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The Craftsman Sign and Plaque Collection “brings it home” with a complete and coordinated signage collection for your Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, Ranch, Bungalow, Prairie, or Mid-Century Style house.

And not just Address Plaques. This is the place to find every imaginable sign that a home requires. Everything from Arts and Crafts Style “No Soliciting” signs to Craftsman Style “Beware of Dog” plaques, to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired “Welcome” Plaques, to Mission Style “Business” Plaques.

The Craftsman Touch Collection of Signs and Plaques allows you to choose finishes ranging from rustic to contemporary, choosing styles that fit design motifs from the turn of the last century to skyscraper modern. And the fonts, Oh the fonts! Fonts that range from Arts and Crafts to Mid-Century Atomic. We have a library of over 3,000 fonts at your disposal.

You won’t find plaques like these anywhere else. The Atlas design team created them from their own vivid imaginations. Every one is uniquely designed and crafted to your specifications.

Made in the USA using all USA made products by USA Artisans.

  • For those of you with a 1 or 2 Number Home number this 2 Number Craftsman Address Numbers Plaque will fit perfectly. Please only one or two numbers. If you would like a horizontal version, please see our American Craftsman Address Sign.
  • The Acorn Address Plaque is inspired by the great oak tree. Did you know the oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries? The large distinctive leaves and recognizable acorns shade your address numbers and will be the envy of the neighborhood! We know you'll enjoy this plaque whether you're in the country or city. Get one today! If it's pine cones you're after check out our Conifer Cone Address Plaque
  • This stunning American Craftsman Address Sign is perfect for your American Craftsman Home. The font's simple, classic, no-nonsense design would make Frank Lloyd Wright flash one of his famous toothy grins and dance a little jig. We think this is very representative of the American Craftsman movement and a good fit for your bungalow, mission, prairie, or arts and crafts home. You might also be interested in our American Craftsman Historic Plaque or our American Craftsman Business Sign
  • American Craftsman Style Plaque for your Business or Commercial Property.  Signage for Dentist Office, Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Attorney's Office, Art Studio, Historical or Professional Building can set the look and mood of the Arts and Crafts Period with our classic design. You might also be interested in our 2 Numbers Craftsman Address Numbers Signs or our Arts and Crafts Tiles Signs. Not seeing the size or exact style you want? Request a custom sign quote.  
  • Designs from the Arts and Crafts Movement were not nearly as austere as often believed, and the Arts and Crafts Era Name Plate Plaque fits right in with the movement. Floral and natural elements were common and often dominated an entire room. While rebelling against the ornate excesses of Victorian Design, beauty and grace were, nevertheless, showcased in everything from type fonts to textiles. Make it a name, phrase or address plaque- But check out the Hunter Font images to see font. The numbers are a bit odd to make something with numbers.  For an address sign or sign with numbers we recommend the American Craftsman Address Sign which uses the Arts and Crafts font.
  • Designs from the Arts and Crafts Movement were not nearly as simple as often believed, and the Arts and Crafts Era Plaque fits right in with the movement. The font is very fitting for the period and is a great design element. Look at the additional images to see where this font will take you. The Hunter Font is pretty fancy so don't get too wordy unless you want a really large sign. Make it a name, phrase or address plaque but keep in mind the numbers are a bit odd to make an address plaque. We recommend the American Craftsman Address Sign for your address plaque.
