Grado Gradoo Numbers ONLY! - Copper

Grado Gradoo Numbers ONLY! – Copper


When considering your home’s facade and its house numbers or address plaque take a step back, way back, to the road back, and determine the proper size and placement.

Often times I see address numbers that are too small to read from the road, or that are placed in a spot that is not easily read. (Like stenciled onto the front steps)

Size and visibility does matter so when choosing your house numbers make sure that it is readable from the road, placed in an obvious location like on the front and rear of the house, and on a garage if there’s an adjacent alley.

Neutraface Numbers Angled Raised Stainless Steel

Neutraface Numbers Angled Raised Stainless Steel


In cities like Minneapolis and Chicago, they are now setting ordinances with the hopes of creating more consistency and visibility throughout neighborhoods. That would also aid police, fire and ambulance responses. And, it helps garbage crews and presumably anyone trying to locate an unfamiliar address.

House Numbers don’t have to be boring. We at Atlas Signs and Plaques feel that just as an architect takes pride in designing a home, you too should take pride in designing your address sign. Just because the code calls for 4″ numbers does not mean you can’t add some artistic value to them.

Atlas house numbers and privacy plaques are now coordinated. Ask us how we can help.