While the Alligator Address Plaque might not be a perfect fit for your home in Minneapolis, it is perfect for the homeowners living where the majestic gator runs free and wild. A part of our Zoo Collection, the Alligator is appropriate for property owners who are prone to crawl a little outside the box. This is actually designed for those living in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, but it could cause quite a stir on the shores of Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota). Although pictured as an Alligator Address Plaque, it could easily be transformed into an Alligator Welcome Sign, an Alligator Directional or Historic Plaque or cool Alligator Wall Art. Size is approx. 16" wide by 10.5" high, and the numbers are 3.5" with 3 numbers. More numbers the shorter they will be. Contact us for a bigger plaque if you want bigger numbers or a lot to say: Custom Sign Quote