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Get The Perfect Custom House Number or Custom Address Plaque For Your Home or Business Today!

Enhance and beautify your home or business with Custom House Address Plaques, Custom Address Signs, Custom Address Numbers, and Custom House Number Signs that range from modern to classical, from chic to grunge to steampunk, and from whimsical to kitschy. Whether your style is New York Loft, Old Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Bungalow, Cottage, Wright, Log Cabin, or Eames, our signs and plaques are designed just for you. Totally custom. Totally handcrafted.

  • For those of you with a 1 or 2 Number Home number this 2 Number Craftsman Address Numbers Plaque will fit perfectly. Please only one or two numbers. If you would like a horizontal version, please see our American Craftsman Address Sign.
  • The Acorn Address Plaque is inspired by the great oak tree. Did you know the oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries? The large distinctive leaves and recognizable acorns shade your address numbers and will be the envy of the neighborhood! We know you'll enjoy this plaque whether you're in the country or city. Get one today! If it's pine cones you're after check out our Conifer Cone Address Plaque
  • Beautiful and Welcoming Aloha Address Sign. The Pineapple is the International Symbol of Hospitality. This sign will signify to your guests a feeling of welcome, friendship and hospitality. You might also be interested in our Pineapple Welcome Address Plaque
  • This stunning American Craftsman Address Sign is perfect for your American Craftsman Home. The font's simple, classic, no-nonsense design would make Frank Lloyd Wright flash one of his famous toothy grins and dance a little jig. We think this is very representative of the American Craftsman movement and a good fit for your bungalow, mission, prairie, or arts and crafts home. You might also be interested in our American Craftsman Historic Plaque or our American Craftsman Business Sign
  • Price is for ONE tile. For multiple numbers order multiple tiles. Or type in the quantity box the number of tiles you are wanting based on your personalization box. Or call us for help. Tiles have always been a mainstay in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Atlas offers Individual Arts and Crafts House Number and Letter Tiles. And, to make your display really special, Atlas offers Arts and Crafts Accent Tiles to complement your numbers. With individual numbers, letters and accent, you can create the look that you want. So express yourself and your love for the Craftsman Style by ordering all the number tiles that you need to bring out the distinct character of your Arts and Crafts, Mission, Craftsman, or Bungalow home. And, don't forget numbers and letters for the gate, driveway pillar, and back entrance. Let's move beyond home identification and consider these individual Craftsman Tiles for the Fireplace Surround, Door Surround, Window Accents, Kitchen, Bath, and as Historic Markers. Size 3.75" W x 5" H x 1" Thick
  • The Bamboo Address Plaque is a great choice for nature enthusiasts. The bamboo tree is perhaps the world's most recognizable and versatile tree; and not just because its the panda bear's favorite snack. Bamboo has been made into medicine, houses, furniture, paper, food, musical instruments, and transportation (among many others). Does the pine in your back yard boast that type of resume? Probably not. But that's alright because the Bamboo Address Sign brings the forests of Asia to your home. Also see the Rectangle Blossom Tree Plaque
  • Now you can bring the look of Ernest Batchelder to your Arts and Crafts building with The Batchelder Tile Address Plaque. Although, of course, not designed by Ernest Batchelder, his Arts and Crafts tiles are the inspiration for the design of this address numbers plaque. Tiles designed by Batchelder feature an array of seemingly random shapes ranging from animals to geometric squares to abstract images. You might also like the Willow American Craftsman sign. Both are excellent choices for bungalows, craftsman, arts and crafts, and brick and mortar homes.
    Batchelder Tile Address Plaque
  • The Benguiat Address Numbers sign is named for the designer of the typeface which this sign uses: Ed Benguiat. Like Benguiat's personality, this sign cuts to the chase and suffers no unnecessary extravagances. It is direct, in your face, and very attractive through its simple design. You can read more about his font and its creator here: Benguiat, the Master of Font.
  • The Bicycle Address Plaque shows that you are a true cyclist. Whether you are a Road Bike, Cyclocross, or a Mountain Bike enthusiast, the Bicycle Plaque proves that you are a true believer in pedal power. The Bicycle Plaque is the perfect personalized bicycle gift idea that can be customized to become a Bicycle Welcome Plaque, Bicycle Name Plaque, Bicycle Wall Art, or a Bicycle Award Plaque. Whether you enjoy getting out for a tour around the neighborhood with the family, cyclocross racing, bike touring, or simply staying in shape, it can't be denied that bicycles are good for you and for Planet Earth. Want an extra pop of color? We now offer the option of having your bike painted! Choose your color in the drop down menu.
  • They have hatched. Birds on a Wire and the Block Party has started. Shown here in the plain jane look or for a little extra coin we will add splashes of color (Single color costs less then the multi color version). Holds up to 5 numbers or letters. If you have more numbers then that the numbers will be smaller. The Bunch a Birds on a Wire sign is another version you might be interested in. Size 17” W x 10” H x 1” Thick
  • Our Bioso Address Plaque uses a bold unique font that lends its name to this handsome sign. What is the Brioso font you ask? Well, it displays the look of an eloquently designed roman and italic script, adhering to the appearance of lettering by hand while retaining form and function of a contemporary composition font family. This sign will surely catch your eye from the street!
  • Take a wire and stretch it between two posts and see how many birds land on it. The correct answer is: A Bunch of Birds On A Wire. I don't know about you but I never understood this one. Electricity scares me, but for some reason I am enchanted by this plaque. Size 17” W x 8.5” H x 1” Thick - Characters will be 4" high
  • The Butterfly Address Plaque can lift your spirits on the coldest of winter days. And in the summer, it might show the colorful butterflies where the nectar is sweetest and where they are the most welcome. That would be at your house, of course. The Butterfly Address Number Plaque could just as easily become a Welcoming plaque for the garden or potting shed. Use your imagination. We use ours to bring you designs that you will not find elsewhere.
  • Calypso Address Number Plaque. Although we think this address sign has the beat of Calypso Music, we really see our Calypso address numbers in the Greek mythological definition of the Sea Nymph, Daughter of Atlas. Just the facts with this popular address plaque. Large, easy to read house numbers make you easy to find. Perfect for the individual home or entire associations.
  • The Casa Address Plaque adds a flare of the Romanesque Spanish art style. Bringing to your home a taste of the elegance and culture of España. When your friends and loved ones come to visit they will be greeted first by this welcoming address plaque. From 'Hola' to 'Adios' they will know 'mi casa su casa' is waiting for them inside! You can customize this sign with a circa date, or a last name, even a house name; let us know and we'll make it happen. We know you'll love The Casa Address Plaque!
