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Finally, something unique to commercial signage! Online ordering and pricing. No waiting for a callback quote.

Signs by Atlas Signs and Plaques are coated with real metal using the patented LuminOre® process giving all the characteristics of real foundry-cast metal without the weight and expense. The perfect alternative to carved wood signs or traditional sandblasted signs. Choose between brass, copper, bronze, with your choice of patina and verdi finishes.

Totally custom, you make the decisions and we produce the sign that can improve your businesses visibility. So, whether you are a business, fraternity, sorority, non-profit, school, agency, church, health care facility, city, or university, we make you look great at an economical price.

Bring more customers to your business with your own unique design.  Massive two inches thick gives the look of success and permanence to your hanging signs. Far lighter in weight than cast bronze or cast metal makes for easy hanging. Any Design or any Shape. We can design from your ideas, or incorporate your artwork. Improve your business with a commercial business sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

  • American Craftsman Style Plaque for your Business or Commercial Property.  Signage for Dentist Office, Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Attorney's Office, Art Studio, Historical or Professional Building can set the look and mood of the Arts and Crafts Period with our classic design. You might also be interested in our 2 Numbers Craftsman Address Numbers Signs or our Arts and Crafts Tiles Signs. Not seeing the size or exact style you want? Request a custom sign quote.  
  • Designs from the Arts and Crafts Movement were not nearly as simple as often believed, and the Arts and Crafts Era Plaque fits right in with the movement. The font is very fitting for the period and is a great design element. Look at the additional images to see where this font will take you. The Hunter Font is pretty fancy so don't get too wordy unless you want a really large sign. Make it a name, phrase or address plaque but keep in mind the numbers are a bit odd to make an address plaque. We recommend the American Craftsman Address Sign for your address plaque.
  • The Attorney at Law Sign has the right level of professional character combined with just enough elegance to convey that you and your professional firm will be providing the finest representation possible. Although this is specifically a Law Office Sign, you can have it created to suit your Medical Practice, Survey Business, Mining Enterprise, or any other profession that requires an identifying plaque with a sense of solid permanence.
  • The Benguiat Business Plaque is a no-nonsense plaque. Named for the creator of the font that it uses, Ed Benguiat, the Benguiat business plaque suffers no frills, no excess, no nonsense. It is a straight to the point plaque that will grant your office a deep tone of professionalism. If you are an attorney, hospital, doctor, or other professional that simply like things straight up with no surprises, then this is the sign for you.
    benguiat Business Plaque
  • Security Signage is becoming more important to businesses and home owners as well as HOA and Developments. The Key is finding security signs that enhance the property rather than making it look like the signage in a public parking garage.
  • Hospitality is the hallmark of a friendly culture. The Blessing Welcome Plaque is inviting as well as friendly, as it wishes blessing on all whom enter. In Ancient Greek culture the concept of hospitality was referred to as Xenia. The Greek's, abiding by general friendliness, were welcoming and gracious to their house-guests even when those guests were strangers. We don't expect you to invite hordes of strangers into your house, but for those people who you do let in--may they receive blessing. Size 8” W x 6.5” H x 1” Thick
  • Say what you need to say on The Building Recognition Plaque. Use this custom sign to recognize the Architect, show compliance with Green Building Standards, to Acknowledge Donors, Honor the Board, or Inform about the Site's History.
  • The first step to having repeat customers is to make them feel wanted and appreciated as they enter. The Business Welcoming Sign greets your clients and guests warmly and makes the most positive first impression possible. After receiving your clients with the Business Welcome Plaque, followup on the design theme with complimenting name and directional signage. It will all match, giving your professional office the coordinated look that you have been seeking.
  • The Custom HOA Community Sign is designed to add order and direction to the Condo or Gated Community. Both Property Management and Owners will appreciate the quality and economy of our Custom HOA Signage. Coordinated elegant signage for the entire property is within reach at Atlas Signs and Plaques.
  • Golf Course Custom Tee Sign. Get the look and feel of cast metal without the expense or waiting time. Our HDU board and real metal coatings are impervious to rot, weather, golf course chemicals, and insect damage. Definitely not a cookie-cutter look here. Each tee sign can have a unique graphic, hole layout, yardage, and can even include a sponsor's name. Any size available. Contact us.
  • Just what you would expect from it's title. The Double Border Historic Marker has the traditional look that you are so familiar with. No fancy stuff. Just your historical message, memorial statement, sponsors name, or history lesson in an easy to read font encased in a double border of two widths. Very Classic. The Double Border Historic Plaque could be what you have been seeking for that memorial garden, sponsor wall, park, or multi-signed historic site.
