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Welcome to our Historic and Memorial Markers Collection – Show that you care about your treasured historic site and offer passersby a brief history lesson with the warm elegance of real metal.

Whether for your business, residence, the whole community, designated historical area, National Register of Historic Places, historic renovation, historic sites, or just because you love it, we have the right plaque, sign, or marker for your needs.

  • Why be square when you can be almost square? Honor your building's heritage by proudly displaying its historical significance with our Almost Square Historic Plaque. Neighborhoods, cities and designated historical areas can have each individual plaque customized with a unique message.
  • Combine a wedding, love of the sea, and a location, and you have described the perfect nautical themed wedding gift plaque. The Anchor's Away Wedding Plaque has every element necessary for the newly married maritime couple. The anchor symbolizes the couples permanence while the latitude and longitude can denote the singular spot on this earth where the wedding took place. No need to be confined by old fashioned street address on this wedding plaque. You might also be interested in our Latitude Longitude Plaque
  • Designs from the Arts and Crafts Movement were not nearly as austere as often believed, and the Arts and Crafts Era Name Plate Plaque fits right in with the movement. Floral and natural elements were common and often dominated an entire room. While rebelling against the ornate excesses of Victorian Design, beauty and grace were, nevertheless, showcased in everything from type fonts to textiles. Make it a name, phrase or address plaque- But check out the Hunter Font images to see font. The numbers are a bit odd to make something with numbers.  For an address sign or sign with numbers we recommend the American Craftsman Address Sign which uses the Arts and Crafts font.
  • The Benguiat Business Plaque is a no-nonsense plaque. Named for the creator of the font that it uses, Ed Benguiat, the Benguiat business plaque suffers no frills, no excess, no nonsense. It is a straight to the point plaque that will grant your office a deep tone of professionalism. If you are an attorney, hospital, doctor, or other professional that simply like things straight up with no surprises, then this is the sign for you.
    benguiat Business Plaque
  • The Original Blossom Tree Plaque. Have it as an Address Number Plaque, or a Phrase Plaque by inserting a favorite quotation or witty saying. This makes a very personal and thoughtful gift. The painted blossoms with high quality epoxy and enamel is a little extra though...so choose that option if you like by selecting colors in the pulldown menu. You might also be interested in our Rectangle Blossom Tree Sign.
  • Say what you need to say on The Building Recognition Plaque. Use this custom sign to recognize the Architect, show compliance with Green Building Standards, to Acknowledge Donors, Honor the Board, or Inform about the Site's History.
  • The Butterfly Memorial Plaque brings a touch of magic and poetry to our most solemn moments. A personalized remembrance for those that we miss. Many believe that butterflies symbolize spirit, representing freedom and beauty as they take flight. When we experience the vital connection between butterflies and nature, we tend to instinctively feel that peace and harmony are truly around us. Also available as an address plaque here
  • Pertaining to the sky or visible heaven, or to the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere, as in celestial body. To the spiritual or invisible heaven, heavenly, divine. Just say Love. We hope this brings you comfort in your loss.
  • The knots you see on the outer ring of our Celtic Tree of Life Plaque don't have a beginning or an end as they represent how nature is eternal. The knots are also represented in the roots and branches of a tree woven together without end, indicating the continuous cycle of life on earth. Symbolizing harmony and balance.  
  • The first step to having repeat customers is to make them feel wanted and appreciated as they enter. The Business Welcoming Sign greets your clients and guests warmly and makes the most positive first impression possible. After receiving your clients with the Business Welcome Plaque, followup on the design theme with complimenting name and directional signage. It will all match, giving your professional office the coordinated look that you have been seeking.
  • The Cross Pet Memorial Plaque is a loving commemoration of our four legged family members. In those quiet moments of reflection we find solace in knowing we will always remember the time we spent with them. As well as the happiness that was shared. This is a tangible way to honor their lives in a firm and heartfelt way. We have options available so be sure to select either cat, paw prints or horseshoes. Size is approx. 9x12x1 inches. You may also like this Pet Memorial Plaque as an option as well. Check it out!
