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January 2019

What is Oil Rubbed Bronze?

2019-01-29T12:03:25-07:00January 25th, 2019|How we do it|

Oil Rubbed Bronze isn’t Bronze at all, it is Copper with a Patina Finish. The other answer is that Oil Rubbed Bronze can be anything the manufacturer or craftsperson wants it to be. Since there is no true definition, most agree in broad terms that Oil Rubbed Bronze should have darker brown tones with a bit of the metal base material showing through. No Solicitors Abandon All Hope Bronze Raised Sign How you get there is another story, and often you can’t get there at all. Many are happy to give the illusion of oil rubbed bronze by faux-finishing the piece or using a spray paint of some sort. This makes it very difficult to have a little metal showing through, since we are talking paint in this case. Look at oil rubbed bronze furniture, lamps, kitchen and bath accessories. You will usually find that the coloration is [...]

What Is The Difference Between Copper, Bronze, And Brass For Plaques

2019-01-27T15:57:44-07:00January 21st, 2019|Atlas Posts (All)|

Copper, Bronze and Brass Signs and Plaques   All that glitters is not gold Shakespeare Proverbs more famous quotes It’s All About the Alloy Swirls On the Vertical Address Plaque - Copper Copper is the primary metal that makes up the alloys of bronze and brass. Copper itself is soft and easily hammered to shape. As we all know, copper in its fresh state has a pinkish coloration that surface corrodes quite rapidly showing blue, green, and/or brown oxidation. At Atlas Signs and Plaques, we induce this beautiful corrosion, which we call patina, to give our copper signs and plaques a bit (or a lot) of age and take away that “new penny” look. Copper was one of the earliest metals utilized and may have been used as early as 10,000 years ago in hammered tools and adornments. Not long after the art of extracting and [...]