• For those of you with a 1 or 2 Number Home number this 2 Number Craftsman Address Numbers Plaque will fit perfectly. Please only one or two numbers. If you would like a horizontal version, please see our American Craftsman Address Sign.
  • Bamboo Address Plaque

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    The Bamboo Address Plaque is a great choice for nature enthusiasts. The bamboo tree is perhaps the world's most recognizable and versatile tree; and not just because its the panda bear's favorite snack. Bamboo has been made into medicine, houses, furniture, paper, food, musical instruments, and transportation (among many others). Does the pine in your back yard boast that type of resume? Probably not. But that's alright because the Bamboo Address Sign brings the forests of Asia to your home. Also see the Rectangle Blossom Tree Plaque
  • Casa Address Plaque

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    The Casa Address Plaque adds a flare of the Romanesque Spanish art style. Bringing to your home a taste of the elegance and culture of España. When your friends and loved ones come to visit they will be greeted first by this welcoming address plaque. From 'Hola' to 'Adios' they will know 'mi casa su casa' is waiting for them inside! You can customize this sign with a circa date, or a last name, even a house name; let us know and we'll make it happen. We know you'll love The Casa Address Plaque!
  • Family Crest Address Sign

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    Looking for the perfect family crest address sign? Stop here because you found it! Include your family initial, address, and optionally any other meaningful saying or phrase.
  • Flower of Life Plaque Wedding Plaque is real wall art. Considered to be sacred, the Flower of Life symbol represents a geometrical pattern that is one of the common threads throughout the entire universe. To many it means that all life springs from the same source. While maybe not considered wall art at the time, the most ancient Flower of Life symbol seems to be at The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. The symbol's use is widespread and is not confined to any one area. It has been used for centuries in Turkish, Eastern European, and Indian cultures. We call our Flower of Life Plaque, "Gaia". How appropriate that she is the Greek Earth Goddess who brought the order of the universe to the known world. Nothing square about this with the interplay of 13 earthly circles. Want this plaque with numbers or a phrase rather than a name? Tell us and we will make you a proof.
  • This beautiful plaque is designed to look like a stained glass address plaque. Inspired by the American architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, this address plaque is perfect for your craftsman, mission style or arts and crafts era style home or office.
  • Garden Cat or Dog Plaque

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    Is it the cat or the dog that jumped over the moon and landed on its feet? The Cat or Dog Garden Plaque offers a bit of feline err Canine (you Choose!) whimsy for your home or garden. What a novel piece of personalized garden art to add something special to your garden wall. Great for use as a Cat Address Sign, Dog Garden Accent, Welcome sign for the cat lover or Dog Garden Memorial Plaque.  
  • The Modern Advantage Address Plaque is a great, no frills address plaque. It features your house's address numbers as well as your street name. It is presented with the very popular Modern Advantage font and looks sharp on just about any modern home. This is your opportunity to enjoy one of the best selling plaques in terms of font and style that we offer! Enjoy the Modern Advantage today.
  • Notched Corner Vertical Address Plaque
  • Hey all you Harry Potter fans, want a cool sign to tell people they're on private property? You'll love our Private Property No Trespassing Sign! With the popular Harry Potter font, Lumos, now you can say it in style! Now you can tell those solicitors or trespassers 'Riddikulus' which will transform ugly Boggarts into something funny and humorous. Check out our other Lumos signs if this isn't quite what you're looking for: Lumos Address Plaque, Lumos Vertical Pine Cone Address, Modern Wedding Plaque Lumos and Lumos Address Numbers Only. Also, you can also customize this sign to say anything you want, not just "Private Property No Trespassing" just let us know and we'll do the rest, now Expecto Patronum!
  • Our Rectangular Fleur-de-Lis Address Plaque fills your home entrance with the classic Fleur di Lis symbol. Fleur-de-Lis, translates as Flower of the Lily and is steeped in history. From France to England, to Florence, to Religious Symbolism, the Fleur-de-Lis is truly timeless. Foot light font is used for the font.
  • Songbird Address Plaque

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    You can just about hear the happy chirping emanating from the Songbird Address Plaque. With a design that is simple yet graceful and elegant, this little bird plaque will add the right amount of charm to your home. Nice and easy to read with the Modern Advantage Typeface Font. Choose whether you want the bird with metal or (for a slight additional cost) colored. Just make your choice before adding the Songbird Address Plaque to your cart.
  • Stanton Oval Plaque

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    Now an Oval added to our Stanton series of plaques. Using the Mona Lisa Font which is a modern adaptation of Albert Auspurg's 1930 design, it has contrasting thin and thick letter strokes showing both strength and elegance. The Stanton Oval Plaque capitalizes on the grace of the font and shows very well in most any application. 18″W x 6″H 21″W x 7″H Select Material, Color, and Size to see pricing. Please go to Custom Sign Quote for other sizes
  • Fish Bowl Address Plaque

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    A little whimsy does a home good! Here it is. A Fishbowl Address Plaque? Our designers get a little crazy and let the fish swim free. But they only do it to make your home more unique and to cause smiles.