• The Casa Address Plaque adds a flare of the Romanesque Spanish art style. Bringing to your home a taste of the elegance and culture of España. When your friends and loved ones come to visit they will be greeted first by this welcoming address plaque. From 'Hola' to 'Adios' they will know 'mi casa su casa' is waiting for them inside! You can customize this sign with a circa date, or a last name, even a house name; let us know and we'll make it happen. We know you'll love The Casa Address Plaque!
  • The Jumping Dolphins Address Sign is perfect whether you live by the ocean or in the middle of Kansas (we don't judge)! Dolphins are a much loved animal and are known for their playfulness and curiosity. These intelligent creatures are the favorites of children, adventurers and some people right here at Atlas Signs and Plaques! This sign really shows off the playfulness of these aquatic living creatures and how they are usually spotted from cruise ships leaping out of the water, what show-offs. Interesting facts about dolphins, they are mammals like you and me and that means they have hair! Actually, they have hair only when they are first born (pretty cool, huh?). So, if you are a free spirit, like our hairless mammal pals, we think you'll love the Jumping Dolphins Address Sign. Also, we have another sign you should check out as well, the Dolphin Address Plaque! Size is approx. 20x16x1 inches.
  • Our Rock Climbing Address Plaque is a unique way to show the Jones' that you are an avid outdoorsman (or woman, no discrimination here!). This sleek vertical plaque shows off an intricate rock face and 2 figures making their way to the top of a challenging climb. A tid bit to consider; this adventurous sport became popular in many European countries late in the 1800's. Picture Victorians climbing the Alps in steel cleeted leather boots and wool clothing. Now it's popular all over the world and creates a great physical challenge for anyone not afraid of heights (cough)! Now hook up that carabiner and harness and claim the Rock Climbing Address Plaque for yourself! Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 6”W x 18”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3 inches tall 5 numbers: 2 inches tall Size 6”W x 24”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 4 inches tall 4 numbers: 3.75 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.5 inches tall Size 7.5”W x 30”H x 1.25” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 5 inches tall 5 numbers: 4 inches tall
  • The Sunflower Memorial Plaque is a beautiful remembrance of a loved one. The wild sunflower is native to North America and today is a cultivated crop in America because of it's seeds and oil. With the lovely tall perennial flower symbolizing renewal and hope - a sunflower helps to heal and comfort. The flowers on your plaque represent one of the 70 known species and is among the top 15 most beautiful examples of the sunflower. Personalize this plaque with words for your loved one as well as thoughts that fit around the edge of the sign. With The Sunflower Memorial Plaque you can share something special with respect and honor.