  • Our Cattail Craftsman House Numbers make us burst into song. "Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses these are a few of my favorite things". Okay, that isn't how the song goes but we think these cattails are a perfect fit with many Mission, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, or Prairie Style home.
    Cattail House Numbers
  • A Classic Arch Shape Address Plaque. To give you an idea about sizing, if using three letters with a 16" x 10.5" plaque, each of the 3 numbers in this plaque are a whopping 3.7 inches high. Take a look at the image gallery to see this example. More than 3 numbers? They will be smaller if you type them in or we can make the plaque wider to accommodate...but make sure to contact us for pricing first or we will assume you would like smaller numbers.
  • Conifer Pine Cone Plaque Did you know that there are male and female cones? The females produce the seed and the male the pollen. Always the women doing all the work. Anyways, we love the shape and scales on the cone and think it is perfect for the rustic home or even the eclectic modern apartment. This one is shown in Copper Verdi with raised lettering style but you have it your way. Each plaque takes on a unique color variance, so all are one of a kind - just like we like it at Atlas.
  • Our Crab Oval Plaque is at home from the shores of Maine, to Miami, to the Louisiana Bayou, to Vancouver, to Alaska, and beyond. Can you see it on your Fish Shanty? Crab Shack Restaurant? Bait Shop? Beach House? Waterfront Home? A fun and memorable touch to the home and an identifying icon to your commercial business.
  • When asked in an informal survey what they see in the Deco Styling Address Plaque, some have described the organic curvature of Art Nouveau Architecture, while others are convinced they are looking at the structured austerity of Arts and Crafts. A few believe they are looking at the gingerbread styling of Queen Anne, or the symmetry of Greek Revival architectural styling. You might also like the Oval Art Deco Address Plaque.
  • While the Golden Retriever is consistently among the top breeds in popularity, you can have your custom plaque with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Black Labrador, Yellow Labrador, or any other breed that we can find artwork for. And if you love your Labrador and she is a part of your house, it makes sense to have a Labrador Dog Address Plaque to identify your home address. This Dog shaped Canine Address Plaque features a well-behaved Lab sitting patiently and waiting for his next assignment, or pet, or snack. You can just about see his tail wag. Your best friend! A great sign for Veterinary Clinics, Grooming Parlors, and Pet Stores. We love dogs at Atlas Signs and Plaques. Our favorite Australian Shepherd even has his own Facebook page. Visit Happy's Facebook Page and give him a shout out. Retriever Dog Address Sign is 16" W x 15" H x 1" Thick LabradorDog Address Sign is about 18" W x 12" H x 1" Thick Numbers are 4" Tall unless you add street name then they will be 3" Tall.
  • The frolicking dolphin on this plaque seems to have jumped right out of the ocean and on to your waterfront property. Great design and the dolphin shape sets the Dolphin Address Plaque apart from anything else you have seen. Your neighbors will flip out while admiring your choice. Don't be surprised if the whole community wants to follow in your wake. Our designers can turn this plaque into Dolphin Wall Art with an inspirational message, a Dolphin Welcome Plaque, or Plaques for your entire gated community. Just say "leap" and we will get right to it. Notes: 13" W x 11" H will NOT fit a street name - numbers only please and on the 18" W and 14.5" H x 1" Thick - Street name is optional
  • Whether you are adding the finishing touch to your Arts and Crafts Style home or are just enamored with the flying abilities of the world's speediest insect, the Dragonfly House Number Sign will look great at your front door or gate. You might also enjoy our butterfly address plaque
  • Looking for the perfect family crest address sign? Stop here because you found it! Include your family initial, address, and optionally any other meaningful saying or phrase.
  • Our Fleur-de-Lis Address Number Plaque brings a rich sense of the past to your home. The Fleur-de-Lis, translates as Flower of the Lily and is steeped in history. From France to England, to Florence, to Religious Symbolism, the Fleur-de-Lis has represented a virtuous force for good. And even Better, you now can select from among many different Fleur De Lis styles for that extra level of personalization. Size 16” W x 17” H x 1” Thick
  • The Fleur-de-Lis, translates as Flower of the Lily and is steeped in history. From France to England, to Florence, to Religious Symbolism, the Fleur-de-Lis has represented a virtuous force for good. Combining the Fleur-de-Lis with the Classic Arch Shape and double border makes a winning combination for certain. You might also be interested in our Arch Monogram Address Plaque.
  • This stately address sign is accented with the iconic Fleur De Lis and is made perfect with a grand flowing font. You'll feel like a king or queen with the Fleur De Lis Villa Address Sign on your palace! The image of the Fleur De Lis is a highly stylized flower, particularly, the lily. The iconography of this flower comes straight from France, as you could probably tell by the name. In French Fleur means Flower and Lis means Lily. Just in case anyone wanted to know, Lis can also be spelled Lys. So, in total, the phrase means Flower of the Lily in English. Isn't that awesome sounding? This lily is long associated with French royalty and history. You can find it on motifs, artwork, heraldry and even the French Saint Joseph is pictured holding a lily. Want to check out some more of our Fleur De Lis plaques? Click on Fleur De Lis Arch Plaque, Welcome Fleur De Lis Sign or the Stanton Marker. We have just what you're looking for! Also, you can choose your style of Fleur De Lis! Be sure to look at the gallery for your options and let us know. Size is 16" W by 20" H x 1 inch thick
  • Floral patterns can go well with Victorian, Art-Deco, Craftsman, or Art-Nouveau Style homes and businesses. This is a truly unique, beautiful, and custom made sign just for you. You might also like our Wildflower Plaque.
  • Like our Mission Style and Amercian Craftsman Sign, this one uses the popular Frank Lloyd Wright Eaglefeather Typeface. This font set is based on the alphabet designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the “Eaglerock” project in 1922. Although the project was never built, the lettering has been adapted to become the Eaglefeather® font family. Could it get any more authentic? This might be the address plaque for your Wright inspired home. View the image gallery to see the typeface.