  • Just what you would expect from it's title. The Double Border Historic Marker has the traditional look that you are so familiar with. No fancy stuff. Just your historical message, memorial statement, sponsors name, or history lesson in an easy to read font encased in a double border of two widths. Very Classic. The Double Border Historic Plaque could be what you have been seeking for that memorial garden, sponsor wall, park, or multi-signed historic site.
    Double Border Historical Marker
  • The Dragonfly Memorial Sign is a perfect commemoration for your loved one. With enough room to tell a whole story (depending on the size of the plaque). Moreover, the dragonfly is a symbol of courage, strength, and happiness in Japanese folklore. These symbols are a beautiful attribute in a time of healing. This speedy insect is loved by many and will bring much comfort. Customize this sign with a story, a verse, a memory and so much more. We know there are so many meaningful things to say and The Dragonfly Memorial Sign can say it for you.
  • The Eagle Scout Memorial Plaque is so named because it is one of the nicest things that we have seen done by any person. An Eagle Scout designed and built a Veteran's Memorial Garden, and did it in memory of his own grandfather, who served his country as a Navy Veteran and a Police officer. How wonderful is that? You, of course, can have your Custom Memorial Plaque designed exactly how you want it.
  • Bring on the magic with our Fairy Memorial Plaque. I love this fairy and think we captured the form beautifully with this sign. While shown as a memorial it could also be made into an address sign, welcome sign or name sign. And since we make each sign to order we could even add a fairy or move a fairy to another location.
  • The Shape of Things to Come. One of the many advantages of the sign creation method used by Atlas Signs and Plaques is the ability to fashion signs or plaques, not only in the shape you desire, but to do so without a huge cost premium. The Fancy Frame Name Plate is a grand example of the concept. Shape can be an important design consideration, so let Atlas make your sign stand out among the squares of the world. Our wall mounted Fancy Frame Name Plaques are perfect for your entire firm. Banks, Professional Buildings, Hospitals, Clinics, Service Firms, and Government Offices can have affordable, elegant, metal finished name plates for every door or work area. Presenting a professional image while preserving budget dollars is critically important. Atlas Signs and Plaques can help you meet both goals. Footlite Font.
  • Flowers are always an appropriate touch and our Flowered Memorial Plaque frames your thoughts with leaves and petals. Our memorial plaques are perfect for dedication to special people or loved ones. We have memorial plaques that can be staked in the ground or displayed on a wall.
  • Our Footlite Memory Plaque made to order for those seeking a historic marker or memorial plaque with a bit of a restrained modern feel. By using the Footlight Font we are able to combine readability with the good looks of a serif style font, giving a sense of both classic and contemporary. We can add your logo or other symbol too.
  • The Custom Oval Garden Dedication Plaque with the Leaf Motif adds a special level of meaning when placed to celebrate a life or an event, or to memorialize someone who made a real difference. The single leaf denotes how singular and unique the recipient is.
    Garden Plaque
  • The Garden Memorial Plaque supports memories with the timeless look of the Footlight Typeface. The plaque itself offers an enormous amount of space to say what is on your heart about the person you are honoring.
  • We named our Goudy Business Plaque after the font used. Which is Goudy, of course. Dating from 1916, and rooted in the Arts and Crafts Movement, this Frederic W. Goudy design retains a contemporary look that is pleasing readers almost 100 years after its inception. The font is very well balanced and the minor curvature could only be called graceful with a bit of a calligraphic look. So readable, it has been used in Harpers Magazine for decades. Wonderful and distinctive could describe its use on a business sign. Not too flamboyant for a serious business and not too stodgy for a growing company.
