Visit to United States Capitol

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Capitol Visitor Center Frame, Bronze Coated by Atlas Signs and Plaques (formerly Metal Facades)   First go to the Capitol Visitor Center What a great morning experience. Parking in D.C. is definitely an issue, but we lucked out and and scored a meter only 5 blocks from the United States Capitol Visitors Center which is located on the North Side of the Capitol.   Crowds Waiting for Closer Look at Bronze Frames   This trip was both a visit to the Capitol and photo mission. A few months ago, Atlas Signs and Plaques (formerly Metal Facades) applied LuminOre® Real Bronze to the 17 x 23 foot frames located at the Pass and Information desks at each end of the main hall. Although the frames appear to bronze foundry castings, they are really HDU foam coated with cold-spray bronze. Much lighter and far less expensive! A great [...]