    Frank Lloyd Craftsman Address Plaque
  • The Master, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the Eaglerock project in the 1920s. Although the California house for Charles P. Lowe was never started, the lettering for the venture became the Eaglefeather font. Click on view more images to see the font. Our Eaglefeather Plaque revolves around this terrific Arts and Crafts font. It really epitomizes Wright's break from the California Colonial Style and his use of simple construction materials. This could be the perfect way to showcase your entrance. Of course, with our method, we can design your "Private Drive", "No Soliciting" "No Trespassing" and "Deliveries" Signs to match, bringing architectural continuity to your property. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 7.5”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3 inches tall 5 numbers: 2.5 inches tall Size 10”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 6 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.25 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.25 inches tall
  • This one uses the popular Frank Lloyd Wright Eaglefeather Typeface. Definitely a sign that would look right at home on the falling water house. The plain, rounded numbers have a simple yet attractive appeal to them--sort of like the flatlands of the Midwest. Think of this for your Prairie Style home. This sign simply looks excellent and is one of our favorites around Atlas Signs and Plaques. For 3 or less numbers choose the 15" H sign and for 4 or 5 numbers choose the 23" H version. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6.5”W x 15”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 4 inches tall Size 6.5”W x 23”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall
  • This beautiful plaque is designed to look like a stained glass address plaque. Inspired by the American architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, this address plaque is perfect for your craftsman, mission style or arts and crafts era style home or office.
  • Is it the cat or the dog that jumped over the moon and landed on its feet? The Cat or Dog Garden Plaque offers a bit of feline err Canine (you Choose!) whimsy for your home or garden. What a novel piece of personalized garden art to add something special to your garden wall. Great for use as a Cat Address Sign, Dog Garden Accent, Welcome sign for the cat lover or Dog Garden Memorial Plaque.  
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  • The Ginkgo Leaf House Numbers sign loves showing off the non flowering Gingko plant. Without having to go to China (where most of the Gingko are found) you can have the highly unusual plant on your address plaque personalized just for you. Another interesting fact is that while cultivated across the world there is only a sole living species, the Gingko Biloba. Atlas has just started cultivating the Ginkgo on this custom address plaque in hopes of helping to resolve this ancient mystery. You choose to have a little green added to the leaves for just a little more of your green. Questions? Ask. Want another leaf? Just ask, we will likely do it. Looking for other craftsman style signs? Click here for more ideas.
  • Grado Gradoo Address Numbers Plaque removes everything except the address numbers from the popular Grado Gradoo Address Plaque . The Grado Gradoo font was not designed until 2002, has big and bold numbers, and definitely has the Arts and Crafts feel to it. This is a really stylish number plaque for your Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, Bungalow, or Prairie Style home. You might also be interested in our Grado Gradoo Address Plaque which is larger and includes space for your street name.
  • The Grado Gradoo Address Plaque Oozes Craftsman style. Could it be the font? Arts and Craft, Craftsman, Mission, Bungalow, Prairie, and Mid-Century style homes are great candidates for a dose of architectural style that really fits. Whether you are into Eames, Bauhaus, Wright, Stickley, Stark, Jacobsen, Van der Rohe, Panton, or Breuer, Atlas Signs and Plaques can do an address number that is totally custom. Charles and Ray, Frank, Gustav, Phillippe, Arne, Miles, and Verner would approve. A Stickley Address Plaque reduced to the bare minimum, the option for no border now available. Our Stickley series of address number plaques stripped of its border and left almost naked giving it a very modern look without losing the craftsman charm of the arts and crafts era. This could be a great fit for your more minimalist home. The use of this font gives this modern address plaque a clean look that accentuates the essential form and function that made Stickley one of the leaders in the arts and crafts movement. Your street name is optional and size will vary on number of characters. Click view more images to see entire font and type in the text section upper or lower case as you like it and that is how we will do it.
    Grado Grado Address Plaque
  • Our Helvetica Address Plaque With Numbers Big and Bold Enough to See From the Heavens. Clear, Clean, and Concise. Your address will be easy to see with the easy-to-read font. You might also be interested in our Calypso Home Numbers with its large and easy to ready numbers.
  • Classy, Classic, Classical, and Chic. The elegant font combined with a simple border says all of those words and more about you, your home, and your exquisite taste. You don't need to be a "Daughter of the Evening" to adorn your home or business and let the neighbors be envious.
  • The Hesperis Address Plaque in a Vertical Format for those taller spaces. That's right! Taller or narrow spaces look best with an address plaque that is vertical rather than horizontal. The Vertical Hesperis Address Numbers are Classy, Classic, Classical, and Chic. The elegant font combined with a simple border says all of those words and more about you, your home, and your exquisite taste. You don't need to be a "Daughter of the Evening" to adorn your home or business and let the neighbors be envious. Also, available in horizontal format. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 5”W x 15”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 3.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 2.5 inches tall Size 5”W x 20”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4.75 inches tall 4 numbers: 3.75 inches tall Size 5”W x 24”H x 1.5” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.75 inches tall
  • A little Hummingbird and a Flower really "cute up" this plaque. All you have to do is supply the nectar. Wonderful as a house sign for your condo, cabin, ranch, or cottage. Or forget the numbers and have us include a couple of words instead of address numbers. What a great gift for the gardener or nature lover.
  • The Jumping Dolphins Address Sign is perfect whether you live by the ocean or in the middle of Kansas (we don't judge)! Dolphins are a much loved animal and are known for their playfulness and curiosity. These intelligent creatures are the favorites of children, adventurers and some people right here at Atlas Signs and Plaques! This sign really shows off the playfulness of these aquatic living creatures and how they are usually spotted from cruise ships leaping out of the water, what show-offs. Interesting facts about dolphins, they are mammals like you and me and that means they have hair! Actually, they have hair only when they are first born (pretty cool, huh?). So, if you are a free spirit, like our hairless mammal pals, we think you'll love the Jumping Dolphins Address Sign. Also, we have another sign you should check out as well, the Dolphin Address Plaque! Size is approx. 20x16x1 inches.
  • Our Kokopelli Address Plaque is too cool to pass up. Whether you are casting spells to make babies, casting spells for grandchildren, or just want to inspire more fertile conditions on the land, this Kokopelli Address Plaque is sure to do the trick. Check out all of our Southwest Style Sign here.
  • Unique way to present your location using latitude and longitude. This is really cool! Almost like a code to break. The Latitude Longitude Address Number Plaque places your home in its one and only geographical location regardless of address. Neutraface Font. How do you find the latitude and longitude of your home, you ask? There are several web sites, just google "address latitude longitude". It is up to you to give Atlas the correct info because we can't do the confirmation. Typing the º Degree Symbol: On PCs - hold down the Alt key and on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, type 0176, or Alt 248 When you release the Alt Key, a º should be there. On Macs - hold option type 0  
  • The Loon Lake House Plaque is especially designed for homes where the Loon's eerie calls can be heard through the night. The great detailing and the loon shaped cutout are highlighted by the red-painted eye. You will receive the plaque with a red-painted eye unless you specify not to paint it. Since it is custom, you can have it as a Loon Address Plaque or a Loon Welcome Plaque. This is a favorite!  
