installation Instructions

Blind Stud Mount for Drywall

Blind Stud Mount for Brick or Block Wall (Metal Plaques)

This method is recommended for concealed mounting on brick or masonry walls. The plaque is drilled and tapped to accept a threaded stud.

Tools/Supplies Recommended: mounting pattern, level, hammer drill, masonry bits, tape measure, tape adhesive, compressed air, optional masonry shields, optional wood strips/blocks.

Download Full Installation Instructions

Brick or Block Wall

Mounting Using Double-Sided Tape

Can’t be done. Don’t try it. Don’t ask.
Atlas has shopped industrial trade shows worldwide searching for double sided tape that will securely hold our signs and plaques. We have hundreds of samples with only two things in common. They are expensive, and, they don’t work. If you try it anyhow, you are on your own.

No Mounting Hardware

Choose this and you are left to your own devices… no, I’m not kidding.

So make sure you or your installer has a plan. HDU (the substrate of the signs) is closed cell meaning just any ol’ glue isn’t going to work. I have not found a double sided tape that works, so you can try one but if the sign falls off the wall all I can say is, “that sucks”. Do NOT keep taking screws in and out or all you’re going to be left with a big hole. Using mortar on the back as the only adhesive will not work. This is a closed cell product, in the vertical position. Not tile on a floor. Monkey type glue will work but you need to know how to apply it as it will make a mess. I can’t explain it here. And some of this comes from experience. You might be able to prop a ladder up to hold the sign, but the sign might fall. I don’t recommend tape on the face of the sign as it could remove some of the clear coat if you do not apply it properly, or use the correct kind of tape. Or maybe you do use the right tape but you leave it on in 105 degree heat and full sun. Guess what? If the tape fails, so then the clear coat fails. So really, I have so many options to choose from, for installing the sign, I suggest you select one from the above as a back up plan?

How to Order

  • Select Material (HDU vs. Cast Metal)
  • Select Finish
  • Select Size
  • Select Lettering Style (HDU Signs Only)
  • Add Your Personalization/Sign Copy
  • Choose Mounting Hardware
  • Select Any Add-On Options
  • Click Add to Cart Button

Do You Have a Custom Project?

Reviews from our amazing customers!




Stickley Address plaque

Beautiful! It is the perfect addition to the front of house 1/24



Dogs Close Gate Plaque


5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful sign and perfect for our gate 11/23

The new plaques arrived a few weeks ago and we had them mounted right away. They are high quality and very handsome. We are very pleased with the results. Please see the attached photo.

We would like to have an historical plaque made as well, perhaps later this summer. Please keep our contact and order information in your files!
Best,  Jacob 4/2023

Customer Image Cast Bronze

Customer Image Cast Bronze

Thank you!! May order another one of the same in a smaller size. I’ll let you know. 4/2023



I’m pleased with the Willow Font address marker you made for me. 3/2023

Beautiful Willow Vertical Address Plaque numbers 452


I wanted to share an image of the garden where the sign was placed that was created for us. Thank you for all your support and craftsmanship! 3/2023

Another order of a custom sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques. Seller went above and beyond to create the exact design with a ground stake that I was looking for. Thank you so much!!


Beautiful work. Excellent service: I was given a proof and had a chance to answer the seller’s questions about my preferences before production began. Quite happy with my purchase; would recommend this shop without reservations.

I cannot even begin to explain how thrilled we are with our new sign! It’s perfect and exactly what we wanted. Buy with confidence! 12/2022


My address plaque is spot on perfection. Exactly what I wanted and I’m so happy it’s lightweight and sturdy solid composition make it easy to hang, walk away and not worry about it! Such a beautiful addition to my 100 year old house. It’s next to the original tarnished brass mail slot and copper light. And they all compliment eachother quite well! There was a minor shipping glitch with USPS but I reached out to the shop owner and she was willing to make me a new sign! Ended up receiving my original package after all. Point is-stellar communication with this shop. Buy the sign. It’s perfect. You’ll be happy you did! 12/2022

I LOVE the beautiful address plaques so much that this is my second purchase. I bought one for my prior home 5 years ago, and it looks brand new this many years later. So it was a no brainer where I was going to purchase an address plaque for my new home. They were so helpful and thoughtful and quickly mocked up a design as I was looking for something particularly special for my 107 year old home in a National Historic District. Quality is unmatched, especially for the price. Customer service is top notch. 11/2022

Thanks so much! This sign is EXACTLY what we were looking for! It is just as described and the colors are perfect. We ordered it in the Bronze Verdi HDU and it looks great alongside the original patina of the light fixtures and mailbox on our 1929 home (you can see one of the light fixtures in the attached picture). Oct/2022

Amazing! Thank you, Kevin

Customer Review

Thank you for the gorgeous signs you made us a few months ago.  I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our neighbors and the owners of the building!  They look great!

It pays to not delete files because I found my order from 2016! I would like the 12×8 address plaque to match my Moonrise Ranch sign which I believe was Rennie Mackintosh font in the plastic hd. My house sign is still perfect. 7/2022

Attached please find photos of your most wonderful plaque. We will be capping off the timbers with copper and we will be landscaping all around. I am sending you photos not just of the plaque but also one of the view from our yard so you can better picture where you’re artis artistic and endeavor resides.

Many thanks again, Diane

Thank you and the sign looks great! 5/2022

Carl Great Barrington Memorial
Approved by google.

Thank you, it looks absolutely amazing!!

Amazing!!!Thank you so much, again, Janey. I know our tight timeline was not helpful and my client is going to be ecstatic that we have been able to produce this in time for their ceremony.

I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work on this with us and take the time to speak with me about the process on a number of occasions.
As I may have mentioned, I reached out to just about EVERY plaque manufacturer in the US and you were the only one who said you could do it in time. You are the best and it will not be forgotten! Sending all the good karma your way. Ben 12/2021
Custom Sign Customer Image


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!  I just got my sign and it’s PERFECT!  Thanks for your attention to detail.  This is a Christmas present for my Mom.  I can’t wait to give it to her.  She will love it. Christine. 11/2021

Once again thank you for all of your help throughout this process.  The whole plan went smoothly and the signs look great.  11/2021
Eagle Scout Project

Our daughter & son-in-law loved the sign. It was a 9th anniversary present. Beautiful work! Alan & Nancy 10/2021
Arts and Craft Customer IMage

Your beautiful plaques have such an aesthetically pleasing architectural impact. Here are pics from our home in Lawai. Now we are equally excited to add these 4201 plaques in a Gulf Breeze home and improve its appearance.
Thank you & warm regards, August & Yvonne 10/2021

From Hawaii

We received the placard on the date you told us. Thank you. We absolutely love it.  10/2021

Bronze Verdi Stickley Address Plaque

P E R F E C T!  9/2021

Palm Tree Address Plaque

I LOVE my new address sign! The rock it is installed on has been there many years and I always envisioned a sign on it. We are in Alaska and the sign is installed above center of the rock so it doesn’t get buried in the snow. 9/2021

I had to buy a hammer-drill and a natural stone masonry bit but I was finally able to drill into the granite . The plaque looks great – thanks. Ron 9/2021

Neutraface Address Sign

The sign looks amazing, thanks so much!! 8/2021

It arrived and I just hung up (per your helpful instructional video)!  It looks AMAZING!  You and your team do fantastic work! Thanks so much for the beautiful plaque…Sarah will be thrilled when she gets home tonight :) Cheers! Scott 8/2021
Celtic Address Plaque

Thanks for making my mermaid some to life. Love my sign. 7/2021

Looks great and is exactly the size we needed to cover the big hole in the brick behind it that was there because of the old ugly sign. There is a light behind it at least! Thanks again! 7/2021

Gradoo Address Plaque

Here’s your artwork! 84 rings on the trunk. Thanks!!! 7/2021

Thank you so much! An excellent experience with your company!The signage is absolutely beautiful and fulfilled our expectations. Thanks again, Mark. 7/2021

We were so pleased when we opened the box with our address sign in it. The sign exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the gorgeous sign! Your staff was fantastic to work with. It’s such a pleasure working with a business that has such a superb product.  Thank you! Stephanie 6/2021
Stickley address plaque customer image

Thanks again! I think it looks pretty good: Dwight 6/2021

Stickley address plaque

Attached are a couple pictures. Thank you we love it. John 6/2021

WE did these signs back in May 2021 (just finding the time to post) for a very funny customer with a great imagination. He loved them we had fun making them. Enjoy. 5/2021

Looks great. Heres what it look like. Thanks Reuben. 4/2021

Neutraface Address Plaque Cast Aluminum

Thank you for a historical sign for a historical house in the UP! Just put it up today as the weather returned to favorable.  Peter 5/2021

Customer image historic sign

LOVE the new address sign you made.  Fine quality!  Putting up a youtube video to reference is great. -James 3/2021

Thank you.  I love it! -Sherrie 3/2021

Looks spectacular!  Thank you! -Neill 2/2021

High quality address plaque!  The Spanish flare adds so much beauty to our Spanish style home.  Has the custom look I was searching for.  Thank you so much!! -Michelle 2/2021

I’m so happy with the finished product!! I would definitely recommend this company! -Christina 2/2021

Thanks for the wonderful signs! -Brad 1/2021

Hey!  We were spotted on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous! I saw it and got a pic on my phone! 1/2021

Another satisfied customer!  1/2021

Looks great. Thanks. -Dave 1/2021

Looks great.  Thanks. -Barend 12/2020

Please find attached a snapshot of the recent installation of our new favorite street number sign. Even in a foot of snow, it looks terrific.
Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship and swift & caring service! -The Whritners 12/2020Stickley Numbers ONLY!

