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  • Our Crab Oval Plaque is at home from the shores of Maine, to Miami, to the Louisiana Bayou, to Vancouver, to Alaska, and beyond. Can you see it on your Fish Shanty? Crab Shack Restaurant? Bait Shop? Beach House? Waterfront Home? A fun and memorable touch to the home and an identifying icon to your commercial business.
  • The Starfish Oval Plaque plays on the shape of the creature and can be an address plaque, welcome plaque, or directional sign, and can define your seaside residential or commercial property with style. We are drawn to the sea and all of its wonders. Did you know that there are over 1800 varieties of starfish? They have two stomachs and can crack open and eat oysters and clams. When most of us open bi-valves, we use a sharp knife and risk permanent injury with just one slip. The little Starfish applies awesome pressure and gets fed faster than if we gave up and opened a can of oysters.