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January 2019

The Craftsman Touch Collection, Featuring Arts and Crafts Style Plaques

2019-01-29T11:59:32-07:00January 25th, 2019|Address & Number Plaques|

Vertical Poppy Address Plaque - Brass   Introducing the new Craftsman Touch Collection from Atlas Signs and Plaques. The Craftsman Sign and Plaque Collection “brings it home” with a complete and coordinated signage collection for your Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Ranch, Bungalow, Prairie, or Mid-Century Style house. And not just Address Plaques. But a place to find every imaginable sign that a home requires. Everything from Arts and Crafts Style “No Soliciting” signs to Craftsman Style “Beware of Dog” plaques, to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired “Welcome” Plaques, to Mission Style “Business” Plaques. Acorn Address Plaque   Atlas Signs and Plaques has added new styles and created variations on our time tested designs to compliment architecture as diverse as Morris, Wright, Stickley, MacIntosh, Greene and Greene, Eames, Aalto, Ellis, Dryden, and Hapgood. Atlas can create matching No Soliciting Signs, Private Drive Signs, Deliveries in Back Sign, or [...]

The French Have It And Now You Can Get It

2019-01-29T12:17:06-07:00January 24th, 2019|Address & Number Plaques|

Getting Frenchy at Atlas Signs and Plaques   French architecture is among the richest and most interesting the world has ever known. The origins of French architecture can be traced back to the Stone Age. Hmmm, I am imagining an address plaque from that time… Needless to say, French architecture and design will always be an interesting topic and one we have embraced a bit with our address and name plaques. Fleur-de-Lis Arch Plaque Stainless Steel Our Fleur-de-Lis Address Number Plaque brings a rich sense of the past to your home. The Fleur-de-Lis, translates as Flower of the Lily and is steeped in history. From France to England, to Florence, to Religious Symbolism, the Fleur-de-Lys has represented a virtuous force for good. French Country, French decor, French Food. It’s all wonderful. Also shown above in our very French Collage photo are the oval plaques with a [...]

Do Fonts Talk – The Writing’s on the Wall

2019-01-29T12:12:34-07:00January 24th, 2019|Address & Number Plaques|

Impact Font Do fonts speak? Do fonts convey a message without the necessity of words? Can fonts define an era? Is it possible for fonts to set a mood? Do fonts have personality? The answer is yes and more to all of the above. Additionally, typefaces and fonts can serve as an iconic identity for a large company or even an entire nation. Think about the fonts used to define Coke, Walmart, GM, or Martha Stewart. The fonts for these and other corporations are uniform throughout buildings, advertising, publications, and letterheads, presenting a uniform and consistent identity to far flung assets and personnel. The fonts can so much define the company that when a total organizational remake is in order, logos and fonts are changed giving a whole new look and feel to the firm. Is it reaching to say that a font can define a country? Pull [...]

Stay Upright – Atlas Adds Vertical Plaques, House Number Plaques And Address Plaques

2019-01-27T15:50:28-07:00January 21st, 2019|Address & Number Plaques|

Vertical House Numbers look great on both traditional and contemporary homes Peacock Address Plaque Bronze Verdi Raised   The designers at Atlas Signs and Plaques continue to fill the void left by the limitations of cast bronze. Atlas provides real metal coatings to modern HDU foam giving the longevity, look, and feel that costs up to 75% less than foundry castings. We are not limited by shape, size, number of letters, or imagination. Now, that makes sense! Atlas Signs and Plaques uses a patented metalizing process to coat your plaque with real bronze, copper, brass, silver-nickel and aluminum. We then add a beautiful rich patina to bring out the timeless beauty of the metal art. The patina is actually a reaction with the metal and not a surface coating. If you desire a little splash of color like some of the examples, we can do it. Just let [...]

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