Our home was built in 1922 and is now in a historically-designated part of our City of Columbia, SC. All of the other neighbors with historic homes got together to purchase plaques indicating the address , date of construction, and builder’s name. However, my husband and I took a different route because we feel our home is particularly significant and we spent a ton of money and time renovating the interior. Thus, we reached out to Atlas Signs and Plaques and you all truly OUTDID yourselves! When the plaque arrived in the mail, we were mesmerized! It was absolutely beautiful and resembled exactly what we had in mind. A kind neighbor helped us install it (because, quite honestly, I am NOT a handyman!) and it truly shines and adds great character to the front facade of our home.

Thank you for creating something for us that we will cherish for years to come! -William 12/2020Stanton Plaque

We love how the sign looks on the newly painted gate post. Thank you so much !! -Liz 12/2020

Our new address plaque is absolutely beautiful! It is very high quality, like a perfect piece of artwork for our porch. Vendor was very helpful and easy to work with. When it arrived, it was even more impressive than I had imagined. I would very highly recommend! -Julie 12/2020Vertical Dragonfly House Number

My husband and I bought the house next door from our long-time neighbors and renamed it the Bird House because it is a beautiful haven for feathered friends. My husband bought the Welcome to the Bird House sign as a birthday present. We recently completed the remodel of the house and hung the welcome sign on the screen porch next to the new Dutch door. -Lori 12/2020

Songbird Address Plaque Songbird Address Plaque Songbird Address Plaque

My wife and I moved into our home in January 2014. We had remodeled a rowhouse that was vacant since the mid-1980s. Our builder didn’t install house numbers. We wanted a specific style but couldn’t find what we wanted. In May 2015 my wife passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. From time to time I would browse house numbers but never found the style that my wife and I had discussed. Finally on Etsy I found the style I had in mind. I am very happy with my purchase. -James 12/2020

Rennie Rose Craftsman Plaque

Hi. Although USPS claimed to have delivered the item this past Saturday, it was actually delivered today. It is so BEAUTIFUL. It even surpassed my expectations. Now I need to figure out how to affix it to brick. Thank you so much, and happy holidays. -James 12/2020

Looks terrific! Very professional for our neighborhood.-Sally 12/2020Private Residence Customer Image

Thank you 11/2020 Notched Corner Shape Sign

We just received our two address plaques and love them! -Janelle 11/2020

Customer image customer image

We are moving in today so I finally got a snap of the sign. So pretty! -Sue 11/2020

customer image

Aloha – A quick note to let you know the replacement sign arrived and looks amazing! Thank you for resolving so quickly. – Eric 11/2020

customer image

Just so you know, we gave our sign a nice place to stay.  Here’s a picture of the view your plaque enjoys.  Mahalo. -Bill 11/2020

customer image

I LOVE our plaque. We moved to a new development. Our street does not yet have a street sign and all the duplexes look alike. I was eager to get something up to help delivery folks, friends and family find us and know they were in the right place. I also wanted something that fit our Mission-style preferences for decor and something that was as durable as it is attractive. I searched long and hard on the internet. This was the only product I found that let me say what I wanted in the style I wanted that looked rich and was durable. The price was higher than other options I found, but the quality is worth it! Thank you for making our home identifiable and welcoming in a classy way! -Vicki 11/2020

customer image


The plaque just arrived, and it’s perfect.  Came early and looked even better than we thought it would.  Mahalo to you, under-promising and over-delivering is a much appreciated business model.  We will recommend you to our friends and neighbors. – Carl 11/2020

Returning for another plaque to match this design, Thanks! – Zach 11/2020

the watson building copper

Hi, You made this sign about 10-12 years ago and we would like to have the exact same sign made, but instead of “Xanadu” it should read “Karmel”.  Thanks – Gerhard 11/2020

swirls on a square

I love, love my sign!!! – Tanya 11/2020

customer image

customer image

Lumos Address Numbers Only Sign mounted on paver stone mailbox. Thank you, Patricia 10/2020

lumos address numbers only

customer image

Here’s a couple pictures of the basketball court with your sign. Just took a year to finish – Teresa 9/2020

customer image


When I received my beautiful address plaque, it was like Christmas in September! It couldn’t have been more perfect for what I wanted; EVERYTHING, font style, size, case and color choice looks AMAZING! Of course, the actual plaque size itself was excellent and installation? A breeze! It took all of 15 minutes for my neighbor and I to get it set and bolted in the perfect place – GIRL POWER…!
Of course, it didn’t hurt that we are both craftswomen with our own shops and tools…

My only regret is that I couldn’t use the wording “Circa” instead of “Built”, I think “Circa” has more “panache” and in keeping with the house, which is a Prairie Style, Arts and Crafts Four Square. The Historical Society is pretty sure it was built in 1917 by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s protege students, but there are questions that say otherwise; it could have been 1918 or 1925, although I doubt if it was the latter date. Anyway, they set their historical Marker to say “Built 1917”, so wanting the 2 plaques to match, I went with “Built”. Other than that, I LOVE MY NEW ADDRESS PLAQUE!

Thanks, Atlas Signs and Plaque! I wanted this plaque for years, due to my mail constantly going to other addresses ( I have a number plaque, but it’s not visible because tree branches overshadow it), and also, it took the Historical Society a long time to research the house’s origin; Covid19 didn’t help…

So I’m sending photos, please see below, and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! – Beverly 9/2020

customer image

customer image

Thank You – Tanya 9/2020

customer image

Our employee of the month, well every month, gave her stamp of approval on the new signage for the Pretty Boy House💗 a big shout-out and thank you to @atlassignsandplaques for the fabulous result Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸✨ – Paul 9/2020

customer image

Perfect sign for my 1931 first rehab. It’s just as I imagined. – Wellesley 9/2020

customer image

Here’s the finished look. Everyone that’s seen it so far loves it as we do too. Thanks again. – Ruth 9/2020

customer image

Just put up our signs at the cottage. Couldn’t be more pleased with the look and the quality is fantastic! Getting ready to order our address number to finish the look. – Loy 8/2020

customer image

customer image

customer image

We had our entrance columns and gate custom made and we wanted signs for the columns that made a statement and was representative of our property. We looked for many months and everything looked cheap, was priced ridiculously for what you were getting and just didn’t “fit” our columns. We stumbled upon Atlas and and saw they made custom signs at a fair price and was able to make exactly what we had in mind for our entrance.

They are wonderful to work with and deliver in a timely manner and we are now getting signs for the columns at the entrance to the drive that takes you to the guest house we had built on the property.

Atlas will be our “go to” for all future signs we need! – Ed 8/2020

customer imagecustomer image

customer image

We love our beautiful sign! Thank you so much! – Nathalie 8/2020

customer imagecustomer image

Needed an address sign for our Lake Home Remodel. We will have the sign lit up with LED light strip at night! We Love the sign!! Thank you! Great Quality!! – Sheri 8/2020

customer image

We’re very happy with our address plaque. It looks exactly as we’d hoped it would. The quality is excellent and it was carefully packaged for safe delivery. We’ve already had multiple compliments from our neighbors! – Kevin 8/2020

customer image

We received our address plaque and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! – Sharline 8/2020

After searching for about a year, I finally found your site and the exact type of house number plaque I was looking for. Wonderful product, very, very happy with the look and the quality. Easy install, as well – Douglass 8/2020

customer image

This is my neighbor’s sign. I’d like my address sign to read just like this one but with the address as 2127 …in Copper Patina Raised. Thanks, Antoinette 8/2020

customer image

We are so pleased with our Atlas Signs house plaque. In the photo, you can see it, with our Canada flag reflected in the door window beside it. The plaque is beautiful and well-crafted. For the quality, it is extraordinarily affordable. The packaging was superb, ensuring our plaque was not damaged in transit. I was amazed that it arrived right on time since parcels crossing the Canada/US border have been slow in these pandemic times. You do need to be prepared to pay duty on it when it arrives in Canada. You are able to do that at the Canada Post location where you pick it up. In our case, the bill for duty was about $60, meaning the plaque cost us under CAD$400. Incredible for a high-quality, customized finishing touch to our front porch that fit in so perfectly with our style. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again! – Gail 7/2020

customer image

It’s a lovely sign. I thought it was going to be a bit heavier, but love the look!!! – Angel 7/2020

customer image

This is more than what I expected. Great work Atlas Signs and Plaques! Quality work that will fit in perfect with the home. I’ll send over some pics once the landscaping is finished up! Thanks again. Turnaround time was also great! – Ivan 7/2020

Absolutely gorgeous work! We needed a door plate for our NYC speakeasy event-space and we got just the perfect one. Very nice people who care about what you want and make sure you like what you get. We are in love with this purchase. Will definitely order more. Also, it was very important for us to get it before or on July 27…We ended up getting it on July 24!!! – Sam 7/2020

customer image

Joel passed away in January. One of his passions was his garden – an entire corner lot filled with perennials blooming at different times of the year. There was never a lack of color and texture. He also loved the Arts & Craft movement. The plaque from Atlas was the perfect way of welcoming guests and visitors to his garden. I can’t thank you enough. – Larry 7/2020

customer image

Just received our plaque! Its beautiful. Great Craftsmanship/Edging. We love it. Thank you again so much!!!! – Sherry 7/2020

Thank you so much for the beautiful sign. My family is going to love it. Thank you for the quick service and quality work. – Deby 7/2020

