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Eating Solicitors Sign Shield- Silver Nickel Ready to Ship

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If you’re looking for a lighthearted way to let solicitors and trespassers to stay away.  This sign may be just perfect for you. Aiming to put a smile on your face we not only made this sign humorous, but this one is ON SALE!!!

This sign is approximately 10″ W x 7″ H x 1″ Thick with keyhole style installation.


If you’re looking for a lighthearted way to let solicitors and trespassers to stay away.  This sign may be just perfect for you. Aiming to put a smile on your face we not only made this sign humorous, but this one is ON SALE!!!

This sign is approximately 10″ W x 7″ H x 1″ Thick with keyhole style installation.

Materials Used

All signs and plaques have a substrate of man-made materials. Specifically, 30 pound High Density Urethane(HDU) sign board. This is a product that was developed for the aerospace industry and has been used for signage for over 40 years. We coat our HDU signs and plaques with a cold-applied, REAL metal coating that is in use world-wide as an architectural and industrial coating. It is a well-proven, tough, and beautiful coating that gives the look of cast metal without the limitations, price, or weight.

Handmade and Hand Crafted

Every sign or plaque created by Atlas Signs and Plaques is handcrafted, meaning made-by-hand. That means that your plaque is totally unique from every other, and has been “touched” by many different hands. Different hands mean that there are variations in the look and finish of your sign. Your plaque undergoes 8 different steps before it is shipped off to you. Each step imparts a level of uniqueness making every plaque a true one-of-a-kind customized purchase.

These normal variations, little bumps, waves, and other variations in the finish, that might be called defects by some, are part of the charm that only a handcrafted item can deliver. At Atlas, we celebrate these variances. They make our creation, and your plaque, incomparable.

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We love hearing from you. Email us your testimonial and a picture of your sign and we will send you a PriZe! Woohoo!

Perfect size plaque and font! Denise 11/2019

customer picture of sign

I just had to comment on the AMAZING plaque that Janey with Atlas Signs and Plaques created for display in our historic home, the Tyrrell Garden Estate. She was professional, prompt, helpful and – most importantly – patient! (providing us with a few proofs). Being very particular and knowing this was a custom investment piece, we hoped the sign would be everything we were envisioning. When we opened the box, we saw that it was…and SO MUCH MORE! We were completely overwhelmed with the beauty and quality workmanship. Talk about exceeding expectations! Every person who sees this piece comments on it. It is absolutely perfect for the focal point we were looking to accent in our open concept kitchen. We’ll be ordering some exterior signage next. Laska 11/2019

Thank you for a great plaque! I am very pleased, and when there’s another one to order I’ll contact Atlas Signs and Plaques again. Rick 11/2019

We love our dragonfly address plaque – the copper color looks beautiful, the sign has a nice weight, and the style goes perfectly with our mission style windows and porch lamp. Thank you, Dorcas 10/2019

Customer photo - Dragonfly address plaque

Thought I’d send along the final install pictures. Such an improvement. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Best, Erin 10/2019

Customer picture of installed signCustomer picture of installed sign

I received my order this morning and it looks fabulous! Thank you so much for your suggested layout, it looks much better than the original plaque mounted at my old office building. Thank you for everything, Robert 10/2019

I received the signs today and they are beautiful! Customer service at Atlas Signs and Plaques sets a new standard…I appreciate the quick response during the ordering process and receiving the signs so promptly. Thank you again!! Lisa 10/2019

We love our sign! It’s beautiful, personal, and people can finally find us behind our massive hedge. Atlas Signs and Plaques worked with us to get our sign exactly right. Thanks. Marlese 10/2019

Customer sign of hedgehog

The sign looks amazing. Our Condo Association loves it. Thank you. Mark 10/2019

Customer Image of Awesome Sign

Nice work – i came out to the facility today to hang a few of the items i made, complementing the plaques. pictures below.thanks again, David 10/2019

Customer Image of SignCustomer Image of Sign

Thank you!
I’m really excited to put my new sign up at my new home. I thought the thank you sticker on the white tissue was a very nice touch . My design clients will think so too! Best, Holly 10/2019

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of your help with our order.
The signs are marvelous. We love them. They are quite unique and look perfect on our home.
We will certainly recommend Atlas to our friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Fritz 9/2019

My husband surprised me with the plaque and I love it! It is high quality and beautifully made. It looks perfect on the gate post going into our terrace/pool area. Denise 9/2019

I’m with a foundry in the Midwest that pours bronze, brass and aluminum plaques. I found your company because I was asked to quote on a stainless steel plaque with raised letters and our client showed a photo of one of your products. I wasn’t aware of any foundry that poured plaques like this so I looked you up. By the way, I think you do beautiful work and the descriptions on your website explain very clearly how your product is made and that you are not a foundry. There are a lot of companies on the web that try to trick the public into thinking they are getting a “cast” product and that is so annoying. I just thought you should know that, as a foundry, I appreciate that. Keep up the good work – your product looks amazing! You never know, someday I might be a customer. We often times have non-profit institutions with very limited budgets that can’t afford the solid bronze plaque and this could be a nice alternative. Rick 8/2019

Love love love our new house number sign. It goes perfectly with our stucco home decor. Quality is amazing! Thanks for helping to make our new home uniquely “ours”. Amy 8/2019

Thanks, same to you! I sent photos of the sign to both my kids and they also loved it. If I ever need anything else, I will be sure to contact you. Darisse 8/2019

The sign arrived yesterday and we put it up this AM. Its so wonderful, thanks so much for making a special order for us. We love it!
Angela 8/2019

Customer Image Atlas Signs and Plaques

Thanks again for a beautiful piece. Robert 8/2019

Customer Image of Atlas Signs

Thank you, Donna  8/2019

Received our plaque and it looks awesome, thank you for all your patient with me and hope to do more business with you in the future. Best, Becky 8/2019

Atlas Signs caught in the wild.

Atlas Signs and Plaques in the wild

Atlas Signs caught in the wild.

Image from 2016 – looks great and coming back for more. Keith 7/2019

customer review

Thought you would like to know that your beautiful plaque arrived. The packaging was excellent. The communications kept us in anticipation and the installation was easy. Thanks so much.  See the attachments showing the final results. Feel free to use the picture and endorsement.  Edward 6/2019

Customer Image