  • The phrase, “Happy Campers” is pretty much redundant. No wonder you’re happy—you’re out where all your senses are sharpened and heightened; everything looks better, smells better, tastes better; and you hear better, you breathe better, and you feel better—more alive. Plus there’s nothing like a hefty dose of fresh air to make you go out like a light at bedtime (sorry, “sleeping bag time”), and give you the best sleep you’ll ever had. A personalized real metal camper sign on your house tells everybody that when you’re not camping, you’re thinking about camping, either bringing up fond memories, or looking forward to storing up new ones. No wonder they call it, “The Great Outdoors!”
  • The mao hau hele, is Hawaii's State Flower, and one of the memories we all bring home after visiting the islands. The Hawaiian Hibiscus Historic Plaque brings the beautiful flower to your home, garden, or Historic site. And, what a great Wedding Plaque for the Hawaiian marriage. The Hibiscus Plaque just seems to have the right shape, style, and elegance to give it the look of balance and grace that fits many applications. Eccentric font is used in the making of this plaque.  
  • Our Basic Classic and Custom for you Historic Sign is great and inexpensive identification for your unique property. Perfect for historic renovation projects, historic sites, or even to add some class to your home remodeling project. These make great gifts for the executive, home remodeler, or family member that has it all. Looking for a different message or font...email us. We love being creative. Capitals Font on this sign looks perfect.
  • Have a lot to say? Say it all on the Historic Marker Uncomplicated. Uncluttered. Just the message. Keep within budget and still look great. If you are wordy go with the larger size. If you are unsure, email us your text (in the body of the email is fine) and we will make you a complimentary proof before you purchase. Footlite Font.
  • The wide horizontal look in our American Craftsman Style Plaque is very popular. This one is designed as a Arts and Crafts era historical marker. But, you can also have the extended horizontal look as an Address Plaque, Wayfinding Sign, or Business Sign. You might also like our classic historic sign.
  • The Hospitality Door Signage Plaque is perfect for marking certain rooms for their purposes. You can customize this style to say a great number of things: honeymoon suite, private suite, bed and breakfast suite, do no disturb, etc. This sign would be perfect on a hotel door to say special information about that particular suite. Even around the house this sign has use, phrases like: man cave, cellar dweller, no moms allowed, bathroom, guest, etc could all be written on the sign. The choice is yours! Font used Montague Script.
  • Our Historic Building Marker is a great addition to any historical location. You can completely customize it with the history, build date and logo. Please note, we cannot reproduce logos without express approval from the owners of said logo. These markers are a beautiful addition to exterior or interior walls and really tell the story of your building! Be sure to check out Your Historical Marker or Historic Building Marker Dedication to see other options.
  • Red Ladybugs or Ladybirds on an oval Plaque… They are one in the same and you can have them adorn your home with our Ladybugs on an Oval Plaque. Popular due to many cultures considering them lucky, you can find Ladybugs in nursery rhymes, in songs and in folklore. Despite popular belief, the number of spots do not reflect age. Rather, they (along with the coloration) are determined by the species and genetics. Let the colorful creatures on this sign bring you joy, hope and luck.
  • This is where you met. Where you left. Where you want to be. The LATITUDE and LONGITUDE Plaque is for you, or the two of you. You can get just as accurate as you like. If you go 4 digits on the right side of the decimal, you are accurate to about 30 feet. Go one more and you will be within about 3 feet of that most-important location. Go to 6 places and you get to inches. It is possible with a little research to even get to the side of the tree under which your most important moment occurred. The only catch is that you have to give us the coordinates. There are plenty of web sites that can help you out, so make some fun by having your most important person try to figure out the meaning of the Latitude and Longitude Gift Sign. Typing the Degree Symbol On PCs - hold down the Alt key and on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, type 0176, or Alt 248 When you release the Alt Key, a º should be there. On Macs - hold option shift 8
  • The Nature Conservancy Plaque is designed for the natural environment. The Nature Plaque uses an easy to read classic font and incorporates leaves as a subtle design element. Great to use as signage for Walking Tours, acknowledging Conservation Site Sponsorship Programs, and as Conservancy Donor Signs. As a Director of a Nature Conservancy Site, this should be your "go to" plaque. The Nature Conservancy Plaque will inform your constituence and keep you well within budget.