Our new address marker is beautiful! Thank you! – Pam 7/2020

customer image

I am so thrilled with how our new address plaque turned out! I searched and searched for the perfect plaque for our new home and immediately fell in love with the unique styles Atlas has to offer. We have the most unique and beautiful plaque in the neighborhood. Thank you! – Larissa 7/2020

customer image

Love the sign! I’m a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and see some of him in my sign. I am sure my friends will be jealous. EZ to install, what more could I ask? – Charlie 7/2020

customer image

Just received the Beware of Bowser sign and love the style! – Janet 6/2020

customer image

We love the our new address plate – the Rennie Rose Bronze Verdi is a great combination for our home! The quality and service are excellent. Thanks! – Margaret 6/2020

customer image

This is a special sign for a remembered friend and it’s on a memorial bench in our community. I mounted it on a piece of Teak that will weather like the bench and stand the test of time. Thanks – Ted 6/2020

customer image

Looks fantastic, thanks! – Floyd 6/2020

customer image customer image customer image

Hey Guys – LOOKS GREAT DAY OR NIGHT! – Gary 6/2020

customer image customer image

We love our address plaque!  Just beautiful!  Thank you. – Casey 6/2020

The sign looks great, can’t thank you enough for all your patience as we worked to get it just right! – Jess 6/2020
customer image

I love how it looks on our 100 year old home. – Jean 6/2020

customer image

We couldn’t be happier with our new address plaque! It really adds character to our new fence. – Tammy 5/2020

customer image

I love love love my priZe! It seems to me to be such a feminine thing to do and it reminds me why I love doing business with my fellow women…Take care and keep up the good work! – Beverly 5/2020

I ordered a Starfish Address plaque and was very happy with it! – John 5/2020

customer image customer image

We love it! When we landscaped we included a variety of cycads and we fell in love with them. Hopefully we will be ordering a second sign soon! – Beverly 5/2020

customer image

Sign came in yesterday and it looks FANTASTIC!  Wife is thrilled how it came out and how it looks on the house. – Bill 5/2020

customer photo

Sign up and worth every penny. Looks great! – Frank 5/2020

customer image

Our sign arrived this week and we wanted to show you how it looks in its new place. It is perfectly made and the design complements our log home. Thank you very much! – Barbara & Kevin 4/2020

customer image

Thank you! – Kevin 4/2020

customer image

We absolutely LOVE our plaque. It is great quality and gorgeous! It finishes our new mailbox perfectly. – Michelle 4/2020

customer image

I had to have an entry wall rebuilt after someone destroyed the original. I was looking for something specific to match the look of my house (Swiss Chalet meets Lodge meets Arts & Crafts). Since Atlas Signs and Plaques allows customization, I was able to send artwork with a custom shape and numbers. The arched top of the address sign works with the arched living room window. Perfect. Thanks for a GREAT JOB! – David 4/2020

customer image

Everyone loves the plaques. Thank you! – Jeff 4/2020

customer image customer image

This is even better than I expected. Packaged nicely as well! – Susan 4/2020

customer image

Perfect plaque in remembrance of my mother, thank you. – Meredith 3/2020

customer image

I ordered a beautiful plaque from you last year to hang on our batting cage as a memorial for my late coach who had such a profound impact on the baseball community here in Brooklyn, and was extremely pleased with it. Thank you! – Brian 3/2020

customer image

customer image

LOVE our new sign! This is the perfect compliment to our new home and guests will know exactly where we are as maps doesn’t quite have it right yet :) – Tracy 3/2020

customer image

I thought I’d include a few finished photos of some of your signs we’ve used. We love them and I am sure we will propose a few more this season. – Samantha 3/2020

Customer Review

customer image of sign

customer image of sign

Ordered 3 signs, and received them on time, and as ordered. Although the signs are not heavy (weight-wise), they are well made and have an excellent look and quality. Installation was easy, except for my front entry sign because I installed it on a stone wall which is uneven. Even so, it was just a matter of getting the screws off-set to the right length so it would be flat. I also added some weatherproof, high-strength, double-sided tape to the back of the sign, to keep it secure on the stone. As you can see from the picture, the signs look great, and are just what we wanted!!!! – Michael 3/2020

customer image customer image

We truly enjoyed the last sign you made for us – it was noticed (and admired) by many folk. Unfortunately, life occasionally throws a curve ball, and we had to leave that home when we relocated last summer. So now, we’re working up a new design for Atlas Signs and Plaques to create for us at our new home! – Martin 2/2020

customer image of photo

❤️ – Kim 2/2020

customer photo

I love my new plaque!! Going to hang it tomorrow. We live on the water in New Port Richie on the Gulf Seaside and it’s absolutely perfect!!! Now the deliveries won’t be dropped at the wrong house anymore! Love it it’s fantastic and well made. – Tammy 2/2020

customer photocustomer image

Our sign looks great! Thank you! – Jen 2/2020

customer photo of sign

LOVE this sign. Very stylish and adds to the charm of our home. She customized the size and how it attaches to our gate. Looks fantastic! Very secure to the posts and carefully packaged with quick delivery. Highly recommend Atlas Signs! You’ll get a quality product. Thanks Janey! – Joanna 1/2020

customer image

Absolutely perfect! Love it! We used it on the brick wall just outside the front door, under the covered front porch to our guest house. It’s very nice 👍🏼 – Raquel 12/2019

customer image of plaque

Received our priZe. I was sure it was going to be some silly worthless object. I have to say, I was so excited when I opened it up. What a really neat gift! Thanks again! – Bob 12/2019

“The Kennedy House” plaque is beautiful!!! My 97 year old Mother was surprised & happy!! It will be enjoyed by the many many people that love this house! Kay 12/2019

customer photo of plaque

customer image

Thank you! It’s perfect for my son’s 1921 Craftsman home. Kathy 12/2019

This was a birthday present to myself and I love how great it looks on the bungalow! Sonja 12/2019

customer image

We just got the house number. It is amazing!! It is so beautiful and looks like it should’ve cost $1000s! Thank you!! Nina 12/2019

I mounted my sign on my brick column yesterday and it looks fabulous. The sign is just plain awesome! Bob 12/2019

customer image

Thank you so much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Beverly 12/2019

Love our new address plaque! Stephanie 12/2019

customer image

The final product was as beautiful as I’d hoped it would be! It served as a special marker for a historic property damaged by Hurricane Maria and in jeopardy of being condemned. Thank you for creating such a stunning (and sturdy) item! Melanie 12/2019

customer photo

I’m so pleased with my new house sign! The quality of the sign exceeded my expectations. Atlas Signs and Plaques was very responsive to my questions and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them. Karen 11/2019

customer photo of sign

Just received the plaque you made for my father. It’s everything I’d hoped for and more. Thank you for getting this memorial to him perfect. Jeff 11/2019

Perfect size plaque and font! Denise 11/2019

I just had to comment on the AMAZING plaque that Janey with Atlas Signs and Plaques created for display in our historic home, the Tyrrell Garden Estate. She was professional, prompt, helpful and – most importantly – patient! (providing us with a few proofs). Being very particular and knowing this was a custom investment piece, we hoped the sign would be everything we were envisioning. When we opened the box, we saw that it was…and SO MUCH MORE! We were completely overwhelmed with the beauty and quality workmanship. Talk about exceeding expectations! Every person who sees this piece comments on it. It is absolutely perfect for the focal point we were looking to accent in our open concept kitchen. We’ll be ordering some exterior signage next. Laska 11/2019

customer image

Thank you for a great plaque! I am very pleased, and when there’s another one to order I’ll contact Atlas Signs and Plaques again. Rick 11/2019

We love our dragonfly address plaque – the copper color looks beautiful, the sign has a nice weight, and the style goes perfectly with our mission style windows and porch lamp. Thank you, Dorcas 10/2019

Thought I’d send along the final install pictures. Such an improvement. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Best, Erin 10/2019

Customer picture of installed signCustomer picture of installed sign

I received my order this morning and it looks fabulous! Thank you so much for your suggested layout, it looks much better than the original plaque mounted at my old office building. Thank you for everything, Robert 10/2019

I received the signs today and they are beautiful! Customer service at Atlas Signs and Plaques sets a new standard…I appreciate the quick response during the ordering process and receiving the signs so promptly. Thank you again!! Lisa 10/2019

We love our sign! It’s beautiful, personal, and people can finally find us behind our massive hedge. Atlas Signs and Plaques worked with us to get our sign exactly right. Thanks. Marlese 10/2019

Customer sign of hedgehog

The sign looks amazing. Our Condo Association loves it. Thank you. Mark 10/2019

Customer Image of Awesome Sign

Nice work – i came out to the facility today to hang a few of the items i made, complementing the plaques. pictures below.thanks again, David 10/2019

Customer Image of Sign

Thank you!
I’m really excited to put my new sign up at my new home. I thought the thank you sticker on the white tissue was a very nice touch . My design clients will think so too! Best, Holly 10/2019

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of your help with our order.
The signs are marvelous. We love them. They are quite unique and look perfect on our home.
We will certainly recommend Atlas to our friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Fritz 9/2019

My husband surprised me with the plaque and I love it! It is high quality and beautifully made. It looks perfect on the gate post going into our terrace/pool area. Denise 9/2019

I’m with a foundry in the Midwest that pours bronze, brass and aluminum plaques. I found your company because I was asked to quote on a stainless steel plaque with raised letters and our client showed a photo of one of your products. I wasn’t aware of any foundry that poured plaques like this so I looked you up. By the way, I think you do beautiful work and the descriptions on your website explain very clearly how your product is made and that you are not a foundry. There are a lot of companies on the web that try to trick the public into thinking they are getting a “cast” product and that is so annoying. I just thought you should know that, as a foundry, I appreciate that. Keep up the good work – your product looks amazing! You never know, someday I might be a customer. We often times have non-profit institutions with very limited budgets that can’t afford the solid bronze plaque and this could be a nice alternative. Rick 8/2019

Love love love our new house number sign. It goes perfectly with our stucco home decor. Quality is amazing! Thanks for helping to make our new home uniquely “ours”. Amy 8/2019

Thanks, same to you! I sent photos of the sign to both my kids and they also loved it. If I ever need anything else, I will be sure to contact you. Darisse 8/2019

The sign arrived yesterday and we put it up this AM. Its so wonderful, thanks so much for making a special order for us. We love it!
Angela 8/2019

customer image

Thanks again for a beautiful piece. Robert 8/2019

Customer Image of Atlas Signs

Thank you, Donna  8/2019

Received our plaque and it looks awesome, thank you for all your patient with me and hope to do more business with you in the future. Best, Becky 8/2019

Atlas Signs caught in the wild.