  • The Lumos Address Numbers Only plaque is a perfect nod to the Harry Potter novels. With the signature Lumos font lighting the way. Did you know the term lumos could well come from the 19th-century Latin word ‘lumen’, which simply means ‘light’. Adding the Latin suffix ‘os’ means to ‘have something’: to have light, in this instance. We think that's pretty cool. Check out our Stickley Numbers ONLY! sign for a different look.
    Lumos Signs
  • Illuminate your entryway with the Lumos Address Plaque. Named after the Lumos font used on the covers of the Harry Potter Books, this plaque offers a great splash of modern charm. We'll wave our wands and ship your sign to you asap! Now you Harry Potter fans know why this font looks so familiar.
    Lumos Address Signs
  • A Pinecone walking into a room? Making fire with Pinecones? Whether in Harry Potter, or with the ancients, the Pine Cone has been a worldwide sacred spiritual symbol since recorded history began. Here is an Address Number Plaque that combines the Lumos font used on the Harry Potter books with the Pinecone. We call it the Lumos Vertical Pinecone Address Plaque. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 8”W x 12”H x 1” thick 1 number: 5 inches tall 2 numbers: 3.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 3 inches tall Size 10.5”W x 16”H x 1” thick 1 number: 6 inches tall 2 numbers: 5 inches tall 3 numbers: 4.25 inches tall 4 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • It is easy to get hooked on the Marlin Home Number Plaque. Since you are a hook-and-release fisher person, this Marlin Address Number Plaque is one magnificent saltwater game fish you can keep without depleting the ocean. Mount this trophy on your home, or at the dock, and reel in the compliments. Notes: 13" W x 11" H will NOT fit a street name - numbers only please and on the 18" W and 14.5" H x 1" Thick - Street name is optional
  • Check out our Majestic Mish Mash font!  A decorative steam punk vibe that stands out in any finish. This font is easy to read and will dazzle on lookers with its decorative charm.
  • Our Mission Style Address Sign is very similar in style to our popular American Craftsman sign but uses the Eccentric Font which pays homage to the simple lines of Mission Style Furnishings, but with a flair. This Mission Style Address plaque should certainly be considered as you bring your home back to its design roots, even if it is not a revamped California Mission Church. You might also like our American Craftsman Address Sign.
  • The Modern Advantage Address Plaque is a great, no frills address plaque. It features your house's address numbers as well as your street name. It is presented with the very popular Modern Advantage font and looks sharp on just about any modern home. This is your opportunity to enjoy one of the best selling plaques in terms of font and style that we offer! Enjoy the Modern Advantage today.
  • The large very readable digits on the Modern Advantage Home Numbers Plaque will enhance the strong lines of your mid-century style home. The "no frills" look of these number plaques might just be the perfect choice for your high-rise project, mid-century renovation, hospital, clinic, condo project, or anywhere the modern look is desired for signage or suite numbers. Please note that you can also include your street name, but the house numbers will be smaller. Look at the other examples to get an idea.
    • 8x8x1 inch 1-2 numbers
    • 13x8x1 inch 3-4 numbers
    • 20x8x1 inch 5-6 numbers
    • Other sizes available. Send us an email with your request.
    Modern Advantage Home Numbers
  • The Modern Advantage Multi-Address Plaque is the modern address sign solution for apartments, condos, and multi-unit business addresses. Efficient multiple address numbers on a single plaque feature the easy-to-read Modern Advantage Typeface that will compliment most any architectural style.
  • The Modern Advantage Street Sign will not only enhance the strong lines of your mid-century style home with easy to read design appropriate numbers, but also lets you add the final touch with your street name. Perfect for any structure with a strong presence that requires and can support bold accessories. The "stripped to the essentials" look of the Modern Advantage Typeface might just be the perfect choice for your New York City, Charlotte, Chicago, or Miami project.
    Modern Advantage Street Sign
  • Our Modern Craftsman Hom Number Plaque is all about making a stylish bold statement in the manner of a true craftsperson from the Arts and Crafts Movement. Perfect if your home shows a little more masculine tone to its architectural styling. Nothing frilly about these address numbers.
  • Why is this called the Modern Estate Address Sign? It uses the Modern Advantage Font which is clean, easy to read, without frills, and very up-to-date. This Modern Estate Plaque fits Mid-Century or later structures where clean lines and purposeful design are the dominant themes. Size 18” W x 25” H x 1.25” Thick
  • Celebrate and remember this special day with our Wedding Plaque. Wedding Day or Wedding Anniversary, this is a great gift idea. A simple way to remind him what day you expect expensive gifts? Many reasons for this plaque to hang where all can remember. We love being creative and there is never a charge for artwork changes.
  • Does it remind you of the Chrysler Building? Or the Old Miami Beach Architectural District? The Moderne Art Deco Address Plaque incorporates elements from skyscrapers, to locomotives from one of the most fascinating, but short lived, architectural eras. Give it a place of honor on your modern home to cement your home style to those bygone years. The Font used is the very appropriate Decolletage. This font was not designed until 2009 by Dave Rowland, and is described as "a fashionably late Art Deco Typeface..." Funny way of putting it. We think it fits beautifully.
  • A Monogram Address Plaque. Monogrammed to your specifications. Personalized monogrammed gifts are always appreciated. Great Wedding Gift or House warming gift! You might also be interested in our Arch Monogram Wedding Plaque.
  • The Mountain Bike Address Plaque is for when you wish you were riding but can't be. When you want a constant reminder that MTB is what you would rather be doing. Umm...okay I am bummed now. It is 10 degrees F in snow covered Colorado and I can think of nothing I would rather be doing than seeing how fast I can take a corner. Or better yet going down hill with no brakes. I think I am forgetting that this is about the sign and not the sport or maybe both. Anyways, this is great for your buddy that loves the ride. Can you think of a better gift idea? We can even personalize it with yours or her name. Friends getting married that love the sport...hello?!?!... No brainer.  
  • The Mucha Art Nouveau Address sign displays the gentle naturalistic stokes of this decorative art style. The whimsical border in this sign tells a similar story to the borders in some of Alphonse Mucha's memorable prints.
