Vertical House Numbers look great on both traditional and contemporary homes

Peacock Address Plaque

Peacock Address Plaque Bronze Verdi Raised


The designers at Atlas Signs and Plaques continue to fill the void left by the limitations of cast bronze. Atlas provides real metal coatings to modern HDU foam giving the longevity, look, and feel that costs up to 75% less than foundry castings. We are not limited by shape, size, number of letters, or imagination. Now, that makes sense!

Atlas Signs and Plaques uses a patented metalizing process to coat your plaque with real bronze, copper, brass, silver-nickel and aluminum. We then add a beautiful rich patina to bring out the timeless beauty of the metal art. The patina is actually a reaction with the metal and not a surface coating. If you desire a little splash of color like some of the examples, we can do it. Just let us know.

Rock Climbing Address Plaque Recessed Bronze Verdi

Rock Climbing Address Plaque Recessed Bronze Verdi

Vertical does not mean rectangular! You can have any shape you like. Need a Pine Cone Plaque for your lake home, or a tree shaped sign for your hunting lodge. Let us design it for you.


Pine Cone Vertical Plaque

Pine Cone Vertical Plaque


We have business and commercial signage as well as plaques for your home, cottage, cabin, mountain retreat, or special hideaway. Doctor, Dentist, Attorney, Accountant, CPA, Consultant, Realtor, Bank, Veterinarian, and other professional signs are perfect candidates for a unique vertical sign that is certain to stand up to the crowd.

Stainless Steel Stanton Marker

Stanton Marker


Stainless Steel Custom Tee Sign

Custom Tee Sign

Remember, every sign and plaque that we create is totally custom, and Made in America.