  • Price is for ONE tile. For multiple numbers order multiple tiles. Or type in the quantity box the number of tiles you are wanting based on your personalization box. Or call us for help. Tiles have always been a mainstay in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Atlas offers Individual Arts and Crafts House Number and Letter Tiles. And, to make your display really special, Atlas offers Arts and Crafts Accent Tiles to complement your numbers. With individual numbers, letters and accent, you can create the look that you want. So express yourself and your love for the Craftsman Style by ordering all the number tiles that you need to bring out the distinct character of your Arts and Crafts, Mission, Craftsman, or Bungalow home. And, don't forget numbers and letters for the gate, driveway pillar, and back entrance. Let's move beyond home identification and consider these individual Craftsman Tiles for the Fireplace Surround, Door Surround, Window Accents, Kitchen, Bath, and as Historic Markers. Size 3.75" W x 5" H x 1" Thick
  • The Bamboo Address Plaque is a great choice for nature enthusiasts. The bamboo tree is perhaps the world's most recognizable and versatile tree; and not just because its the panda bear's favorite snack. Bamboo has been made into medicine, houses, furniture, paper, food, musical instruments, and transportation (among many others). Does the pine in your back yard boast that type of resume? Probably not. But that's alright because the Bamboo Address Sign brings the forests of Asia to your home. Also see the Rectangle Blossom Tree Plaque
  • Now you can bring the look of Ernest Batchelder to your Arts and Crafts building with The Batchelder Tile Address Plaque. Although, of course, not designed by Ernest Batchelder, his Arts and Crafts tiles are the inspiration for the design of this address numbers plaque. Tiles designed by Batchelder feature an array of seemingly random shapes ranging from animals to geometric squares to abstract images. You might also like the Willow American Craftsman sign. Both are excellent choices for bungalows, craftsman, arts and crafts, and brick and mortar homes.
    Batchelder Tile Address Plaque
  • Our Cattail Craftsman House Numbers make us burst into song. "Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses these are a few of my favorite things". Okay, that isn't how the song goes but we think these cattails are a perfect fit with many Mission, Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, or Prairie Style home.
    Cattail House Numbers
  • Conifer Pine Cone Plaque Did you know that there are male and female cones? The females produce the seed and the male the pollen. Always the women doing all the work. Anyways, we love the shape and scales on the cone and think it is perfect for the rustic home or even the eclectic modern apartment. This one is shown in Copper Verdi with raised lettering style but you have it your way. Each plaque takes on a unique color variance, so all are one of a kind - just like we like it at Atlas.
  • Customize and personalize your very own version of the Craftsman Mini Phrase Plaque right here, right now. This is an elegant and convenient way of ordering your Mini Craftsman Style Plaques. First, select your real metal finish. Then decide whether you would like the letters raised or recessed. Next, fill in your personal poignant little message of up to 17 characters. Now, choose the border style that best complements your tastes. And finally select your favorite font. This is easy and fun. Now that you have done all the hard work, just relax. Atlas will do the rest. PLEASE NOTE: font sheets are shown to give a general idea of what each font will look like. We ask that you allow our designers to decide what looks best within your chosen font (we want your sign to look nice!). If you really REALLY have your heart set on it looking a certain way leave us a note when you check out and we'll work with you. Thank you. Size 8" W x 2" H x 1" Thick
  • Whether you are adding the finishing touch to your Arts and Crafts Style home or are just enamored with the flying abilities of the world's speediest insect, the Dragonfly House Number Sign will look great at your front door or gate. You might also enjoy our butterfly address plaque
  • Like our Mission Style and Amercian Craftsman Sign, this one uses the popular Frank Lloyd Wright Eaglefeather Typeface. This font set is based on the alphabet designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the “Eaglerock” project in 1922. Although the project was never built, the lettering has been adapted to become the Eaglefeather® font family. Could it get any more authentic? This might be the address plaque for your Wright inspired home. View the image gallery to see the typeface.
    Frank Lloyd Craftsman Address Plaque
  • The Master, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the Eaglerock project in the 1920s. Although the California house for Charles P. Lowe was never started, the lettering for the venture became the Eaglefeather font. Click on view more images to see the font. Our Eaglefeather Plaque revolves around this terrific Arts and Crafts font. It really epitomizes Wright's break from the California Colonial Style and his use of simple construction materials. This could be the perfect way to showcase your entrance. Of course, with our method, we can design your "Private Drive", "No Soliciting" "No Trespassing" and "Deliveries" Signs to match, bringing architectural continuity to your property. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 7.5”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3 inches tall 5 numbers: 2.5 inches tall Size 10”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 6 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.25 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.25 inches tall
  • The Frank Lloyd Name Plate Plaque serves as a reminder that Frank Lloyd Wright was much more than a architect who designed iconic residential homes. He was also a prolific designer of buildings that range from Synagogues to museums. The FLW Business Sign uses the Wright Designed Eaglefeather Font that can put the finishing touch on most any modern architectural style. You might also be interested in our Arts and Crafts Era Name Plate.