Atlas Signs and Plaques in the wild

Atlas Signs caught in the wild.

Image from 2016 – looks great and coming back for more. Keith 7/2019

customer review

Thought you would like to know that your beautiful plaque arrived. The packaging was excellent. The communications kept us in anticipation and the installation was easy. Thanks so much.  See the attachments showing the final results. Feel free to use the picture and endorsement.  Edward 6/2019

Customer Image

We love our plaque. Thank you for recommending this style. 6/2019

I received the plaque yesterday afternoon and I am thrilled with how it looks. Thanks so much for getting it to me in time to give as a gift to my wife when we close on the new house Friday. I can’t wait to see her face when I do.  Thanks again, Ken 6/2019

Hi Janey, See attached.  NICE!!  5/2019

Customer Image

We love our new sign! Its the perfect style for our historic home. Kathy 4/2019

Customer Review

Finally, here are some pics of our sign installed here in Illinois. The FLW style really complements our prairie style house.
Thank you, Margaret  4/2019

customer review

These are on one of our St Augustine vacation rentals! Thank you Atlas signs!!   Sue 4/2019

customer review

My signs look fantastic once again!! I’ll take pics once they are hung, thank you!   Anna  4/2019

It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much! Kp2 4/2019

Thank you! The address sign looks great!!! Kim 4/2019

Thank you! I received them and they are ABSOLUTELY perfect! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely recommend your company to others, as well as continue to do business with you in the future. Thanks, again! ~Todd 3/2019

Great news, our house plaque arrived today here in Australia.
Such quick delivery, I am very impressed.

We love the sign and thank you so much for your assistance.  Kind regards, Gary 2/2019

Thank you for talent, I love it! Diana 2/2019

Thank you! It looks wonderful. We’ll try to send you a picture when we get it put up (after the ice melts…)
Margaret 2/2019

We received it last night, it looks fantastic!! I can’t wait till the snow clears up so we can mount it. Thank you! Cheers,
Tahirih 1/2019

We would want the green samples in the stainless steel finish with raised lettering to match the No Trespassing signs we previously ordered.  Thanks again. 1/2019

Customer Review

I received the sign. Me and my husband love it. Thank you! Anita 2/2019

Customer Picture

Thank you, Attached is the sign installed! Chris 1/2019

Please close gate for the dogs

Love the sign. Thanks! 1/2019

Hi, I just wanted you to see how great the plaque looks!     -Paul 12/2018

Latitude Longitude Plaque Installation Detail

Latitude Longitude Plaque Installation Detail

I love it!!
Thank you for sending me the awesome gift 💝!
But truly YOU are the AWESOME ONE ☝️!!!!
Wishing you a happy joyful amazing Christmas 🎄🌹🦋🎄😃
Thank you kindly      -Me Salvador 12/2018

We love the plaque. Will be buying more!     -Rob 12/2018

American Craftsman Address Plaque Copper Verdi

Customize your American Craftsman Address Plaque with anything you want it to say!

Yes, my new plaque is waiting on me when I got home today! Love it!!!!     -J’Anna 12/2018

It’s a BEAUTIFUL sign!! Thank you so much for doing this! We’ll be doing a dedication ceremony in the Spring, where it will be mounted on a bench made for her. Again, thank you so very much.     – Sara 12/2018

“Sign, Sealed, Delivered I’m yours…” A beautiful sign made for Almond Country. “I love the sign you did for me and people always compliment it🙌❤️”     – Matthias 12/2018

Almond Country Review

Almond Country

I received the sign and it looks terrific!! Really pleased with the design and I look forward to installing it but will probably be a couple months before we get back down to our recreation property. Big thanks to Atlas Signs for all your help to make it happen. Take good care. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Best wishes and thanks again.     -Rob 11/2018

We are extremely happy with the product and it’s worth every penny! Thanks!     -Tim 11/2018

Bike Address Plaque

We love happy customers!

Bike Address Plaque

Installed Plaque View

Beautiful design! Easy to work with, creative and quick. So happy I found Atlas Signs and Plaques.     -Danielle 11/2018

Batchelder Plaque

Awesome customer review!

Thanks… your works of art are the Crown Jewels.     -Andrew 11/2018

Willow Craftsman Address Plaque

Amazing review!

Nice sign done well.     -Kim 10/2018

Thank you so much for the beautiful sign! It was exactly what I was looking for!     -Bethany 11/2018

Custom sign was the exact size, shape, color, and wording that I needed. Thanks a bunch!     -Cherry 11/2018

Another beautiful plaque for Zion UMC. Thank You Atlas Signs!     -Judie 10/2018

Religious Dedication Plaque

Great Outdoor Plaque and Great Review

Beautiful plaque was made for Zion UMC in rural WI. Great people to work with. Thank you     – Judie 10/2018

Beautiful Plaque Made for Zion Methodist Church

Religious Dedication Plaque

Religous Decoration

Beautiful Plaque made for Zion Methodist Church

The sign arrived. It’s perfect!! Best looking No Soliciting sign in the metropolitan Portland area. It’s also In Situ. Great job.     – Deborah 10/2018

Mini Fancy Frame

Great customer review!

We love our sign!     – Andrew 10/2018

American Craftsman Address

Beautiful House Sign

My husband installed the new address plaque on our house this afternoon. It looks great! I have attached some pictures. Thanks for your help and advice.     – Karen 10/2018

Frank Lloyd Craftsman Address Plaque

Lovely Brick Home Installation

Frank Lloyd Craftsman Address Plaque

Lovely Brick Home Installation Detail

Frank Lloyd Craftsman Address Plaque

Lovely Brick Home Installation

Thank you for the great job you did! We know where to find you when we need new signs to fill some empty spaces.     -Marc 10/2018

Celtic Claddagh Ring Plaque

Awesome Customer Review

Love our sign from Atlas. Thank you!     – Jackie 10/2018

Love our new sign which replaced fussy ceramic numbers and positively updated the look of the house front. Thanks! – Barbara 10/2018

We’ve received and are extremely pleased with the quality, execution, and level of detail on the plaques. We’ll be sure to share finished photos once we have them. Thank you for all your help and patience throughout this project.     -Will 9/2018

It’s perfect!  THANK YOU! Fondly,     -Holly 9/2018

Thank you! It’s here and absolutely beautiful!     -Therese 9/2018

Hello, we had ordered three signs for our Arizona vacation rentals. I just wanted to send quick pictures of them hung up at their houses. We love them! More pics to come :) Thanks     -Rachael 9/2018

Thank you! Here is the 2nd one, it’s not as dramatic because there’s no mountain view – we love it just the same!     -Rachel  9/2018

Received our sign yesterday and just put it up. We love it! Will definitely recommend your product to anyone who asks! Thank you!     -Mike and Monica  9/2018

We received the house numbers which we installed on a big rock in front of our house. We love it! Thank you     -Deb  9/2018

The plaque arrived and it’s just beautiful! Thank you for the great work and figuring out how to send it.     -Elaine  9/2018

The Huck Farm sign arrived today. It is simply gorgeous!!!! We love it. The stone will be delivered tomorrow and set Wed or Thursday. We are thrilled     -Judith  8/2018

It’s a very classy sign to ward off the bell-ringers! The nicest one I could find in all the world!     -Susan 08/2018

Stickley No Solicitors

Stickley No Solicitors

We love our new house numbers! Good quality, fun style, looks great on our house. -Callie 08/2018

Willow Craftsman Address Plaque

Willow Craftsman Address Plaque

We got our address plaque this week and put it up! It’s beautiful! We spent all summer making the gabions and gates ourselves. They came out just as we imagined and your address plaque was the finishing touch. Thank you     -Sue   8/2018

Awesome Customer Testimonial

Thanks, as always, for the quality workmanship, and the stellar customer service! These 2 signs, along with our house number sign that you did for us, are not only functional, but they are beautiful, well-made, sturdy signage. We appreciate the attention to detail, and we are confident these will be long-lasting signs (two of them are already almost 3 years old and you would never know it)!   -Carol  8/2018

House Number Sign

Babble-On Front Door Sign

Babble-On Side Door Sign

Our new “No Soliciting” sign!     -Michelle and Wayne  7/2018

Customer Testimonial

I finally had a Chance to install the plaque. Looks great thanks for all your help.  David 7/2018

Customer Testimonial

“I received my plaque today and I wanted to say thank you. It has exceeded expectations. Thank you again.”  Bob  7/2018

“After six years later looks the same as when I purchased it.” Kim 7/2018 (An awesome Etsy customer)

LOVE our plaque!!  Suzanne 7/2018

Customer Testimonial

We love our repeat customers!

We love your work and hope you can help us create something special for our new place. Thanks. Jim 6/2018

Customer Testimonial

I love our new address plaque! Thanks!!  Tova 6/2018


5 stars ~ Nannette 6/2018 (We think her entry deserves 5 stars too!)

Customer Testimonial

Gower Veterans Memorial

Gower Veterans Memorial

Gower Veterans Memorial

Gower Veterans Memorial

Gower Veterans Memorial, Missouri. We are so incredibly proud to have been a part of this!

