Calypso Address Numbers in Pewter - March 29, 2009, Lake Mills WI USA

Calypso Address Numbers in Pewter – March 29, 2009, Lake Mills WI USA


Atlas Signs and Plaques are Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the suitability of LuminOre® and HDU for exterior applications.

According to the LuminOre® manufacturer specs, the process has undergone ASTM testing equivalent to 30 years weatherization. Our experience with the product has been fantastic, both with client projects we have completed over the past years, and with our own informal testing in Wisconsin and Colorado.

As an example, we sprayed a design on a piece of limestone and left it to the Wisconsin elements for four seasons of hot, wet, dry, and cold. The coated limestone has been left to fend for itself and has undergone countless freeze-thaw cycles. It has been left on the wet earth, rained on, baked, and left under salt-laden snow for months. We are amazed, but never surprised, when it emerges unscathed and with only a more beautiful patina to show.

The High Density Polyurethane Foam (HDU) (HDP) we utilize for many of our signs and plaques is well proven as an exterior material with properties far superior to the wood it has replaced on most exterior signage. A good recap of HDU properties is available from this manufacturer.

LuminOre’s patented metalizing process and HDU is a well proven combination for exterior applications. Around the world, from the extremes of Las Vegas, to the salt air of the Caribbean, to winter weather in Lake Mills Wisconsin, performance is assured.