• Our Personalized Wedding Plaque is sure to be one of the best remembered wedding gifts that a young couple can receive. With a plaque like this, their very special day will always be commemorated. Remember, this is a personalized wedding plaque, so you can customize it to say anything that you want. Joy, happiness, and love are all favorites. You've been married for 10, 15, 20 years? That's also ok! You can commemorate the anniversary of your wedding with this plaque as well. Any date, and name, any numbers: if you want to commemorate your special day, then we will make the sign to do it. The flower design is the only thing that doesn't change. You decide what it says.
  • The Oval Birds on a Branch sign has two sweet tweet birds kissing on a branch Wedding Anniversary Plaque. Are they twittering or tweeting? This is just too cute for words...This would make a really nice welcome plaque too...the options are limitless.