  • This one uses the popular Frank Lloyd Wright Eaglefeather Typeface. Definitely a sign that would look right at home on the falling water house. The plain, rounded numbers have a simple yet attractive appeal to them--sort of like the flatlands of the Midwest. Think of this for your Prairie Style home. This sign simply looks excellent and is one of our favorites around Atlas Signs and Plaques. For 3 or less numbers choose the 15" H sign and for 4 or 5 numbers choose the 23" H version. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6.5”W x 15”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 4 inches tall Size 6.5”W x 23”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall
  • This beautiful plaque is designed to look like a stained glass address plaque. Inspired by the American architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, this address plaque is perfect for your craftsman, mission style or arts and crafts era style home or office.
  • The Ginkgo Leaf House Numbers sign loves showing off the non flowering Gingko plant. Without having to go to China (where most of the Gingko are found) you can have the highly unusual plant on your address plaque personalized just for you. Another interesting fact is that while cultivated across the world there is only a sole living species, the Gingko Biloba. Atlas has just started cultivating the Ginkgo on this custom address plaque in hopes of helping to resolve this ancient mystery. You choose to have a little green added to the leaves for just a little more of your green. Questions? Ask. Want another leaf? Just ask, we will likely do it. Looking for other craftsman style signs? Click here for more ideas.
  • The wide horizontal look in our American Craftsman Style Plaque is very popular. This one is designed as a Arts and Crafts era historical marker. But, you can also have the extended horizontal look as an Address Plaque, Wayfinding Sign, or Business Sign. You might also like our classic historic sign.
  • A Pinecone walking into a room? Making fire with Pinecones? Whether in Harry Potter, or with the ancients, the Pine Cone has been a worldwide sacred spiritual symbol since recorded history began. Here is an Address Number Plaque that combines the Lumos font used on the Harry Potter books with the Pinecone. We call it the Lumos Vertical Pinecone Address Plaque. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 8”W x 12”H x 1” thick 1 number: 5 inches tall 2 numbers: 3.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 3 inches tall Size 10.5”W x 16”H x 1” thick 1 number: 6 inches tall 2 numbers: 5 inches tall 3 numbers: 4.25 inches tall 4 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • From our popular Stickley Collection of Arts and Crafts Plaques. The Stickley No Solicitor, Private, Please Remove decide the phrase....sign in the "Mini" version uses the Rennie Mackintosh Font and coordinates with the rest of your Stickley house plaques. Mark your territory with style. Small in Size, but not Content - You decide the phrase you want up to 17 characters. Size of the font will vary....the more letters the smaller the font will be, less letters the larger the font will be. Size approx. 8" W x 2" H x 1" Thick
  • Our Mission Style Address Sign is very similar in style to our popular American Craftsman sign but uses the Eccentric Font which pays homage to the simple lines of Mission Style Furnishings, but with a flair. This Mission Style Address plaque should certainly be considered as you bring your home back to its design roots, even if it is not a revamped California Mission Church. You might also like our American Craftsman Address Sign.
  • Our Modern Craftsman Hom Number Plaque is all about making a stylish bold statement in the manner of a true craftsperson from the Arts and Crafts Movement. Perfect if your home shows a little more masculine tone to its architectural styling. Nothing frilly about these address numbers.
  • If you ever wished you were in the North Woods of Maine or the majestic Colorado Mountains, this Pine Cone Address Plaque will grace your home and be one of the first things you and your guests see as they arrive. Featuring a pine cone and the greatly popular Frank Lloyd Wright (c) font, this sign is your forest address plaque solution! Perfect for your cabin, hunting lodge, country home, cottage, or even your Manhattan Condo. (Dare to be different). You might also be interested in our Pine Cone Vertical Plaque.
    Pine Cone Address Plaque
  • The Rennie Rose Craftsman Plaque has our stylistic twist on the infamous rose by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Would he approve? Lets hope so. We like the little square in the middle and think it filled with a bit of color looks like a jewel. Optional of course and you select the color from the drop down menu as well as size, metal finish and hanger style. Customize the text to to fit your needs. You might also be interested in our Willow Craftsman Address Plaque.