Customer Testimonial

I am in LOVE with my sign! I LOVE it so much that I wish I had more houses just so I could buy more signs. The quality is outstanding A++++++++ !! Il looks so rich and it makes my house look rich GREAT curb appeal.

Thank you Atlas Signs

Crystal  – 5/18

Customer Testimonial

Our customers ROCK! They’ve even set the water dish up so it automatically fills so there is always fresh water for the neighborhood pups! Thanks so much Shannon! 5/18

Testimonial Britton Court

And we love it! Thanks again for another quality job!   Cathy 5/2018

Thank you for the beautiful sign on our new office building. It is the perfect finishing touch.  Brooklyn 4/2018

Customer Testimonial

Main Street Wilmington Friends

I just got them both!!!! Love them!!!! Thank you so much!! Wow!!! You and your team are so wonderful and talented!!!!! Love love love!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooo much!!!
Danielle  4/2018

Thanks! Christy  4/2018

Customer Testimonial

It looks great! Irene  3/2018

Customer Testimonial Irene

We love our sign!  Nicole 3/2018

Customer Testimonial Nicole

Looks great!  Jim 3/2018

Customer Testimonial

It is a long story but we finally have a new house sign at Leeward.
Our design beautifully created by Atlas Signs and Plaques and installation and lighting by @Adam Monk Cook.   Leeward St. John 3/2018

Leeward Testimonial

It arrived and looks great.
Thank you.
Bob  3/2018

I received my house number sign last week and I love it!

Mia  3/2018

Customer Testimonial

I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE the sign you made. It is amazing and the shipping to Australia was very reasonable. Thanks so much!  Jacqui  3/2018

Customer Testimonial

(From our Facebook page) Eeeeeeeee! The plaques are starting to arrive for our #historicmarker project! #littlekidatchristmas #ilovemail #localhistorymatters

Main Street Wilmington  3/2018

Main Street Wilmington Testimonial

Thank you for our address sign. We love it and get a lot of compliments on it. The pictures do not do it justice.
Margaret  3/2018

Testimonial from Margaret

Just got it. Sign is beautiful.
Thank you!!!  Ann 3/2018

I received my custom address plaque yesterday.
It is awesome!!
It will definitely add a ton of curb appeal to my new home once I install it tomorrow.
I looked at all of your address plaques and love them all.
This one fit my required dimensions.
When amazon asks me to rate this product it WILL receive 5 stars .
I will also add pictures mounted to exterior brick.
I’m a proud American and always try to buy American made products,
Thank so much!!
Steve  2/2018

I love my sign! Patti 2/2018

Customer Testimonial

Finally got our house sign up. Photo doesn’t do it justice. It looks so classy and elegant on our rock wall. I couldn’t step back far enough to capture it all, with palms, orange trees, hibiscus etc. peaking over our outside perimiter rock wall. Thank you for going the extra mile on this order. It’s just PERFECT!

Theresa 2/2018

Hale Pama Testimonial

We just love our plaque!!

Susie 1/2018

Customer Testimonial

LOVE…….LOVE……..LOVE our address plaque. THANK YOU!!!!

Lisa 1/2018

Thank you so much for our address plaque, it’s so unique and adds so much character to our house!
Attached are a couple photos!
Very timely and very well made, my husband and I are very happy with our order!
Addie  1/2018

15562 Muntain Address plaque testmonial

Here are our purchases from you, and my faux finished doorbell to match.  Looks stellar!  Gerrilyn 12/2017

Awesome Customer Testomonial

Hi. I believe you made me an address sign for my craftsman bungalow in North Park (3064 Thorn). Anyway, I love it so much that I want to buy another for a house I just bought in Florida. This is more of a beach house. The address is 220 Lynn. Can you please create some samples like you did before? Thanks Teri

BTW… I received many compliments on the Thorn one and I honestly believe it helped sell my house. 12/2017

Thank you for the gorgeous, classy sign! Installation was a breeze thanks to your excellent instructions, and I’m hoping this solves our address problems for many years to come. Working with you has been such a pleasure that I just wish I could find an excuse to post more signs.  George 12/2017

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a hit the plaque you made for my grandmother was. They had the big party for the building last night, and there were dozens of people in attendance, all of whom thought the plaque was beautiful and wanted to know where we had gotten it. Of course we told them about you and you may have some customers in North Dakota coming your way. So thank you, for the beautiful work you do and for dealing with our ever-changing order and for getting the sign to us in time for the party. I’ll definitely be recommending you in future. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again, and have a great day. Adam 12/2017

Just wanted u to know my sign arrived yesterday. Thanks much for packing it so securely! I absolutely LOVE IT! Fantastic job! Thanks much also for the cute Home Sweet Home, it is already found a place.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year! Pam 12/2017

It is just perfect! We have received so many compliments on it too (and no solicitors yet!) -Shivon 11/2017

No Kidding Solicitors Sign

No Kidding Solicitors


Hey Everyone at Atlas,
We just put up our sign, and love it! We’ve named our home after the very first owner (1928) Marie!
Thanks for all your help and the beautiful work!!
Jakki 11/2017

I love my new address plaque that your company made………..a beautiful finishing touch to our western style front porch! Glad I found Atlas on the internet…….such choices and great workmanship……..definitely worth the price and wait to have it custom made!
Judy 11/2017

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the sign arrived and it looks great!   I am attaching a couple of photos. As you can see, it is  in keeping with our dragonfly theme :-)   Thank you for a great product! Regards, Kathy 11/2017

Thank you 10/2017

Hi my name is Monika, I purchased a plaque of my house number from you attached is a picture of it hanging up. In the package was a note to put the sign up and take a picture of it and you guys send a free gift. The sign looks great and happy my purchase was a great experiance. Thank you. I will for sure recommend your business to a friend. 10/2017

Great Sign. Thank you! 9/2017

Pine Cone Address Plaque!

Pine Cone address plaque on fence

Awesome customer testimonial – Pine Cone Address Plaque

Hello. Thank you so much we love it. Here are 2 pictures. 9/2017

Customer Address plaque image

Awesome Customer Testimonial.

Thank you for the spectacular design and creation of my Rhino address sign!! It stops traffic and was meant to be on this wall!! It’s perfect! I cannot thank you enough for this outstanding work of art!!
You get my unrestricted recommendations!!
Thank you again!

Anna 8/2017

Looks awesome on our 1924 house.

Jeff 7/2017

Thank you for the wonderful sign! Aloha!

George 7/2017

Wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful house number plaque you made for us. It’s high-class, and makes our home stand out in a major way from the others.

Jim 7/2017

Dear Atlas Signs, Our order has been received and it is fabulous!! Thank you, thank you. I look forward to
finding a reason to order more signs. You did a beautiful job.

Judy 6/2017

We LOVE our plaque! Thank you!

Leigh 6/2017

The sign arrived and it looks awesome! Everything we so well from the order to advise on the finish to delivery! We love it!

Joan from Semex 6/2017

Get your own custom sign here:

Attached is our beautiful sign.  Thank you Atlas Signs and Plaques

Margaret 6/2017

Here are some pics of our sign for you PRiZe promo. We think it looks great!

Todd 6/2017

Wanted to show you a picture of our sign up on the wall by our front door. It looks fantastic! Thanks again.

Michelle 6/2017

Love the sign and quality exceeded my expectations.

David 5/2017

Thanks for your help in making the marker. I am very pleased with quality.

Bob 5/2017

Love our new sign! Thank you so much!

Amanda 5/2017

Love it! Thank you!

Amy 5/2017

LOVE my plaque! Thanks for the prompt service & the classy solution to my problem!

Ann 4/2017

Thank you so much for my beautiful address sign, I love it!

Debbra 4/2017

Looks great in our school garden. Thank you so much!

Kristin 4/2017

Here is our sign!

Tim 3/2017

Last weekend I received and installed my new plaque. Thank you.

Ralph 3/2017

Attached is a picture for your information and use!

Pam 3/2017

I wanted to send you before and after photos of the columns outside our building.
A big improvement.
Thank you for your signs

Ken 2/2017

We just received the sign. It’s beautiful and exactly want we wanted.
Thank you Atlas.
Joan & David 2/2017

Perfect for Maui!
We love our new sign! Thanks!! 2/2017

Awesome Customer Picture Testimonial

Here’s the photo you asked for. We just completed a major renovation of our house exterior and the address plaque just adds that finishing touch. Looks great!



received the ‘Q’ plaque –
too cool!
will forward a photo once it is affixed to the wall…

Thank you [again],
Lynda 1/2017

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for such a wonderful product. I had so many compliments on it from the neighbors and even my mailman. Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year!

Julie 1/2017

Love our sign 1/2017

I cant submit a review til later according to my etsy but i wanted to say how much we love our sign. My husband was at first shocked that i would buy a no soliciting sign that costs that much as opposed to just going to lowes or home depot to get one under 10 bucks. But it would not look ok in our neighborhood if we bought something from lowes or home depot!!

He loves it and we cant believe how good it looks! Thank you also for the easy assembly and instructions!

