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Atlas makes small quantities of HDU Sign Board available to the woodworker, carver, crafter, model maker, mold maker, sculpture artist, and others who don’t want to purchase this expensive product by the whole sheet.

The lack of grain and fine texture make this ideal for hand or power use because there is no grain to grab the cutter.  For scroll saw artists, HDU is a terrific product to try because it does not tear and allows the use of spiral saw blades for fast work. Users of CarveWright, other CNC machines and routers will find that Sign Foam cuts fast and cool and leaves a good clean finished cut. And, as a bonus, the dust won’t kill you because it is not toxic. Wood carvers and furniture makers can benefit from the lack of grain greatly speeding the work flow. The chisel goes where you intend it to making this perfect for non-structural inlays and surface carving where paint or finish is to be applied.

This is the same product we use for our signs and plaques and is Made in the USA. We use and sell 30 pound density as our minimum. It is perfect for work requiring great detail, strength, and a fine finish.

  • 30 pound HDU and 1" Thick buy by the foot. WooHOO! Finally, you can get a piece of it without buying the whole sheet. Life is good!
  • Gift Certificate

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    Suggested Price: $10.00
    Not sure what to order for that perfect gift? Give them a gift certificate instead! Choose any dollar amount and a special coupon code will be emailed directly to you for the gift recipient. *Coupon will be emailed in 1-2 business days after purchase.  Make sure to fill out the gift card note on the checkout page.
  • Scrap HDU Pieces

    Starting at:
    So these are scraps. Stuff we could fill up a landfill with or give to you to essentially for free. What you are paying for when you "buy" the scraps is the shipping. So if you pay $20 we will fill up a box that costs us $20 to ship. We are not shippers so this money is NOT going to us. You are only paying what it costs to ship the scraps. Make sense? And if you live near me in Colorado you will get MORE product then if you live in Maine. WHY? Because it cost less to ship to someone in Colorado (someone closer to me) then it does in Maine. Our cutoff pieces are just too small for the signs and plaques we produce, but they may be just right for ornaments, scrolling, or carving. There will be a mix of different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and sometimes densities in every box. Most pieces are bigger than 3 cubic inches, but we throw in a few little ones too to fill in the gaps in case they're useful to you.
  • Receive up to 6 samples for a small charge. Feel before you buy. Decent size scrap to check color. The signs are made out of 30 HDU (a type of plastic) We then metal coat them with REAL metals. NO paint. Nothing to flake or peel. No bugs or insects will infiltrate the sign as it is NOT wood. So that also means no warping no rotting. Cool stuff! Call if you want to talk about it 970-399-3122
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