    Rennie Rose Craftsman Plaque
  • A version of our very popular Stickley plaque...we offer something for those with the short address number syndrome (SANS). The Rennie Mackintosh font makes this a super fit for Arts & Crafts or Shaker styles. Street name is optional of course. This address plaque can also be for longer house numbers and can hold up to 5 digits (no words) at 5" tall.
  • This Address Plaque Oozes Craftsman style. Could it be the font? Arts and Craft, Craftsman, Mission, Bungalow, Prairie, and Mid-Century style homes are great candidates for a dose of architectural style that really fits. Whether you are into Eames, Bauhaus, Wright, Stickley, Stark, Jacobsen, Van der Rohe, Panton, or Breuer, Atlas Signs and Plaques can do an address number that is totally custom.  Your street name is optional and size will vary on number of characters. Click view more images to see entire font and type in the text section upper or lower case as you like it and that is how we will do it.
  • Numbers Only! Our very popular Stickley plaque reduced to just the numbers. Big, bold, and easy to read. The Rennie Mackintosh font makes this a super fit for Arts & Crafts or Shaker styles.
    Stickely Address Numbers
  • A Beware of Dog Sign in the Craftsman Style on our Stickley Phrase Plaque. You don't have to ruin the look of your home with a sign that clashes with your decor. Atlas Signs and Plaques can give you coordinated, well-planned architectural signage in a style befitting the era. This is another in our Stickley series of signs using the "oh-so-appropriate" Rennie Mackintosh Font, and although it reads Beware of Dog, you can have any phrase you like!
  • As the name suggests, the Tallgrass Prairie Sign, the most obvious aspect is the diversity of grasses it features. And while we show this as a name plaque there is enough room at the top for up to 3 address numbers that will be 3.5" Tall. Size 12" w x 18" H x 1" Thick Learn about the inspiration for this beautiful sign
  • The Thin Mints No Soliciting Sign is a surefire way to ward off unwanted solicitors. Imagine yourself at home on a Tuesday night, enjoying one of your favorite hobbies. The children are taking care of themselves. You've had dinner and it was delicious. Nothing could be more peaceful until...KNOCK KNOCK...Someone wants to sell you a vacuum. This sign will ward off those you really don't want to see.
  • For your American Craftsman Home. The font's simple, classic, no-nonsense design would make Frank Lloyd Wright flash one of his famous toothy grins and dance a little jig. We think this is very representative of the American Craftsman movement and a good fit for your bungalow, mission, prairie, or arts and crafts home. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6”W x 18”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 6 inches tall 3 numbers: 4.25 inches tall Size 6”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7.5”W x 30”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 7 inches tall 4 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4.25 inches tall
    American Craftsman Sign
  • Taken from our popular Garden Welcome design plaque, but sans butterfly and added the craftsman style Willow Font. Up to 4 numbers across the top. We think the flowers on this plaque add an element that is seldom seen in address plaques. The street name will vary on size based on the name of the street...or perhaps you'll want Welcome instead of your street name. You decide. Fill in the text box; there is plenty of room to describe your desires. Note: on the smaller 18" sign, your numbers will be 2.5" Tall and on the 24" version, the numbers will be 3.5" Tall.
    Poppy Address Plaque
  • Our Wheatfields Address Number Plaque brings the open prairie to your front door. A bit of Van Gogh perhaps, or the great FLW Arts and Crafts Prairie Architectural Style. Maybe, but we like the whimsical aspect and the sense of freedom that the Wheat Fields Address Plaque brings to the home. You might also be interested in our Tallgrass Prairie Sign.
  • We named our Willow Craftsman Address Plaque after the Willow Font that is used. The Willow Typeface is the work of Dave Fabik and dates from 1995. It has some similarities to the more famous, and much older, Rennie Mackintosh font, but retains its own character and a little extra punch. It might be coincidental, but the willow leaf form was often used by one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris. All-in-all, the Willow is most appropriate for your Craftsman Style Building. You might also like our American Craftsman Address Sign.
    Willow Craftsman Address Plaque