Would recommend in a heartbeat. Now i just need to find a night spotlight to shine it on since we cant see it at night. If u have any recommendations for one thats cordless that will be much appreciated as well! Sarah 1/2017

This sign is absolutely gorgeous. everything i hoped it could be. you all did an absolutely amazing job, i’m so grateful. thank you thank you THANK YOU!!
Stephen (11-2016)

Our sign arrived yesterday and we love it! – Heather K.   11/2016

Great product and exactly as described. It looks great at our front door. Thank you! – lschwarm   11/2016

Beautiful plaque!! Fantastic company to work with. I may have a tiny little house but I have the best house numbers in Richmond VA. – Ginger S.   11/2016

Love my address plaque – really finishes the look of the front of my home! – Kris D.   11/2016

The vendor was very responsive, prompt, courteous and helpful with my inquiries. The item arrived about a month ahead of schedule and impeccably packaged. I am very pleased with the transaction and highly recommend this vendor. – Antonio I.   10/2016

My purchase arrived sooner than expected and in excellent condition. The actual product exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with our transaction. – Michael A.   10/2016

Beautiful, very pleased. Thank you! – Karen A.   10/2016

Amazing as always!!! – “Rocky Mountains”   10/2016

Absolutely LOVE this House Marker, will make the perfect finishing touch to our outside remodel. – Pam K.   10/2016

Brian, I received the address plaque today, and it is stunning to say the least!
Your craftsmanship and customer care is top notch! Thank you wholeheartedly!!! – Jonie   10/2016

 Love our new sign! – Joan J.  09/2016


Excited to compliment my sign with the new numbers you are making!!! – Melanie   9/2016


Brian… the good news is that we put your sign up (see attached…) and by happy accident believe that the sign is better than what we thought we had ordered!!! – Steven L.   9/2016


We received our plaque and we LOVE IT! We also really appreciated the care you took
in wrapping it with the Thank You sticker on it too. Nice and personal touch.
Thank you!! 9/2016

Kelly & Lou

So happy with my purchase! We are going to be the envy of the neighborhood! Atlas Signs and Plaques is so professional, keeping in contact and answering all questions. You won’t be disappointed. – M.F.   8/2016

There really aren’t adequate words for how much I love my sign. Janey was beyond helpful- I’m sure to the point of exhaustion at times;-) This sign holds tremendous meaning as it is a tribute to my Dad. I cannot thank you all enough. It’s more than perfect. – Catie   8/2016


Could not have been more pleased with this item! Excellent workmanship and customer care. Speedy delivery even with a custom item. Highly recommend this artist. – B.W.   8/2016

Great experience — seller worked with me to get the design exactly right, and end result was perfect. Thank you! – Leah S.   8/2016

Our address plaque arrived and its handsome self is now installed on our house front. Neighbors are texting their approval. Thank you for your attention to detail, even in the way you pack. Stunning. I give you and your business high marks. – John G.   8/2016

Just opened the package with the plaque (#8733) you did for my son’s memorial garden I am creating. Thank you so very much for the beautiful job you did! I cannot send a picture yet because the garden gate upon which it will be installed has not yet arrived. Once that is done, I will post the picture of the memorial plaque as you suggested. But I couldn’t wait to let you know how much I appreciate the work that was done and how I believe it will pay lasting tribute to my son in the way I had envisioned. – Barbara W.   8/2016

Very well made. Shipped perfectly. We are very happy with our order! – E. Stroud   7/2016


Beautiful sign. Huge success..brought tears to my husbands eyes as he opened it for his 50th birthday. Excellent service & communication with seller. – Britt G.   7/2016

Thank you for a flawless custom order! Now all we need is for people to actually READ it! – Sarah K.  7/2016

5 out of 5 starsJaney is excellent to work with. Very timely responses to all questions and a quick turn around on drafts of signs. Worked with me on customizing a sign to the perfect size, best color, and allowed me to see numerous font choices. Also very professional as she worked with us on our budget. Once we approved the final draft, the production and shipping was completed within the promised 3 weeks. The sign looks terrific on our building!! – Susan M.   7/2016

Hello Janey & Atlas Signs – Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the fantastic Willow Craftsman Address Plaque. Installation was a breeze and the house is looking great. I’ve attached a couple pics so you can see your product ‘in action.’
Thanks again and all the best,
Daniel W.   7/2016


The plaques arrived and look amazing! We are so thrilled and will post photos to social media shortly. – Ben  6/2016


Absolutely Amazing!! Exactly what we wanted. My Aunt & Uncle were so appreciative of the gift for my cousins memory fountain. Thank you! – Jennifer J.   6/2016


Received our order and it’s amazing!! Worked with Janey Freid I gave her our ideas for a special piece for some dear friends and she had designed beautifully!! Love love love it!! – deed1128   6/2016


It is absolutely beautiful! My family members have given numerous compliments on how beautiful the marker is. Thank you for doing such an amazing and beautiful job. We love it!!! – Lottie P.   5/2016


Awesome sign, thank you! – SouthernMostGator   11/2015


Thank you so much! The butterfly memorial was absolutely beautiful and I love it so much. It’s the most beautiful plaque I’ve seen. Thanks so much
Martha 6/2016

I received the sign yesterday and installed it. Attached is a picture. Thanks! Tom  6/2016


Hi Janey! I just wanted to let you know how much by bf and I love the house sign you did for us recently!!!!! (177 Sterling Avenue Circa 1918) We cannot wait to hang it once the house is painted this summer. Thank you again. PS. We didn’t order on here, but from your website, I believe. Thank you again! :) 5/2016

Exceptional look and excellent build quality. I live on the coast in Central California and everything corrodes in the salt mist and fog being only 100 yards from the Pacific Ocean front. Installed two signs showing the address in March 2010 and they both look like new, today (April 2016). Have now ordered an additional 2 to advise of camera surveillance. Thank you Janey for bringing this product to market.

We received the sign, and we LOVE it! Thank you for a job very well done! :)  – Richard 04/2016

If we need another made we willmost certainly use your services again. -Robin 03/2016

Thank you so much !!! – Danny 04/2016

No Sol

We LOVE our Atlas sign! Perfect addition to our new home. -Bruce & Cathy 03/2016


Everyone in our neighborhood loves our address sign!! – Mika 03/2016

Very good quality and fast shipping as well. Would recommend this seller to my friends. Kristi 03/2016

The plaque was shipped ahead of time, which was great. My son loved it.  Bruce 01/2016

Working with the shop owner was very easy. She was very accommodating and wanted to make sure that I had just what I wanted. I am already getting compliments and my builder asked me where he could get one. Great job! Heather 01/2016

Great product. Lightweight alternative to solid copper plaque. Was created and delivered VERY quickly. Bdoubleaquatics 01/2016

Professional transaction – fast shipping – highly recommended. Very accommodating and patient as we worked through to a final design that was perfect.  Ty Justice 01/2016

Hi Janey,

I wanted to send these photos along to you of the new business sign you made for us.  These pics aren’t the greatest because of the time of year (snow and dead plants, etc).  Maybe once spring/summer is here I can get some better shots.

This is going to work quite well on the easel that we purchased so that we can direct people away from our front door entrance and have them enter our studio space at the side door of our home.

I think it looks great on the easel!  And, we’ve used it already and it does the trick.  So, thank you again for all of your help and input, and most importantly for producing such a high-quality product.  We love both of the signs we’ve purchased from you and we would highly recommend you to others (have already done so and will continue to do so as people ask about the signage).

Thanks again.

Carol 12/2015

Custom Signage in Pewter. Thanks again for sharing your photo with us Carol

Just wanted to let you know I received the sign today and its beautiful! I suspect you will be getting some new orders once we hang it and my neighbors get to see it!

Thanks very much!

Hi, We love our new address sign!  Thanks for the beautiful work. Happy holidays! Graham 12/2015

Hi, We love our new address sign! Thanks for the beautiful work. Graham 12/2015Hi, We love our new address sign! Thanks for the beautiful work. Graham 12/2015

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much! Sandy on Etsy 12/2015

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much! Sandy on Etsy 12/2015

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much! Sandy on Etsy 12/2015

LOVE LOVE LOVE our house number plaque!!!! THANK YOU!!! Melissa & Bruce 12/2015

The sign looks amazing — even better than the last one!!!  Thanks again! 10/2015

Hi, All

Thank you for the front mount copper sign street plaque. I’m very pleased with my purchase, this helps add the architectural interest necessary to bring my Reno to a finale.

Best regards, D. Todd

Thanks for your photo Todd

Couldn’t be happier with purchase. The plaque is very light weight but looks heavy. Very nice quality. c. jackson (etsy) 8/2015

We worked with the vendor sending messages back and forth until we got the font and design just right. They were very patient and helpful, and the end result is stunning! We’ve already had several neighbors ask us where we got the fantastic sign! We mounted it to a large rock at the corner of our property, it looks fantastic! Jenny F. (Etsy) 8/2015

Nice sign! – Susan K. 8/2015 (82)

Nice sign! - Susan K. 8/2015

Thanks for all the help getting the sign right!  We think it really adds a beautiful touch to our porch. – Petra 8/2015 (81)
(Sign is pictured with the awesome dog Maud) 

Thanks for all the help getting the sign right! We think it really adds a beautiful touch to our porch. - Petra 8/2015 (81) (Sign is pictured with the awesome dog Maud)


We just love the look of the rock and the plaque together.  Thank you and Janey so much for accommodating our schedule. Sincerely, Nancy 7/2015 (80)

We just love the look of the rock and the plaque together. Thank you and Janey so much for accommodating our schedule. Sincerely, Nancy 7/2015

We just love the look of the rock and the plaque together. Thank you and Janey so much for accommodating our schedule. Sincerely, Nancy 7/2015

We love it, thanks!  Sure beats the plastic, florescent orange one we had! Robert and Jeanne 7/2015 (79)

Thanks for the photo Robert and Jeanne

Thanks for the photo Robert and Jeanne

This sign was made to put next to a statue as a memorial to my son. It turned out exactly as I hoped it would. Mary J. 7/2015 (78)

This sign was made to put next to a statue as a memorial to my son It turned out exactly as I hoped it would. Mary J. 7/2015