    Nature Conservancy Plaque
  • Our Neutraface Memorial Plaque adds a clean beautiful look to any memorial site. The Neutraface font is one of our best and most popular fonts we use. It's bold, classy and easy to read. That makes it a perfect font to use on historical plaques where there can be a substantial amount of text and remain legible. You can customize this plaque with not just your words but also add your logo (with copyright holder's permission), flourishes and other elements to individualize your sign. The size of the sign will depend on the amount of words you want. Just let us know and we'll do the rest!
  • The Notched Corner Shape defines this Business Plaque creation. Make it say or do anything you like. This is a terrific sign for an Attorney, CPA, Doctor, Therapist, Counseling Service, Dentist, or other profession. Also works great as a Historic Plaque or Informational Signage. Make it work for you!
  • Nueva Dedication Plaque has a wonderfully balanced look that is a result of the use of the "Nueva" font. The typeface which has an interesting, older, almost calligraphic look, was not designed until 1994 by Carol Twombly. We think Nueva (translated as "New") fits extremely well with Historical, Dedication, Memorial, and Religious Plaques and Signage.
  • This oval history marker is a commemorative plaque that you can customize to display the significance of your historical building, location, home, or other edifice or structure.
  • Totally custom Oval Memorial Plaque! Honor your personal heroes with this memorial plaque, or use in a dedication wall. Affordable and long-lasting.
  • Personalized Custom Pet Memorial Plaque and memorials for your loved ones are a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of those who gave us so much companionship. This Pet Memorial Plaque will work for most of our pawed, finned, feathered or hoofed companions. Perfect for the final resting place, your home, or as a remembrance garden pet plaque. Consider having us make your sign a little larger and include your pet's favorite poem.
  • When it is time to remember and honor, it seems that the strength, permanence, stature, and elegance of nature conveys our feelings as well as the words we speak or write. The Pine Tree Memorial Plaque uses the majestic pine to elevate our thoughts to a higher level as we spend a reflective moment. You might also be interested in our Blossom Tree Plaque.
  • We took our very popular Blossom Tree Plaque and did something more crazy than usual. We turned it in to a [insert drum roll here] the Rectangle Blossom Tree Sign. Too much for most, but we are living on the edge lately. Have it as an Address Number Plaque, or a Phrase Plaque by inserting a favorite quotation or witty saying. This makes a very personal and thoughtful gift. The painted blossoms with high quality enamel is a little extra though...so choose that option if you like in white, red, blue, yellow, purple, and more.
  • Religious Dedication Plaque for your Place of Worship. Our plaques offer the richness of real metal without the outrageous cost of foundry cast. Put your precious funds to work, rather than in expensive castings. Room for your mission statement, Scripture, Dates, and for Honoring Trustees, Donors, Board of Directors, Clergy, and Parishioners that helped make the building possible. But this plaque can be so much more since every plaque is totally custom to your needs. In addition to dedications, think about these for directions, posting psalms, stations of the cross, or even as wayfinding signs to help find the way. Add continuity to your project by selecting all of your signage needs from Atlas Signs and Plaques.
  • Native Americans consider hummingbirds good fortune, modern symbology is hope and beauty. We think that we capture all of that and more with our Round Memorial Hummingbird Plaque. Personalize how you like. If you have a lot to say order the larger sign please.  
  • The classical shape of this Round Sun Plaque marker shows well in any setting and leaves room for a nice graphic as well as the message of your choice. Can be used as a Memorial Day Presentation, Memorial Markers, or a Pet Memorial Marker or any new marker.