  • Strike the right note with the Musical Notation Plaque. Some homes, and the families that live there are just lyrical and happy by nature. Here is a way to show arriving guests that they can expect something between a full symphony orchestra and dueling pianos when they enter your personal concert hall. Fun and music are a given fact at your home and this is a great way to project it in a most inviting way. The Musical Notation Plaque is a great home welcoming plaque, but specify numbers or your name, and you have a fantastic musical address plaque, wedding plaque, or anniversary plaque.
  • The Neutraface Address Plaque derives its name from the typeface designed by the forward looking architect, Richard Neutra. This typeface is true to his modernistic style with its strong, very geometric, sans-serif design. It fits both modern, and neo-modern designs and is a grand fit for buildings and spaces with strong modern angular elements. Numbers are 4" Tall.
    Neutraface Address Plaque
  • Neutraface Street Address Plaque - No border is another great sign using one of our best and most popular fonts. The Neutraface font is bold and easy to read, yet conveys a great deal of class. Since this version of our Neutraface Address Plaque has both the house number and street name, you should expect the numbers to be a bit smaller than if it were numbers only. If you have 5 numbers choose the larger sign as the numbers are wide and numbers will be small if you have a lot of numbers. Consider if you want taller numbers. The sign on this page has the same font just another format.
    Neutraface Address Sign
  • The Neutraface House Numbers Address Plaque is plain and easy on the eyes. No frills and graphics on this clean modern house number plaque--but don't let that fool you. This plaque looks great and will make your house stand out from the rest of the homes near you. Delivery men will thank you for the nice bold numbers and ease of sight that this plaque provides. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 7”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4.75 inches tall 4 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7”W x 23”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 6 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7”W x 28”H x 1.5” thick 4 numbers: 5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • Notched Corner Vertical Address Plaque
  • Our Oval Art Deco Address Number Plaque evokes what is surely one of the most distinctive design movements of the 20th century. With our use of the Broadway Font, you can just smell the Chrysler Building and the 1920s and 1930s.
  • You don't have to be a member of Optimist International to have the Overly Optimistic Oval Sign using the Optima font hanging on the front of your house. But you could consider adopting their branding statement "Bringing Out the Best in Youth, in our Communities, and in Ourselves." Or just be kind in general. I think that is what we all want. Oh...that is Lilly (the Australian Shepherd) in the video, she was getting tired and needed a nap.
  • We call this the Owl Totem Pole Sign but it is pure art to Atlas. Owls are often symbols of wisdom, knowledge and unique vision. I kinda think these are just pretty darn cute and symbolize that you are pretty cool person that likes funky little owls. Doesn't matter where you are on the totem pole you can't help but enjoy.  
  • The Palm Tree Custom Plaque has been brought to life by the creative types at Atlas. The designers captured the essence of the Equatorial lifestyle in a way that allows this plaque to be utilized as a Palm Tree Welcome Plaque, Palm Tree Name Plaque, Palm Tree Wedding Plaque, and a Palm Tree Memorial Plaque. Or, maybe the designers were just dreaming of a holiday away from the Wisconsin winter. They won't get their dream vacation (just kidding guys), but you can easily order your Custom Palm Tree Plaque for your home, garden, or business. Great Palm Tree Wall Art!
    Palm Tree Custom Plaque
  • The Pelican is found in literally every corner of the globe and is predominantly a sea shore bird. We say predominantly because the American White Pelican is not that uncommon here, where we make our signs and plaques, in South Central Wisconsin. This master fisher is not only an appropriate Pelican Address Plaque, but is perfect as Pelican wayfinding or informational signage in aquariums, marine parks, and wildlife viewing areas.
  • If you ever wished you were in the North Woods of Maine or the majestic Colorado Mountains, this Pine Cone Address Plaque will grace your home and be one of the first things you and your guests see as they arrive. Featuring a pine cone and the greatly popular Frank Lloyd Wright (c) font, this sign is your forest address plaque solution! Perfect for your cabin, hunting lodge, country home, cottage, or even your Manhattan Condo. (Dare to be different). You might also be interested in our Pine Cone Vertical Plaque.
    Pine Cone Address Plaque
  • Our Pine Cone Theme Address Numbers is a nice touch for a second home, villa, or your house in the suburbs. Incorporating our Vertical Format, the pine tree motif is a great visual fit to many architectural styles. You don't have to settle for a "cookie cutter" Address Number Plaque when Atlas can make it totally custom, Pine Cones, just for you. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 7”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 3.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 3 inches tall 5 numbers: 2.5 inches Size 7”W x 23”H x 1” thick 4 numbers: 4 inches tall 5 numbers: 3 inches tall Size 7”W x 28”H x 1.5” thick 4 numbers: 5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4.5 inches tall
    Pine Cone Plaque
  • The Pine Trees Up North Address plaque featuring tall Towering Pines that look beautiful gracing the front door of your log cabin, cottage, country estate, or cozy villa in the hills. Notice how the cutout white pines reach for the sun and project that rustic and woodsy look to your address numbers. You can have it anyway you'd like....We offer different metal finishes to compliment your country or not so country decor. Mountains are optional!
  • The shape and size of this plaque allows for some design freedom. Totally custom, so you can have any wording you like. As you can see, this sign has the address numbers, street name, Private Drive, and a warning against trespassing and soliciting. It does pretty much say it all.
  • The Pineapple is the International Symbol of Hospitality and Welcome all over the world. The fruit symbolizes many of those things we cherish in our homes such as warmth, welcome, friendship and love. You might also be interested in our Aloha Address Sign
  • Our Pleione Address Plaque can go from New York Chic to Greek Classic with a stop at Contemporary for good measure. You don't have to reside on Mount Kyllini because this will look just as good in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles as it would in Arcadia. View more images to see the Kabel Typeface which has a bit of a Modernism one says this cannot be a name plaque...note though there are no lower case letters.  
  • Check out the detail on the Cabin Scene Address Plaque with Prairie Grass. Can I live in that cabin? Peaceful living is all I can say. Rather have a phrase on here? Just specify the wording on your order. Whether your cabin, home, or cottage is a lake property, mountain home, or in the suburbs, we can give the scene you live or dream. Let us work for you and give you a personalized plaque, not some cookie cutter idea someone else has for you.
  • Pygmy Owls in a Tree plaque is perfect for the owl lover in your life. And does anything get cuter then this sign? We have address numbers here but it could be a name sign or even a memorial plaque if you like.