Absolutely outstanding plaque. Very professional and high quality work and excellent turnaround time. I would definitely order from Atlas Signs again. Great communication and customer service. Carrie F 7/2015

Great to work with — helped us come up with a fun and creative sign, and got it to us when we needed it! Our neighbors loved it – it was a great and unique gift for them. Thank you! Mandy R. 7/2015 (77)

Great to work with -- helped us come up with a fun and creative sign, and got it to us when we needed it! Our neighbors loved it - it was a great and unique gift for them. Thank you! Mandy R. 7/2015

Thank you for your Photo Mandy

Susan M. 7/2015 (76)

Beautiful - Thanks much for sharing Susan

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new plaque. It’s so beautiful and our friends and family (and in social media) love it too! The style is perfect for our 1909 Craftsman style American Four Square (and it even looks like a traditional mail slot from afar!!). You guys do amazing work, I’d love to get a personalized address sign someday! Hope we win!
Frances J 7/2015 (75)

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new plaque. It's so beautiful and our friends and family (and in social media) love it too! The style is perfect for our 1909 Craftsman style American Four Square (and it even looks like a traditional mail slot from afar!!). You guys do amazing work, I'd love to get a personalized address sign someday! Hope we win! Frances J 7/2015

Thanks from the Gordon’s in Portsmouth VA 7/2015 (74)

Thanks from the Gordon's in Portsmouth VA 7/2015

Hello Atlas, We love our new address plaque! Attached is a photo. Also your customer service is outstanding! I wish more companies were like yours. Our plaque came nicely packaged. You guys are truly a quality company. Thanks again, Frank & Francine 6/2015 (73)


Thanks for the beautiful address plaque! -Maureen 6/2015 (72)


We love it! -Kindra 6/2015 (71)


I love my sign! -Shahira 6/2015 (70)


My plaque arrived, and yes, I am so pleased.  It is already hanging in the entrance to our home. The workmanship is wonderful. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Gen 6/2015

I got my address number and it’s fantastic! You guys RocK. Thanks again, Carlos 6/2015 (69)


Just wanted to say thank you for helping us get our sign so quickly. It looks fantastic! I greatly appreciate all your help through the process. Best Regards, Josh B. 6/2015 (68)


We were very very pleased with the good job you guys did with the plaque!!!! Thank you again! -Joan 6/2015 (67)


Ordered a Private Drive sign from you for our HOA a couple years ago. It still looks like it did the day we hung it and it’s been exposed to the Oklahoma sun, a tornado, and a car crash into our wall. Kudos!  Steve, 6/2015

This gorgeous plaque is the perfect tribute to our mom. The staff was extremely helpful, efficient and easy to work with. Thank you! – Lindsay 6/2015

YES!!! Detroit is on the rebound, and this classy address plaque is adding to the charm that is taking over my neighborhood – one house at a time. Maybe I’m too much of a cheerleader, but who cares. I’m really stoked about the craftsmanship, LEED’s certified materials, and this USA made product that came complete with simple instructions, Youtube video install links…and little did I know it cam with a smiley, happy wife-n-kids as a result. Wouldn’t you know it, today is also our anniversary of 15 years. What a treat! Thanks Atlas Signs, good luck to you on your business efforts!  -Tim 6/2015 (66)


This plaque is unique and goes perfectly with our paint. We’ve had several compliments from family, friends, & neighbors. Good job! -Robin 5/2015 (65)


Hi, Atlas. Attached please find two pictures of our Atlas custom sign.  It announces our name, address and the pride we have in raising our family in our home.  Our house will be 100 years old in two years, and your craftsmanship truly compliments the timelessness and style of our home.  I posted this on my Pinterest account. I would love to win, so I could give a custom sign as a gift! Thank you! Best, Jill 5/2015 (64)


-Martha, 5/2015 (63)


It’s amazing how much pleasure a bit of art can bring. I have a very patient contractor who spent over an hour mounting your plaque and affixing the lizard (plaque was quick, lizard not so much!). I just love it. Thanks again for your terrific work! -Diane 5/2015 (62)


The plaque arrived today. Looks great, thanks so much!!  -Martin 5/2015

Absolutely fabulous and they were able to include the date that my house was built below the address. Love it and great work! -Andy 5/2015

My much anticipated address plaque arrived yesterday – the presentation alone was impressive and yes the plaque was perfect – can’t wait to get it on my house . Thanks again for your unique edge for “Style”!!! – Marguerite 5/2015

You did a fabulous job. It was everything I asked for. To the absolute T!  -BJ 5/2015

Looks beautiful!! We love it! We have gotten tons of compliments & well worth it! -Jennifer 4/2015

Good, small sign. Thought it was metal until I touched it! -Grant 4/2015

Love it! Came right on time well packaged and expertly crafted. Looks even better than the pictures! -Linda 4/2015

I got a sign in pewter with recessed lettering and I LOVE it! I cannot wait to get outside and hang it up. Love the template that was sent to show where to put the screws when hanging it up.  Michelle 4/2015

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!!  -Mackenzie 4/2015

Janey: Received my sign. It looks terrific, as I knew it would. Many thanks. I’ll be coming back for more signs. Julien 4/2015

Got it today, LOVE IT!!!!!  Excellent work, very nice:) -Vickie 4/2015

Janey — A huge thank-you to you and Amber and others involved who made the Terrapin sign good lookin’ and on time!  Peace of mind. May the sun shine on you all. Martha, 4/2015

Here’s the new sign in place, looks great. Many thanks Al  4/2015 (61)


Thanks for the quality work and the tad bit of humor and fun along the way.  I will be sure to spread the word as we “span the globe” delivering the message of Atlas Signs and Plaques. -Chuck F. 4/2015 (60)

chuck furedy

Thank you for such a beautiful address plaque, it is even better in person. A high quality piece that will last a long time. -njected (from Etsy) 4/2015

Absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get it hung up :) Thank you! -Jennifer 4/2015

Excellent quality. We are so pleased. Thanks very much. – Mary 4/2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you so much! Lori 4/2015

adies,  The signs hit the mark. Mounted makes them look even better. Just wanted to see the end product. An awesome job by your team.  Jeff  4/2015 (59)


I got this item in pewter with recessed lettering and I LOVE it! I cannot wait to get outside and hang it up. Love the template that was sent to show where to put the screws when hanging it up. Michelle 4/2015

Shipped very fast and item was exactly as described. Does it’s job great (not a single knock or doorbell ring since I put it up) and it looks so beautiful! Very very pleased! -Zowatts (from Etsy) 4/2015

I am a return customer and once again found it a pleasure to work with Atlas Signs and Plaques. Easy design process, quick turnaround, lovely sign. Thank you!  -Melissa 3/2015

Good Morning, Just a quick message, the plaque has just arrived (after an eternity at customs!) and I love it. It’s perfect and personal and will make her grave look lovely. Considering we are on different continents your communication was brilliant, quick and sensitive. I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully I won’t need to come back to you, but wouldn’t hesitate if I needed to. Thank you again, Suz and Luke 3/15

Looks awesome!    Thanks so much! Mark 3/2015 (57)


They look awesome. I got the desired effect and then some. Christine and her sisters had tears in their eyes. See saw the amount charged on the card and was saying I did not need to spend that much. Told her see would love it and say it was worth it. SHE DID!!!!!!!!  V/r Thanks Jeff 3/2015

I’ve been meaning to send you pictures of the signs we ordered (six) years ago! They’ve been great! Jen, 3/2015 (56)

Jen1 Jen2

Love the sign. Showed it to my Father and almost brought tears to his eyes. Thanks again Janey.  Sincerely, Chris 3/2015

The plaque is awesome.  The color combination and having the letters, numbers, and design indented was exactly what the doctor ordered. Willie R. 3/2015

Hello Janey, you recently made some signs for us and wanted you to know that they were a huge hit. They could not believe how well they turned out. Job well done by you and your crew there. Also you maybe getting some contact from St. Brigid about getting some more made. Thanks again for all of your help and hard work, William S. 3/2015

William-Strange-3-web William-Strange-2web

My plaque is gorgeous!!! Just what I was looking for!!! Thank you. -Candace 3/2015

Recieved the signage.  It looks great.  Thanks. Lanny, 3/20

James, 3/2015 (55)


I loved working with Atlas! Everyone was very communicative, offered great guidance, responded in a timely manner, and helped me get everything we needed for our new front post sign. I didn’t want a generic house number sign that looked like all the others in the neighborhood, which is what led me to AtlasSigns. Our new sign & hanging bracket are gorgeous and people in the neighborhood ask us all the time where it is from. Can’t recommend working with these ladies enough.  – Meexley from Etsy, 3/2015

Love this, great seller communication, love my mean looking dog at the bottom….Quick ship, great quality! -Terri, 2/2015

I am extremely happy with my new address sign. Quality work, fast shipment, everything I had hoped for! -Merilee 2/2015

-Celeste 2/2015 (54)

goudy address plaque

goudy address plaque

Just received my plaque.  Love it. What a great idea the back, will take a picture when my house is not a mess. We are undergoing the spalding of the balconies. It is very elegant, and discreet to place at the entance of our condo. Thank you, Maricarmen P., Florida. 2/2015

Just received our beautiful signs, and want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job.  Can’t wait to see them planted in our library garden this spring.  Sincerely, Pam M., Johnsburg Public Library  2/2015

Hello! I love my new sign, and I’d love to win some more. :)  Fingers crossed!  -Cari 2/2015 (53)


Hi, Janey, I can’t post a photo in this message…but I purchased a beautiful Craftsman style address plaque from you last year when I had my house painted.  Love, love!  I’m a huge fan of your work…  Warmly,  Tracy 1/2015

Thank you so much! You are a delight to do business with. I will leave great feedback! – pirateii on eBay 1/2015

