How to Patina, Part II

How We Do It We look forward to the way metal ages over time, but waiting years for this weathering process is not always the most practical way to enjoy the coloration changes. Patination is the art of applying coloration to metals. It can be done to add a sense of mood and drama to an object, to enhance and highlight detail or to accelerate the aging process. The patinator can utilize compounds to hasten the natural process or can add other patina colors such as blue, red, or black. VFW Plaque Detail Artists have been using patina since, least the 1800s. Sculptor, Auguste Rodin used patinas on many of his bronze pieces. Likewise American Western Artist Frederick Remington, used patinas on his 22 famous statues depicting Cowboy and Western American life. Atlas with the Weight of the World In addition to the naturally occurring browns [...]

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How to Patina, Part I

What is Patina? Commonly pronounced in the US as pa tee’ne, or puh tee’nuh”. Most broadly defined as the observed and physical change in a surface over time caused by exposure to oxygen or other environmental elements and compounds. Hilton Resort, Hawaii On metal, it is the film of corrosion on the surface caused primarily by the reaction of the metal with oxygen. To put it in perspective, think of an old penny, a rusty pipe, or the Statue of Liberty. However, there is more to it; The natural rate of change depends upon the aggressiveness of the environment. Since the level of pollutants, rainfall, and acidity vary locally, the rate, chemical make-up, and therefore the color and depth of the patina will also vary. Rates of patina build-up and color will change year-to-year, and even seasonally. Paris Door Knob Patina is not confined to metal. It can also refer [...]

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No Soliciting, No Trespassing, No Solicitors, No Hunting

Private Drive No Trespassing   I’ve always been very zealous about not invading other people’s private spaces. Peter Jennings Canadian-born American TV Personality more famous quotes No Visitors No Fun, No body, No Nothing... Atlas Signs and Plaques recently added a “Privacy” section to our line of custom signs and plaques. Private Dock Funny No Trespassing Marina Sign - Copper Verdi Private Residence Pewter Raised   We were totally caught off guard by the number of orders for our “No” line of signs and plaques. Must just be a sign of the times that someone feels the need to invade your privacy in an attempt to get something from you. Of course, they feel that it is in your best interest to listen to their speech and buy something from them. We feel for those that seem a little desperate but, we will choose [...]

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What Is The Difference Between Copper, Bronze, And Brass For Plaques

Copper, Bronze and Brass Signs and Plaques   All that glitters is not gold Shakespeare Proverbs more famous quotes It’s All About the Alloy Swirls On the Vertical Address Plaque - Copper Copper is the primary metal that makes up the alloys of bronze and brass. Copper itself is soft and easily hammered to shape. As we all know, copper in its fresh state has a pinkish coloration that surface corrodes quite rapidly showing blue, green, and/or brown oxidation. At Atlas Signs and Plaques, we induce this beautiful corrosion, which we call patina, to give our copper signs and plaques a bit (or a lot) of age and take away that “new penny” look. Copper was one of the earliest metals utilized and may have been used as early as 10,000 years ago in hammered tools and adornments. Not long after the art of extracting and [...]

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Every Real Manly Man Needs A Man Room

Man Room Plaque in Iron Rust   And Every Man Room Needs A Sign So Others Know Where He Is Hiding!!! Go ahead, say it with our Man Room or Man Cave signs. “This is my Man Room and there are NO girls allowed” (unless they want to enter). All Manly Men have a Man Cave where they can do guy stuff, play poker, watch sports, play video games, and scratch. Why not make it your own with your own custom sign! Buck Man Cave - Bronze   If you don’t have or want a Manly Man Room, then you are not a Real Man! Simple! So, mark your territory in a less offensive manner than usual by posting a Man Room sign on the door. Since most others in your home don’t want to enter anyway, it will be very effective. Real men don’t decorate [...]