  • You can just about hear the happy chirping emanating from the Songbird Plaque. With a design that is simple yet graceful and elegant, this little bird plaque will add the right amount of charm to your home. Nice and easy to read with the Modern Advantage Typeface Font. Choose whether you want the bird with raised or (for a slight additional cost) recessed and colored. Just make your choice before adding the Songbird Address Plaque to your cart.
  • Add an elegant element to your home, commercial property, or office that tells that you appreciate your building. Your property doesn't really have to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places for the Square Historic Sign to look great. Of course this is totally custom, and you choose all the details to make this plaque uniquely yours. The more you say the smaller the letters. If we have a problem getting everything on there or if we don't think it will look right...we will let you know before we go to production. If you need it two sided let us know that to and we will give you a firm quote.  
  • Our Stanton series of plaques showcases the Mona Lisa typeface font which is a 1990s adaptation of a 1930 design. The strongly contrasting thin and thick letter strokes imparts a look that is both strong and elegant. The Stanton Marker Plaque's distinctive shape fits Historical Markers, Historic Renovations, or Designated Districts. And, maybe best of all, you get to select from 12 different Fleur de Lys.
  • Our Stanton Plaque is a classic with the sophisticated use of the highly stylized Mona Lisa Typeface and boldly proportioned border. This is the bold look of timeless metal beauty you have been looking for. What a way to put the finishing touch on your home, business, historical site, or historic renovation. Makes a great address plaque.
  • The Sunflower Memorial Plaque is a beautiful remembrance of a loved one. The wild sunflower is native to North America and today is a cultivated crop in America because of it's seeds and oil. With the lovely tall perennial flower symbolizing renewal and hope - a sunflower helps to heal and comfort. The flowers on your plaque represent one of the 70 known species and is among the top 15 most beautiful examples of the sunflower. Personalize this plaque with words for your loved one as well as thoughts that fit around the edge of the sign. With The Sunflower Memorial Plaque you can share something special with respect and honor.
  • The Tractor Memorial Plaque is a wonderful way to celebrate the rural life and those that have lived it. The Tractor Sign incorporates a wonderful antique tractor as the main graphic which leaves you plenty of room for your personal custom message. The Tractor Plaque is a wonderful remembrance for Grandad, or to announce Tractor Memorial Day (yes, there is a Tractor Memorial Day).
  • This charming depiction of a tree swing on our Tree Swing Sign is evocative of days gone by, another time, a time of innocence, purity, and love. Expressive in itself, your words will complete the picture and compel all who see it to let something precious into their hearts from your memorial plaque. Those who wish to have this as an address plaque will be calling up and sharing the remembrance of soaring in a swing when you first realized your imagination could take you anywhere.
  • The Victorian Style Memorial Plaque is designed to complement the the Victorian Era. Whether for a cemetary, or an older historic building, the Victorian Memorial Plaque will frame your message with the grandeur of an earlier era.
  • The Victorian Style Memorial Plaque is designed to complement the Victorian Era. Whether for a cemetery, or an older historic building, the Victorian Memorial Plaque will frame your message with the grandeur of an earlier era.
  • Each of us makes history of our own every day and now with Your Historical Marker everyone can know about it. Some days are more memorable than others, and deserve a plaque or sign pointing to that's a joyous wedding or significant anniversary, the miracle of birth, reaching retirement, even introducing that instant-favorite pet to your welcoming family (as it immediately takes over the household).
  • The Celtic Claddagh Ring Plaque features a heart being held by two hands clasping a crowned heart. The heart is believed to symbolize love, while the hands signify friendship, and the crown loyalty. Dating from 17th century Celtic Tradition, the Claddagh is traditionally presented in the form of a finger ring most commonly worn as an engagement or wedding ring. Now the hands, heart and crown are brought to you as a plaque. Use the Claddagh Ring Plaque as a Wedding, Engagement, or Anniversary rememberence. The Claddagh Plaque is a gift that will have a special meaning for life.