WOW! Excellent customer service, awesome historic sign. Thanks!  – Jaketbrewer on eBay 1/2015

Just wanted to tell you we received the signs yesterday! They look so good! We are thrilled with them and we know the church will be so happy with them! Thank you and all of your staff there for making them, William S. 1/2015

I received the sign last Thursday and it is really lovely. I can’t wait to put it up. – Karla 1/2015

I received almost immediately asking/confirming details of my address. They sent status updates to let me know that the order was done and being shipped. I was very pleased when I received my address plaque. It was the perfect update to my home exterior. My address is much more visible from the street and it looks beautiful. Thank you very much!!! – Heidi 1/2015

received sign today – just in time.  It’s perfect! – Audrey 1/2015

Very nice and excellent quality. – Ivan 1/2015

The sign we ordered came out beautifully! Our communication with Amber was wonderful. We received a proof and the final product in record time and it was packaged with great care. I highly recommend Atlas Signs for their quality work. – Sundaze Designs 1/2015

Awesome sign and great people to work with. They knocked this out fast for me and you would never know by the looks of it. Sign is gorgeous! – Kaytee 1/2015

Very nice piece, good communication and quick delivery. – pmcgahee1 on Etsy 1/2015

Just wanted to let you know that I love the new address plaque! We just got out house resided and a new roof. The address plaque really adds a nice touch.  Thank you!  Heidi 1/2015

We bought a tiny little house on a gorgeous river, only affordable because of all the renovation we needed to do. We started saying we were working on Camp Crappy until we moved here permanently. The name stuck, but our work is finished and our love for our new home grows daily–so now it is Camp Crappie because the fishing is great!!! – Gregory 1/2015 (52)


Great item! My daughter and her boyfriend loved the one we had made for their new house! Would definitely order from them again! – Debra 12/2014

Absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend this company! This was purchased for a gift & we will be back for one for our home :) – Colleen 12/2014

I got the sign today- it looks fabulous – and the craftsmanship is perfect. Put in back in the mail today to get to my parent’s place by Saturday and I think it’s going to make it for their anniversary!!! Thank you for helping me getting this processed and shipped quickly. You guys are the best, and I will definitely order from your company again.  I REALLY appreciate the awesome customer service :) – Amy 12/2014

great plaque, thank you – Donna 12/2014

The Signs arrived and they look absolutely awesome! – Jenny 12/2014

I believe this was a custom order, but the business had it done and shipped quickly. My wife and I are very pleased with the finished product. – Etsy Review 12/2014

-Jason 12/2014 (51)


Thank you, so very much. The plaque just arrived and I can’t wait for my daughter and son-in-law to see it. they will be thrilled!
Please extend my warmest wishes to everyone for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. – Sandi 11/2014

Very cooperative seller, even though I changed my mind on the design numerous times. The sign is perfect. Quick manufacturing and shipping. -Joyce from Etsy 11/2014

Thank you so much for your help, I absolutely love my address plaque, and it will look fantastic on my house once the painting is done.  I spent at least a month searching for the perfect address sign, and after visiting so many big-box type do-it-yourself stores, I thought I would have to settle for the stick on decals everyone offers.  Then I found your website.  I ordered a custom address sign and I am very thrilled with how it turned out.  I will definitely send photos of the finished product.  -Mary 11/2014

Shipped super fast and is perfect on our front porch. Neighbors all want to know where we found it:) – Vicky from Etsy 11/2014

Our new address numbers look amazing! – Becky from Etsy 11/2014

We love it. Great for our new home. Great look, you are truly amazing. – Linda 10/2014

We absolutely love our new plaque! By naming our house and mounting your plaque we know we will get at least another $100,000 for our house! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! – Jeff 10/2014 (50)


Well crafted and easy to install with included template for hanging. As advertised. Looks great on our new garage! Shipped earlier than anticipated. Great company to do business with! -Nathan 10/2014

I would like to enter your sign contest. Your sign does give my remodel that final touch. Respectfully, Mike 10/2014 (49)


Thank you, thank you…my husband (and I!) loves the one-of-a-kind house plaque you designed for us! We received it in time for Sweetest Day, and will put it on the house this week! We’ll send you a photo when it’s on the house! Happy, Lauri  10/2014

Really well made. Fits my 1921 craftsman home perfectly. UPS driver liked it – first time I (or prob anyone) has gotten a compliment on their “No Soliciting” sign.  Andrew (from Amazon) 10/2014

Looks great! The only thing I was surprised about it is made out of particle board/press board. I am not at all disappointed though. Etsy Review 10/2014

The sign just arrived. What a beautiful piece of work!!!  Even better looking than we had anticipated. You can bet we’ll be coming back for further signs from you. Thanks so much. Julien 10/2014

Beautiful – great quality. Much lighter than I thought but worked out well. I was able to use adhesive to affix to the wall and did not need screws (and had requested it without the screw holes). – Bailey 10/2014

Beautiful plaque! Arrived on time. Looks great and we get many positive comments on it. – lagunahenry on Etsy 10/2014

Finally, my siding job is done!! Here are a few shots of your address plaques! Just love them both! -Kim 10/2014 (48)

2222-2 2222

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sign. I just hope it works! ; ) -Heather 9/2014

Love it! Kathy 9/2014 (47)


As you can see, it is hung up already for our Tuesday ceremony and looks great!  Thanks! Mike 9/2014 (46)


Just wanted to let you know that the plaques look great. We had a good group of volunteers and scouts on Saturday and were able to finish the project. I wanted to send you a few pictures of the completed garden. Thanks for all your help, Ed 9/2014 (45)


This is our new mailbox with the beautiful address sign! Vic & Denise 9/2014 (44)


Love my sign! Quality is great! Shipped as stated. Marie 9/2014

Just hung our sign!! In love!!! Thank you!! – Marile 9/2014 (43)


Janey, the plaque arrived and is beautiful! Thanks to Crystal too:) – Lisa 9/2014

This was awesome. I spent a lot of time talking with Amber to get my custom order the exact way I wanted it, and the end result was AWESOME! Thank you, Amber for a job well done. – Chebella29 (Etsy) 9/2014

We love our address plaque! It is just like the photo and we had no problems mounting. Shipping was as described and on time. – chicagogal649 (Etsy) 9/2014

Janey ….. we absolutely love our address sign – have gotten lots of compliments and have passed your company name on to many potential customers. Thank you -Marlene 9/2014 (42)

index12 index11

Attached are a couple of photos of our new sign and below are links to the photos pinned to my Pinterest board. We recently landscaped our front yard and it was impossible to find a Beware of Dog sign that would look nice on our gate. I was so happy to come across your site and find exactly what we were looking for. Every time I see our sign I smile. :) -Su 9/2014 (41)


Just beautiful! I can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you for the perfect finishing touch to our new craftsman retirement home. Joanne 9/2014

Got em and love em!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott 8/2014

My husband is behind the glass looking for someone selling Girl Scout Cookies!! I posted on FaceBook and everyone loved it. I did reference your company and website link. I hope I win! You have a great website and love your products! Susan 8/2014 (40)


Quality product- Great customer service- Excellent packaging/shipping. We are repeat customers! Have no hesitation- you will be very pleased with your new Atlas sign! Debbie 8/2014

Thanks so much it looks great!  Connie 8/2014 (39)


Wow. Just got the plaque.  You did a great job. Thanks! John 8/2014

We are so happy to be doing business with your company…we love supporting a small business, your located in our beloved WI, and I love that it is run by women!!  We were looking around for a non run-of-the-mill type of address plaque…one with a little funk.  So happy we found Atlas Signs and Plaques! Now, we can’t wait to get it and hang it proudly.

Thanks again, Victoria  8/2014

Got it, love it, thank you! Laura 8/2014

Sign arrived safely and looks great, just as I knew it would! Good Job, Good Service. Great way to make our new home feel like home!
Thank You, Janey! Best wishes, Debbie 8/2014

I love our new house numbers from Atlas Signs. They are beautiful. Thank you!  Katie 8/2014 (38)


I mounted the sign today but in a different location than originally expected.  My wife wanted it on a walk-through trellis that leads into a small garden where the mural is located on the north wall of the adjacent building (Ladies’ Bazaar).  This looks good in person but is a bit hard to capture with a camera.  Anyway, we’re pleased with the sign and I’m attaching a photo.  Again, thanks….Dick 7/2014 (37)


Totally impressed with the quality of the sign and the way it looks on the front of our house. Seller was so accommodating and helped us select the right font- product was exactly what we wanted and couldn’t be happier. Thank you! (Review on Etsy) 7/2014

Dear Janey and Amber, Our plaque just arrived. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. We will definitely recommend your company. Thank you Monique 7/2014

I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much!!! Jennifer 7/2014

Hi Amber and Janey,
The plaque with the tandem bike is totally gorgeous. I knew it had been shipped,and left for a tandem bicycle weekend tour in Vermont. I still didn’t tell my husband about my surprise , and when we arrived at home, the box was in our breezeway. What a wonderful way to be welcomed after a fun weekend of cycling with friends. My husband LOVES it. We will hang it after the new outdoor railings are installed, and will send you a picture. It is beautifully crafted and unique. Sure to attract our neighbors’ and guests attention. Thank you, Judy 7/2014

UPDATE: Here are two photos of our terrific sign! It’s a conversation starter. We love it! Judy  8/2014 (36)

index19 index18

Hello Atlas, We love our new address plaque! Attached is a photo. Also your customer service is outstanding! I wish more companies were like yours. Our plaque came nicely packaged. You guys are truly a quality company. Thanks again, Frank & Francine 6/2015 (73)

Thanks for your photo Frank