For the fisher person, lake home, lake cabin, or log home. The Bass Address Plaque brings this scrappy denizen of the deep to your door or gate. Wonderful detailing showing the aggressive bass charging from the bottom of a lillypad covered pond to dine on an unsuspecting dragonfly. Although we will never know the outcome of this particular battle, it is apparent that this fish is living at the top of the food chain.

The bass is so well known and respected that it even has sporting goods stores named after it, and, is Alabama’s state fish. This bass is known as the Large Mouth Bass, Bucket Mouth Bass, Wide Mouth Bass. Get it? It has a really big mouth. The Large Mouth Bass is such a fighter that is has national tournaments devoted to its capture (and subsequent release from captivity after weighing and measuring). There are even national rankings (just like NASCAR), and corporate sponsorship for the best bass fisher-persons.

What took so long make it a totally custom Bass Address Plaque?

16.5″W x 7″H
22″W x 7″H
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