    Double Border Historical Marker
  • The Shape of Things to Come. One of the many advantages of the sign creation method used by Atlas Signs and Plaques is the ability to fashion signs or plaques, not only in the shape you desire, but to do so without a huge cost premium. The Fancy Frame Name Plate is a grand example of the concept. Shape can be an important design consideration, so let Atlas make your sign stand out among the squares of the world. Our wall mounted Fancy Frame Name Plaques are perfect for your entire firm. Banks, Professional Buildings, Hospitals, Clinics, Service Firms, and Government Offices can have affordable, elegant, metal finished name plates for every door or work area. Presenting a professional image while preserving budget dollars is critically important. Atlas Signs and Plaques can help you meet both goals. Footlite Font.
  • Our Footlite Memory Plaque made to order for those seeking a historic marker or memorial plaque with a bit of a restrained modern feel. By using the Footlight Font we are able to combine readability with the good looks of a serif style font, giving a sense of both classic and contemporary. We can add your logo or other symbol too.
  • The Garden Memorial Plaque supports memories with the timeless look of the Footlight Typeface. The plaque itself offers an enormous amount of space to say what is on your heart about the person you are honoring.
  • We named our Goudy Business Plaque after the font used. Which is Goudy, of course. Dating from 1916, and rooted in the Arts and Crafts Movement, this Frederic W. Goudy design retains a contemporary look that is pleasing readers almost 100 years after its inception. The font is very well balanced and the minor curvature could only be called graceful with a bit of a calligraphic look. So readable, it has been used in Harpers Magazine for decades. Wonderful and distinctive could describe its use on a business sign. Not too flamboyant for a serious business and not too stodgy for a growing company.
  • Have a lot to say? Say it all on the Historic Marker Uncomplicated. Uncluttered. Just the message. Keep within budget and still look great. If you are wordy go with the larger size. If you are unsure, email us your text (in the body of the email is fine) and we will make you a complimentary proof before you purchase. Footlite Font.
  • The Home Owner's Association Private Drive Sign is specifically geared to the needs of the most exacting HOA. Privacy signage by Atlas Signs and Plaques is designed for discriminating Condo Associations and for Property Management Companies that require a classy, coordinated sign package for their clients. Association Members and Property Management Companies trust Atlas Signs and Plaques to make the signage selection process easy while staying within budget. Signs and Plaques from Atlas are long lasting, beautiful, and have the rich look of real metal. They are certain to please the Association Board.
  • The Hospitality Door Signage Plaque is perfect for marking certain rooms for their purposes. You can customize this style to say a great number of things: honeymoon suite, private suite, bed and breakfast suite, do no disturb, etc. This sign would be perfect on a hotel door to say special information about that particular suite. Even around the house this sign has use, phrases like: man cave, cellar dweller, no moms allowed, bathroom, guest, etc could all be written on the sign. The choice is yours! Font used Montague Script.
  • Builders, Awards, Historical, Hotels. Just a sample of what we can do. Call or email to discuss your project.
  • The Modern Advantage Multi-Address Plaque is the modern address sign solution for apartments, condos, and multi-unit business addresses. Efficient multiple address numbers on a single plaque feature the easy-to-read Modern Advantage Typeface that will compliment most any architectural style.
  • Your stuff, your property, and it is private. But you don't want the type of sign that only looks good nailed to a tree. The Modern Advantage Private Property Sign simply states the fact that this is Private Property. And does it in real metal finishes that look better at a formal affair than a hoedown. No need to go beyond stating Private Property to keep most intruders away. However, Atlas does have other, let say...., more instructive signage for those with a less sophisticated brand of potential interlopers. The Modern Advantage Font make this Privacy Sign easy to read and comprehend.
  • Why is this called the Modern Estate Address Sign? It uses the Modern Advantage Font which is clean, easy to read, without frills, and very up-to-date. This Modern Estate Plaque fits Mid-Century or later structures where clean lines and purposeful design are the dominant themes.
  • The Nature Conservancy Plaque is designed for the natural environment. The Nature Plaque uses an easy to read classic font and incorporates leaves as a subtle design element. Great to use as signage for Walking Tours, acknowledging Conservation Site Sponsorship Programs, and as Conservancy Donor Signs. As a Director of a Nature Conservancy Site, this should be your "go to" plaque. The Nature Conservancy Plaque will inform your constituence and keep you well within budget.
    Nature Conservancy Plaque
  • A modern option to say what you want with our Neutraface Phrase Plaque. You don't have to ruin the look of your home with a sign that clashes with your decor. Atlas Signs and Plaques can give you coordinated, well-planned architectural signage in a clean style. This is another in our Neutraface series of signs using the modern Neutraface Font, and you can have any phrase you like!
  • Keep the kids out of the bar with our No Drinking Under 21 Sign. A fine example of how we can create truly personalized tavern signs, and custom bar signs. When you need or desire to add informational or funny signage to your bar, tavern, grill, or restaurant, Atlas can create them at a price you can afford.