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Copper Plaque For U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Atlas Signs and Plaques Completes a 5-Foot Diameter Copper Plaque for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy   “The United States Coast Guard Academy is committed to strengthening the nation’s future by educating, training and developing leaders of character who are ethically, intellectually, professionally, and physically prepared to serve their country and humanity, and who are strong in their resolve to build on the long military and maritime heritage and proud accomplishments of the United States Coast Guard.” — United States Coast Guard Academy, Mission Statement Combining HDU sign board, CNC routing, hand carving, and LuminOre® copper, a five foot diameter plaque is created! Looking at it, one would think that it weighs hundreds of pounds and costs many thousands of dollars. But, one would be incorrect on both counts. The plaque is two inches thick, giving a real sense of mass, and scales in at under 60 pounds. [...]

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Stay Upright – Atlas Adds Vertical Plaques, House Number Plaques And Address Plaques

Vertical House Numbers look great on both traditional and contemporary homes Peacock Address Plaque Bronze Verdi Raised   The designers at Atlas Signs and Plaques continue to fill the void left by the limitations of cast bronze. Atlas provides real metal coatings to modern HDU foam giving the longevity, look, and feel that costs up to 75% less than foundry castings. We are not limited by shape, size, number of letters, or imagination. Now, that makes sense! Atlas Signs and Plaques uses a patented metalizing process to coat your plaque with real bronze, copper, brass, silver-nickel and aluminum. We then add a beautiful rich patina to bring out the timeless beauty of the metal art. The patina is actually a reaction with the metal and not a surface coating. If you desire a little splash of color like some of the examples, we can do it. Just let [...]

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How Good Are Your Signs And Plaques In the Winter

Calypso Address Numbers in Pewter - March 29, 2009, Lake Mills WI USA   Atlas Signs and Plaques are Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the suitability of LuminOre® and HDU for exterior applications. According to the LuminOre® manufacturer specs, the process has undergone ASTM testing equivalent to 30 years weatherization. Our experience with the product has been fantastic, both with client projects we have completed over the past years, and with our own informal testing in Wisconsin and Colorado. As an example, we sprayed a design on a piece of limestone and left it to the Wisconsin elements for four seasons of hot, wet, dry, and cold. The coated limestone has been left to fend for itself and has undergone countless freeze-thaw cycles. It has been left on the wet earth, rained on, baked, and left under salt-laden snow for months. We are amazed, but never surprised, when [...]

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Keep the Peace

Keep the Peace - Peace Sign in Copper Verdi   While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart. St. Francis of Assisi Italian, Saint Quotes more famous quotes Sign Plaques That Give you Peace of Mind -  From Atlas Signs and Plaques Read into the statement whatever you will. Be it: Peace on Earth, Family Harmony, Absence of War, Peace of Mind, A Song Lyric, Peaceful Existence, Love, War and Peace, Right On, World Peace, Peace Movement, Peace Sign, or Inner Peace. Just a simple, but powerful little phrase that will endure the elements. Could be Peace and Quiet on your own little piece of paradise. Not being bothered by a salesperson. Peace of mind your loved ones are where there is no more pain or suffering. Or just a reminder of encouragement everyday.   To Give [...]

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Why LuminOre®

With the exception of a few paints used to add a splash of color, our signs and plaques are metal-coated using the patented LuminOre® advanced composite metalizing process. Janey Freid is the founder and current principle of both Metal Facades and Atlas Signs and Plaques. Janey’s background is decorative faux finishing utilizing paints, glazes, plasters and leafs applied using many European techniques and tools. Janey expanded from faux finishing and enjoyed great success in interior and exterior decorative concrete acid staining and finishing and now has grown to selling signs all over the world. Custom Sign for Bark of the Town   Most of Janey’s experience revolved around coatings or altering the look of a common surface into the uncommonly beautiful. A search for metal finishes led to LuminOre. Research showed that LuminOre was not the only manufacturer of liquid metal coating, but all the others were pretenders [...]

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