Can I supply my own artwork and graphics?

Yes. We can convert most any file type into a format that is usable to our equipment. Since each line is seen by our computer programs, the design and letters must be vectorized and made smooth. Additionally, we often need to adjust the letter kerning for a better look and to have a little separation between each, non-script, letter. Beware that we often receive graphics from well-intentioned amateurs and professionals that are not familiar with our process. These can contain elements such as line over-laps, loops, or other issues that would not be a problem for printing, but would be problematic for our equipment. We will do some graphic clean-up work for free, but will let you know if additional charges will be necessary to make the design work for a sign or plaque.

Let us know what you are sending and we can work with you to get look you desire. We can not use graphics, photographs, or elements that belong to someone else. So, be certain of your source and realize that we could ask you to provide proof of ownership or a release in some situations.