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  • A Classic Arch Shape Address Plaque. To give you an idea about sizing, if using three letters with a 16" x 10.5" plaque, each of the 3 numbers in this plaque are a whopping 3.7 inches high. Take a look at the image gallery to see this example. More than 3 numbers? They will be smaller if you type them in or we can make the plaque wider to accommodate...but make sure to contact us for pricing first or we will assume you would like smaller numbers.
  • The Hesperis Address Plaque in a Vertical Format for those taller spaces. That's right! Taller or narrow spaces look best with an address plaque that is vertical rather than horizontal. The Vertical Hesperis Address Numbers are Classy, Classic, Classical, and Chic. The elegant font combined with a simple border says all of those words and more about you, your home, and your exquisite taste. You don't need to be a "Daughter of the Evening" to adorn your home or business and let the neighbors be envious. Also, available in horizontal format. Size of individual numbers are approximate: Size 5”W x 15”H x 1” thick 2 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 3 numbers: 3.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 2.5 inches tall Size 5”W x 20”H x 1” thick 3 numbers: 4.75 inches tall 4 numbers: 3.75 inches tall Size 5”W x 24”H x 1.5” thick 3 numbers: 5.5 inches tall 4 numbers: 4.5 inches tall 5 numbers: 3.75 inches tall
  • Wildflower noun 1. a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention Painted flowers are optional and cost a wee bit more. We made this a name sign but there is room for up to FIVE (5) numbers for an address sign! Loveee...