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January 2019

United States Capitol Visitor Center – Days 11-14

2019-01-25T16:02:58-07:00January 25th, 2019|Atlas Posts (All)|

Clear Coating the Outer Frame & Begin Inner Frame Packing in Process Day 11: January 26, 2009. Clear coating day for the outer foam frame. The final step prior to packing and shipping. Each of the 24 pieces of the outer frame for the US Capitol Visitor Center display is carried to a rolling cart, placed on a special set of jigs that our crew constructed from four by four lumber, and rolled to the spray booth area. The super-premium clear-coat is mixed and poured into the spray gun. Then, two coats applied to each piece, and cart moved to the drying area for curing. Although a practiced hand, and quality equipment are necessary to apply the top coat, this is a relatively easy step that does not require grueling hand-work . Best of all, it means that the piece is done and, after curing, ready to crate [...]

How to Patina, Part I

2019-01-22T10:28:13-07:00January 21st, 2019|Metal Coated|

What is Patina? Commonly pronounced in the US as pa tee’ne, or puh tee’nuh”. Most broadly defined as the observed and physical change in a surface over time caused by exposure to oxygen or other environmental elements and compounds. Hilton Resort, Hawaii On metal, it is the film of corrosion on the surface caused primarily by the reaction of the metal with oxygen. To put it in perspective, think of an old penny, a rusty pipe, or the Statue of Liberty. However, there is more to it; The natural rate of change depends upon the aggressiveness of the environment. Since the level of pollutants, rainfall, and acidity vary locally, the rate, chemical make-up, and therefore the color and depth of the patina will also vary. Rates of patina build-up and color will change year-to-year, and even seasonally. Paris Door Knob Patina is not confined to metal. It can also refer [...]

Why LuminOre®

2019-01-29T12:12:13-07:00January 16th, 2019|Metal Coated|

With the exception of a few paints used to add a splash of color, our signs and plaques are metal-coated using the patented LuminOre® advanced composite metalizing process. Janey Freid is the founder and current principle of both Metal Facades and Atlas Signs and Plaques. Janey’s background is decorative faux finishing utilizing paints, glazes, plasters and leafs applied using many European techniques and tools. Janey expanded from faux finishing and enjoyed great success in interior and exterior decorative concrete acid staining and finishing and now has grown to selling signs all over the world. Custom Sign for Bark of the Town   Most of Janey’s experience revolved around coatings or altering the look of a common surface into the uncommonly beautiful. A search for metal finishes led to LuminOre. Research showed that LuminOre was not the only manufacturer of liquid metal coating, but all the others were pretenders [...]