  • We took our very popular Blossom Tree Plaque and did something more crazy than usual. We turned it in to a [insert drum roll here] the Rectangle Blossom Tree Sign. Too much for most, but we are living on the edge lately. Have it as an Address Number Plaque, or a Phrase Plaque by inserting a favorite quotation or witty saying. This makes a very personal and thoughtful gift. The painted blossoms with high quality enamel is a little extra choose that option if you like in white, red, blue, yellow, purple, and more.
  • Our Rectangular Fleur-de-Lis Address Plaque fills your home entrance with the classic Fleur di Lis symbol. Fleur-de-Lis, translates as Flower of the Lily and is steeped in history. From France to England, to Florence, to Religious Symbolism, the Fleur-de-Lis is truly timeless. Foot light font is used for the font.
  • The Rennie Rose Craftsman Plaque has our stylistic twist on the infamous rose by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Would he approve? Lets hope so. We like the little square in the middle and think it filled with a bit of color looks like a jewel. Optional of course and you select the color from the drop down menu as well as size, metal finish and hanger style. Customize the text to to fit your needs. You might also be interested in our Willow Craftsman Address Plaque.
    Rennie Rose Craftsman Plaque
  • Our Rock Climbing Address Plaque is a unique way to show the Jones' that you are an avid outdoorsman (or woman, no discrimination here!). This sleek vertical plaque shows off an intricate rock face and 2 figures making their way to the top of a challenging climb. A tid bit to consider; this adventurous sport became popular in many European countries late in the 1800's. Picture Victorians climbing the Alps in steel cleeted leather boots and wool clothing. Now it's popular all over the world and creates a great physical challenge for anyone not afraid of heights (cough)! Now hook up that carabiner and harness and claim the Rock Climbing Address Plaque for yourself! Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3 inches tall 5 numbers: 2 inches tall Size 6”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3.75 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7.5”W x 30”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • Whether your home or business overlooks New York's Hudson River or a suburban skyline, the Rockdale Station Address Number plaque adds style and grace to your estate or residence. The design is what we imagined might have graced the Taggart Transcontinental Railroad Station which was a setting in the Ayn Rand novel, "Atlas Shrugged". Curiously, the Trajan Font used was not designed until 1989 by Carol Twombly. Even more curious is that she styled and named the typeface after the font used on Rome's Trajan's Column that was constructed in 113 AD.
  • How does your home measure up? Here is a unique perspective on displaying your address numbers on the Ruler Address Plaque. Sized to accommodate 2 to 5 (or even more) digit address numbers on a background that is designed as the familiar tape measure or ruler. The ruler background was designed as an unusual address plaque for the woodworker or crafter. But wait, there is more! As a Ruler Wall Plaque, you can proudly display all things measured or numbered. A goal, or a goal achieved, yardage to the fence, child's height, or years married. Imagine the possibilities. What a great gift idea!
  • The Rustic Modern Address Plaque obviously has a conflicted name. Rustic and Modern are words that would seem to be discord with each other. The plaque begins with the playfully modern True North font with eclectic enhancing dots and dashes that suit your one-of-a-kind home and unique artistic personality. All very modern. But there is more. The font is All-American in its design and has a bit of an old west flavor that makes this address number plaque a natural for a rustic western ranch house, corral, or western heritage museum.
  • Saguaro Address Plaque is offered in several different sizes but not even close to the 70 feet tall that these tree like cactus can grow too. Holy smokes 70 feet!
  • Ranging from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the mighty Salmon has been honored in folklore, and relished for both food and sport. Our Salmon Fish Address Plaque takes the salmon off the platter and places it at your cabin door, post, or gate. From Alaska to Ireland and back to the Great Lakes, what a way to dress up your cottage, home, or business. Even city folk can make a splash with this piece of art. Notes: 13" W x 11" H will NOT fit a street name - numbers only please and on the 18" W and 14.5" H x 1" Thick - Street name is optional
  • With the rolling wave and sea grass motif, you can almost smell the ocean with the Sea Shore Scene Address Plaque on the front of your shoreline home.
  • Celebrate all that is Irish with the Shamrock Address Plaque. This very magical address plaque contains a whole field of Shamrocks. Not to be confused with the common four-leaf clover, Shamrock refers to the sprigs of young clover, or trefoil and is the national symbol of Ireland. The green painted shamrocks are optional and a little extra green for the bling. giggle...get it green shamrocks - money is green...cost a little more. Green bling - I crack myself up. Okay, I was just told if you have to explain the joke it isn't funny. But I am laughing.
  • Make your home more unique and cause mountains of smiles. Perfect for anywhere in the mountains or create your own mountain view in the city. Whether your home borders a mountain park or mountain resort, this could be the perfect address number plaque for you.
  • You can just about hear the happy chirping emanating from the Songbird Address Plaque. With a design that is simple yet graceful and elegant, this little bird plaque will add the right amount of charm to your home. Nice and easy to read with the Modern Advantage Typeface Font. Choose whether you want the bird with metal or (for a slight additional cost) colored. Just make your choice before adding the Songbird Address Plaque to your cart.
  • The Sonoran Desert Address Plaque depicts the hottest desert in North America. And is now the hottest address plaque at Atlas Signs and Plaques. It is a place that many frequent, especially during the cold months of winter.  It is a place unlike any other and one that you will never forget.  Whether you only visit, or have planted roots there, let our Sonoran Desert Address Plaque remind you why you love the area.  Saguaro, Paddle and Cholla Cactus (staples of the Sonoran Desert) are all represented on this sign.
  • Here’s a beautiful warm and welcoming southwest address plaque. Southwest Native American tribes are a very spiritual people and communicate ideas, history and stories through symbols and art. Check out more southwest inspired signs and plaques in our Southwest Style department on floor Three. (just kidding...all the signs are on the same floor.) That is a link to other Southwestern Address Plaques that we make.
  • Show the world your love for Steampunk or Bicycles with the Sprocket Address Plaque. We here at Atlas Signs and Plaques are avid road and single-track cyclists. Almost everyday, someone here goes for a ride after work. So one day, one of our designers was picking up a chain that had fallen off the sprocket and thought That's a cool shape... She rushed into work the next day and spun out this address plaque in the sprocket shape. Partly through the process, someone else walked over and asked how the Steampunk gear was going. We're pretty happy when everyone here notices a new sign, so we're bringing it to you.  
  • The Starfish Oval Plaque plays on the shape of the creature and can be an address plaque, welcome plaque, or directional sign, and can define your seaside residential or commercial property with style. We are drawn to the sea and all of its wonders. Did you know that there are over 1800 varieties of starfish? They have two stomachs and can crack open and eat oysters and clams. When most of us open bi-valves, we use a sharp knife and risk permanent injury with just one slip. The little Starfish applies awesome pressure and gets fed faster than if we gave up and opened a can of oysters.
