First we offer the solution, and then we define the problem. The solution is our Carved Heart Plaque. Your initials, and those of your true love, in a Heart Shaped Plaque that you can attach to a tree, fence, or building. What a great way to celebrate the day you met your valentine, the date of the proposal, wedding day, or some other little secretive date that only you two share. But wait! it gets better! As luck would have it, everyone of our real metal coatings is associated with specific wedding anniversaries and must be given as gifts. Here is the list of wedding anniversary gifts made of traditional materials. It can be a little confusing because there are both Traditional and Modern versions. All anniversaries do not have metal as the primary gift requirement. There are other things like paper, wool, diamonds, and silk. For now, you and your valentine are on your own with these. So here is all you need to know. So, you can make you plaque personal, and perfect in every way. 7th - Copper is Traditional and Brass is Modern 8th - Bronze is Traditional 10th - Aluminum (our Stainless Steel Finish) is Modern 19th - Bronze is Modern 21st - Brass or Nickel (our Silver Nickel) is Modern 22nd - Copper, listed once again, is the Modern Gift Now for the problem. There is one great reason for lovers to carve their initials into a tree, but many reasons why you shouldn't. The reason to carve is obvious, but the reasons not to carve include such STD sounding diseases such as Aspen Cankers, and Beech Bark Disease. Additionally, your artwork leaves a place for insects to enter and opens the soft portions of the tree to ravaging animals. All and all, it is a bad idea to carve, so save a tree and impress your loved one with a carved heart valentine plaque. Size 10” W x 7” H x 1” Thick Available in HDU ONLY - Click Here to read more about Metal Coated HDU vs. Cast Metal