Copper Plaque For U.S. Coast Guard Academy

2019-01-27T15:47:58-07:00January 21st, 2019|Atlas Posts (All)|

Atlas Signs and Plaques Completes a 5-Foot Diameter Copper Plaque for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy   “The United States Coast Guard Academy is committed to strengthening the nation’s future by educating, training and developing leaders of character who are ethically, intellectually, professionally, and physically prepared to serve their country and humanity, and who are strong in their resolve to build on the long military and maritime heritage and proud accomplishments of the United States Coast Guard.” — United States Coast Guard Academy, Mission Statement Combining HDU sign board, CNC routing, hand carving, and LuminOre® copper, a five foot diameter plaque is created! Looking at it, one would think that it weighs hundreds of pounds and costs many thousands of dollars. But, one would be incorrect on both counts. The plaque is two inches thick, giving a real sense of mass, and scales in at under 60 pounds. [...]