  • A version of our very popular Stickley plaque...we offer something for those with the short address number syndrome (SANS). The Rennie Mackintosh font makes this a super fit for Arts & Crafts or Shaker styles. Street name is optional of course. This address plaque can also be for longer house numbers and can hold up to 5 digits (no words) at 5" tall.
  • This Address Plaque Oozes Craftsman style. Could it be the font? Arts and Craft, Craftsman, Mission, Bungalow, Prairie, and Mid-Century style homes are great candidates for a dose of architectural style that really fits. Whether you are into Eames, Bauhaus, Wright, Stickley, Stark, Jacobsen, Van der Rohe, Panton, or Breuer, Atlas Signs and Plaques can do an address number that is totally custom.  Your street name is optional and size will vary on number of characters. Click view more images to see entire font and type in the text section upper or lower case as you like it and that is how we will do it.
  • Numbers Only! Our very popular Stickley plaque reduced to just the numbers. Big, bold, and easy to read. The Rennie Mackintosh font makes this a super fit for Arts & Crafts or Shaker styles.
    Stickely Address Numbers
  • The Sunny Sunflower Address Plaque was designed to be a statement of individualism in a custom plaque. The sunflower is native to the Americas and was honored as the sun deity by many early cultures. Brought to Europe in the 16th century, it was studied for the unique mathematical sequencing of the opposing petal spirals, and is said to contain both the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio in its pattern of florets. This would also make a great welcome or short but sweet memorial. You might also be interested in our Flowered Memorial sign.
  • The Surfboard Address Plaque is the way to mark your casa as a Surfer Friendly area welcoming everyone from hoodads to the waxheads that spent all their lives in a Woody. Now that you have settled down just a little, make your house a home with an Address Plaque that reminds you of all your wipeouts. That's as good as we can do with the surfing lingo as we have absolutely no cred on the subject of surfing. We are strictly gapers watching you on the tube (TV, not greenroom) from the snowbound confines of our Colorado homes. We do our best. Regardless of that. The surfboard and palm tree motif makes this a really Sweeetttt address plaque for your beachhouse, boathouse, or shoreline property.
  • As the name suggests, the Tallgrass Prairie Sign, the most obvious aspect is the diversity of grasses it features. And while we show this as a name plaque there is enough room at the top for up to 3 address numbers that will be 3.5" Tall. Size 12" w x 18" H x 1" Thick Learn about the inspiration for this beautiful sign
  • Show everyone your passion for trail running with the Trail Runners Address Plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques. With the number of trail runners increasing annually, we had not option but to create a sign for this dedicated group. It does not matter where someone is from, globally, if they are a trail runner too, they will recognize you as one of their own. Name or no names, numbers or just names. Have it your way.  
  • The Trend Slab Address Plaque is one of the most Trendy contemporary Address Number Plaques ever. Named after the new Trend Slab Font from Latinotype, it works perfectly as an easy-to-read house or business sign. Although this address plaque is designed as 2 Dimensional, the drop shadowing effect of the Trend Font gives it a real exaggerated 3D appearance that is bold, legible, and most interesting to the eye. In the words of the designers, "Trend is Trending."
  • Trio of Trees Address Plaque combines your house address numbers with the shape of the mixed forest. Atlas Signs and Plaques is all about shapes and doing the unexpected. The tree shapes encompass both deciduous and conifer shapes and fit homes nestled in a wooded city lot or cradled next to a meadow pond. The Trio of Trees Address Plaque has everything except the squirrels. Street name is optional and please leave it off if you have lots of numbers or email us if you have questions.
  • If you love Art Nouveau, or New Art, then you will love the Tulip Bud Home Numbers Sign. Fluid organic lines that art nouveau is known for. Nature as the guidance to the Tulip Bud Home Numbers Sign verses the hard lines you see in Art Deco. Truly make this a stand out piece. Enjoy!  
  • For your American Craftsman Home. The font's simple, classic, no-nonsense design would make Frank Lloyd Wright flash one of his famous toothy grins and dance a little jig. We think this is very representative of the American Craftsman movement and a good fit for your bungalow, mission, prairie, or arts and crafts home. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6”W x 18”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 6 inches tall 3 numbers: 4.25 inches tall Size 6”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7.5”W x 30”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 7 inches tall 4 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4.25 inches tall
    American Craftsman Sign
  • This craftsman style Vertical Dragonfly Plaque is sure to add charm to your home. Did you know that dragonfly's symbolize changes in self discovery? They are thought to bring more awareness to the deeper meaning of life. In flight, they are agile and move with elegance. They can go a whopping 45 miles an hour! The smaller size is great for two to three numbers. Go bigger for more numbers. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6”W x 18”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 4 inches tall 3 numbers: 3 inches tall Size 6”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4 inches tall 5 numbers: 3 inches tall Size 7.5”W x 30”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 6.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • Taken from our popular Garden Welcome design plaque, but sans butterfly and added the craftsman style Willow Font. Up to 4 numbers across the top. We think the flowers on this plaque add an element that is seldom seen in address plaques. The street name will vary on size based on the name of the street...or perhaps you'll want Welcome instead of your street name. You decide. Fill in the text box; there is plenty of room to describe your desires. Note: on the smaller 18" sign, your numbers will be 2.5" Tall and on the 24" version, the numbers will be 3.5" Tall.
    Poppy Address Plaque
  • The Victorian era was named so after the regent of England, Queen Victoria. Other then the current queen, Elizabeth the Second, Victoria was the longest ruling monarch at 63 years and 7 months. That's some record! The flourishes of the unique Victorian Ornament Address Sign show off the style and innovation of that momentous era. What do we have to thank for those 63 plus years? Well, we have the bicycle, postage stamp, rubber tires, ice cream, cameras, anesthesia, mail boxes, jelly beans, hard candy, telephones and much more! Also, deep thinkers like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Sir Walter Raleigh and Alexander Graham Bell. We could go on... So, when you look on your ornamental address plaque, know there is a lot of history behind it. We can only fit two numbers on the plaque so if your address is longer, don't fret. We can alter the plaque to have your initials instead! Get the plaque in any of our finishes, Bronze, Bronze Verdi, Brass, Copper, Copper Verdi, and Stainless Steel. We know you're gonna love it! Have a business or want a larger plaque? Check out our Victorian Style Business Sign For Four inch numbers:
    • 2 digits 11x13x1 inches
    • 3 digits 13x15.5x1 inches
    • 4 digits 16x20x1 inches
  • Villa Sign

    We use the ancient grapevine motif to define our Villa Sign. Perfect for use as a Vineyard Plaque or even as a Wine Cellar Sign. From the wineries across America to the hills of Tuscany, Atlas Signs and Plaques will customize the Winery Plaque to fit your personal requirements.
