Religious Dedication Plaque - Bronze

Religious Dedication Plaque – Bronze


Atlas Signs and Plaques makes beautiful religious plaques and wall hangings for Churches, Synagogues, and Cathedrals. These custom exterior or interior signs, crucifixes, and ornamental wall hangings add an elegant, handcrafted look to compliment any kind of architecture.

Nueva Dedication Plaque - Pewter

Nueva Dedication Plaque – Pewter

From the modern day, open concept style to the Old World historical stone structures, we always keep the architectural integrity of the building in mind, creating special religious plaques that will last decades. Below we’ve included pictures of Religious dedication plaques.

Atlas signs are made with an HDU substrate; a high density urethane base that is impact resistant and has been used in the commercial signage industries for decades. Light weight, and extremely durable the HDU is coated with LuminOre®. This is a patented metal coating that is chemically bonded to the HDU. It will not chip, crack, fade, rot and is unaffected by UV rays. Bottom line, it looks just like cast metal at one third the cost.

Blessing Welcome Plaque - Copper

Blessing Welcome Plaque – Copper


If your organization is looking for religious plaques and wall hangings and, working on a tight budget, this is a beautiful alternative to cast metal.