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No Solicitors Dammit!

small no solicitors sign in silver nickel finish
small no solicitors sign in silver nickel finishAlmost oval No Solicitors sign in Recessed Silver Nickel finishsmall no solicitors sign in brass patina finishsmall no solicitors sign in iron rust finishAlmost oval No Solicitors sign in Raised Bronze Patinasmall no solicitors sign in copper patinamini almost oval no solicitors signsmall almost oval no solicitors signmini no solicitors sign in copper patina with verdi details
Manufacturer Atlas Signs and Plaques
Manufacturer Part Number PS0288
Price $44.00

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Product Description

Damn It. I am tired of people bothering me in my home and business. What to do? What to do?

The obvious solution to keeping solicitors at bay, is to hang the No Solicitors, Damn It sign in a prominent and visible location. Once you do that, you will have instant peace and quiet so you can live your life without interruption. Note: This is the point where the TV infomercial talks about their money-back guarantee (followed by a screen of very small print that makes the guarantee worthless). Atlas makes no such guarantee of effectiveness, however these little signs really do work. Honest.

Unlike most of the signs and plaques from Atlas, this is only available with the T-30 Mounting System. Be certain that you can drive a screw where you intend to place this No Solicitor Sign. To better understand, just go to the Installation Page and look at the Mounting Using T-30 Screws section.

Size is about 3x3 inches and 1 inch thick. Yes, I said one inch thick so don't be surprised when you get it. And no, you can't have this say anything else. Damn It. Check out this oval if you want a larger size or to custom your text a bit.

Additional Sign Information

Signs ship two to three weeks from order date.

We create our products using an 8-step-process that applies real metal to a durable high density urethane sign foam (HDU) base. Our modern method gives the ageless beauty of real cast metal without the weight, cost, or limitations of foundry castings. Atlas Signs and Plaques will not rust, rot, fade, or promote insects and are suitable for exterior applications.

To support our community, Atlas signs and plaques are Handcrafted in the USA using American Materials and Labor.

***Note: Hanger Style Keyhole style mounting is standard on most signs. The primary exception being our 3D Plaques which are offered only with our T-30 Screw mounting system. See our installation page to learn more of your choices in Hanger Styles and to see videos on how to mount the signs.

Stakes, signs brackets, hooks and posts - are mostly dropped shipped from other suppliers. We are told that they are Made in the USA however a few of the brackets are from Mexico. We do our best to be 100% Made in the USA, but will be honest with you when we are not positive.

There is more you should know before ordering so please visit our Materials Muse page, Metal Finishes, and FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

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