  • A little whimsy does a home good! Here it is. A whale for your address plaque? Our designers get a little crazy. But they only do it to make your home more unique and to cause smiles while showing that you care about the endangered species. You might like our Whale Tail Address Plaque too.
  • Whether you live on the coast or inland the Whale Tail Address plaque will bring the ocean to your entrance. This is not a fluke! While not commonly known the whale tail is also called their fluke.  Atlas Signs and Plaques Whale Tail Address Plaque might not be as iconic as the Humpback Whale's fluke it sure does catch your eye! Show your love for the whales and bring the ocean to your entrance! - Street name is optional. And if you select the smaller sign it may not all fit. You might like our Whale House Numbers Plaque too!
  • Our Wheatfields Address Number Plaque brings the open prairie to your front door. A bit of Van Gogh perhaps, or the great FLW Arts and Crafts Prairie Architectural Style. Maybe, but we like the whimsical aspect and the sense of freedom that the Wheat Fields Address Plaque brings to the home. You might also be interested in our Tallgrass Prairie Sign.
  • Wildflower noun 1. a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention Painted flowers are optional and cost a wee bit more. We made this a name sign but there is room for up to FIVE (5) numbers for an address sign! Loveee...
  • Our Willow Branch Nest Address Sign is elegant, classy, and perfect for your cottage or home. It makes a great gift for your bird watcher friends and family. This address sign is a great fit if your address has 2 - 5 numbers and they are beautifully displayed in the center of the willow branch circle surrounding the outside of the sign. Size is 12x11x1 inches
  • We named our Willow Craftsman Address Plaque after the Willow Font that is used. The Willow Typeface is the work of Dave Fabik and dates from 1995. It has some similarities to the more famous, and much older, Rennie Mackintosh font, but retains its own character and a little extra punch. It might be coincidental, but the willow leaf form was often used by one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris. All-in-all, the Willow is most appropriate for your Craftsman Style Building. You might also like our American Craftsman Address Sign.
    Willow Craftsman Address Plaque
  • The Airpark Plaque is as versatile as it is attractive. It's versatility is seen in its large surface area leaving lots of available space to enter whatever custom text you desire. It's attractiveness is in its simplicity. The Airpark Airplane Plaque's keynote graphic of a bi-wing, open cockpit airplane, is simple and classic in design; perhaps reminding visitors of a simpler, more easygoing time. Perfect for the hangar, airpark home, or even on your camper at Oshkosh EAA. Let's Fly!  
  • Art Nouveau Rose Plaque harkens back to the Glasgow School days. When new art was the rage.
  • The Celtic Claddagh Ring Plaque features a heart being held by two hands clasping a crowned heart. The heart is believed to symbolize love, while the hands signify friendship, and the crown loyalty. Dating from 17th century Celtic Tradition, the Claddagh is traditionally presented in the form of a finger ring most commonly worn as an engagement or wedding ring. Now the hands, heart and crown are brought to you as a plaque. Use the Claddagh Ring Plaque as a Wedding, Engagement, or Anniversary rememberence. The Claddagh Plaque is a gift that will have a special meaning for life.  
  • Whatever you do DON'T feed the Desert Critters. They will keep coming back. Check out the Desert Critters Address Sign that bring the whimsy to the home.  
  • We have a lion but you can add any Art Deco Element to Your Architectural Sign or Plaque with our Art Deco Wall Hung Sign. And you don't need to live in Miami or own the Chrysler Building to enjoy this one. Perfect for a boutique, memorial, historic area, hotel sign, restaurant sign, or signs for a redevelopment project. Or even an address sign for your home.  
  • For the fisher person, lake home, lake cabin, or log home. The Bass Address Plaque brings this scrappy denizen of the deep to your door or gate. Wonderful detailing showing the aggressive bass charging from the bottom of a lillypad covered pond to dine on an unsuspecting dragonfly. Although we will never know the outcome of this particular battle, it is apparent that this fish is living at the top of the food chain. The bass is so well known and respected that it even has sporting goods stores named after it, and, is Alabama's state fish. This bass is known as the Large Mouth Bass, Bucket Mouth Bass, Wide Mouth Bass. Get it? It has a really big mouth. The Large Mouth Bass is such a fighter that is has national tournaments devoted to its capture (and subsequent release from captivity after weighing and measuring). There are even national rankings (just like NASCAR), and corporate sponsorship for the best bass fisher-persons. What took so long make it a totally custom Bass Address Plaque?  
  • While the Alligator Address Plaque might not be a perfect fit for your home in Minneapolis, it is perfect for the homeowners living where the majestic gator runs free and wild. A part of our Zoo Collection, the Alligator is appropriate for property owners who are prone to crawl a little outside the box. This is actually designed for those living in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, but it could cause quite a stir on the shores of Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota). Although pictured as an Alligator Address Plaque, it could easily be transformed into an Alligator Welcome Sign, an Alligator Directional or Historic Plaque or cool Alligator Wall Art. Size is approx. 16" wide by 10.5" high, and the numbers are 3.5" with 3 numbers. More numbers the shorter they will be. Contact us for a bigger plaque if you want bigger numbers or a lot to say. Peace.
  • Whether you call it Jo, Joe, Cuppa, Java, Mud, Bean Juice, Go Juice, Plasma, Mojo, Caffe, Murk, Tar, Cafe au Lait, Caffee Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Americano, Black Gold, Brew, Jolt, Jamoka, Jitter Juice, Wakey Juice, or just plain coffee. You know you like it. Our Arch Coffee Cup Address Plaque tells your friends and neighbors "the pot is brewing" and they are welcome. And, what a great address plaque for your coffee shop business!
  • Buy the Golf Pro Personalized Golf Bag Address Plaque for the golfer in your life. What a great way to shoot under par by personalizing your Golf Pro Addess Plaque. Could there be a better golf award? Honor your winning golfer with a golf prize that will be cherished forever.
  • A little whimsy does a home good! Here it is. A Fishbowl Address Plaque? Our designers get a little crazy and let the fish swim free. But they only do it to make your home more unique and to cause smiles.