  • With smokers being chased away by new laws in many states and communities, it only seems fair to show where it is, and where it is not acceptable to smoke. The best way is with this classy No Smoking In This Area Sign. Of course it could say "Smoking Area", so all the bases are covered.
  • The Notched Corner Name Plaque is sized to fit a name or profession. Ideal as a door name plate for individual offices. Since this is custom, you can make it say anything you desire. Perfect signage for Law Firms, CPAs, Doctors, Dentists, Financial Advisors, or Talent Agents.    
  • The Notched Corner Shape defines this Business Plaque creation. Make it say or do anything you like. This is a terrific sign for an Attorney, CPA, Doctor, Therapist, Counseling Service, Dentist, or other profession. Also works great as a Historic Plaque or Informational Signage. Make it work for you!
  • Nueva Dedication Plaque has a wonderfully balanced look that is a result of the use of the "Nueva" font. The typeface which has an interesting, older, almost calligraphic look, was not designed until 1994 by Carol Twombly. We think Nueva (translated as "New") fits extremely well with Historical, Dedication, Memorial, and Religious Plaques and Signage.
  • When it is time to remember and honor, it seems that the strength, permanence, stature, and elegance of nature conveys our feelings as well as the words we speak or write. The Pine Tree Memorial Plaque uses the majestic pine to elevate our thoughts to a higher level as we spend a reflective moment. You might also be interested in our Blossom Tree Plaque.
  • The shape and size of this plaque allows for some design freedom. Totally custom, so you can have any wording you like. As you can see, this sign has the address numbers, street name, Private Drive, and a warning against trespassing and soliciting. It does pretty much say it all.
  • Keep Out! Private Property, No Trespassing Signs. Designate where your property begins, and their rights to walk, hunt, or loiter ends. There is no excuse for not seeing this sign designating where your property begins and their rights to walk, hunt, or loiter on it ends. If you want the sign just like it is and no changes in the text just leave the text box blank...we get it. If you want something else...please don't go overboard with your words but tell us what you want. We will tell you if it is too much.
    Private Property No Trespassing Sign
  • Religious Dedication Plaque for your Place of Worship. Our plaques offer the richness of real metal without the outrageous cost of foundry cast. Put your precious funds to work, rather than in expensive castings. Room for your mission statement, Scripture, Dates, and for Honoring Trustees, Donors, Board of Directors, Clergy, and Parishioners that helped make the building possible. But this plaque can be so much more since every plaque is totally custom to your needs. In addition to dedications, think about these for directions, posting psalms, stations of the cross, or even as wayfinding signs to help find the way. Add continuity to your project by selecting all of your signage needs from Atlas Signs and Plaques.
  • Add an elegant element to your home, commercial property, or office that tells that you appreciate your building. Your property doesn't really have to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places for the Square Historic Sign to look great. Of course this is totally custom, and you choose all the details to make this plaque uniquely yours. The more you say the smaller the letters. If we have a problem getting everything on there or if we don't think it will look right...we will let you know before we go to production. If you need it two sided let us know that to and we will give you a firm quote.  
  • Our Stanton series of plaques showcases the Mona Lisa typeface font which is a 1990s adaptation of a 1930 design. The strongly contrasting thin and thick letter strokes imparts a look that is both strong and elegant. The Stanton Marker Plaque's distinctive shape fits Historical Markers, Historic Renovations, or Designated Districts. And, maybe best of all, you get to select from 12 different Fleur de Lys.
  • Now an Oval added to our Stanton series of plaques. Using the Mona Lisa Font which is a modern adaptation of Albert Auspurg's 1930 design, it has contrasting thin and thick letter strokes showing both strength and elegance. The Stanton Oval Plaque capitalizes on the grace of the font and shows very well in most any application.
  • Our Stanton Plaque is a classic with the sophisticated use of the highly stylized Mona Lisa Typeface and boldly proportioned border. This is the bold look of timeless metal beauty you have been looking for. What a way to put the finishing touch on your home, business, historical site, or historic renovation. Makes a great address plaque.
  • Our Stickley No Soliciting Sign is designed to bring continuity to your Arts and Craft, Craftsman, Mission, Bungalow, Prairie, and Mid-Century style home. A match for our Stickley Address Plaques.
  • More and more these days, it is necessary to have a video recording of what is going on. Our Under Video Surveillance Sign announces the fact that the area is being watched, but does so in classy, unoffensive manner with a video camera graphic. Personalize the text if you like or not...but you still need to type in the text box whatever you want it to say.
    Video Surveillance Sign
  • The Victorian Name Plaque is a great plaque for your Painted Lady Home or for a business located in a renovated Victorian building. The lettering is surrounded with a detailed inverse bead border that imparts the correct feel for the Victorian era.  
  • The Victorian Style Memorial Plaque is designed to complement the the Victorian Era. Whether for a cemetary, or an older historic building, the Victorian Memorial Plaque will frame your message with the grandeur of an earlier era.